Chapters of the Adeptus Astartes
Planets of the Imperium
Imperial Time Line
 The Basic Rules Set covers movement, combat, cover, psyker rules, vehicle rules, etc. I recommend you check out the basic rules before moving on to the more fascinating rules. Also, be sure to make a set of Markers
The Vehicle Rules Set includes rules for vehicles, a universal Damage Track for all vehicles, Vehicle Equipment cards, and statistics for all sorts of vehicles for every race in the 40K universe. 
To simplify Psyker rules, a single deck of Psyker Cards is used by all races (including Psyker gangs in Necromunda). Print both pages to make your deck!  PSYCARDS 1  PSYCARDS 2  Rules for psykers can be found in the Basic Rules.
The Enemy Charts contain stats for Ork, Tyranid, Chaos, Eldar and other forces, suitable for use as "bad guys" in any Battle Campaign game.  Also be sure to check the Vehicles rules for enemy vehicle stats.  Necrons and Tyranids have their own sheet for troops and vehicles.  You will also want to make a deck of Enemy Cards for those respective forces whenever they are used in a Battle campaign, as well as some generic enemy blips you will need to play campaign rules. You'll also get a certain number of "enemy" cards based on what enemies you are playing. Orks and monsters are easy-"Dey don' need no zoggin' kardz!". Check out the Imperial Forces Chart for using Imperial enemies in your Ork and Chaos campaigns. You can also find a link to Imperial Cards and Blips at the bottom of the Imperial Forces list. Be warned: they are quite deadly when their cards are played right!
The all-new IMPERIAL CAMPAIGN rules include rules for SPACE MARINES, Ministorum, Mechanicus, Arbites, Squat, Imperial Guard, and Inquisition forces.  The addition of Space Marines allow you to field virtually ANY chapter you want. 
 Orders cards provide Imperial leaders with unique abilities- print 3 copies of these.  Skills can now be found in list form in the Explorator Campaign rules.
The Grenades markers help track grenade purchase and use with the new grenade rules. 
The Explorator Missions and Explorator Enironments can be used to challenge your Imperial forces.   You'll need one copy of the  Explorator Blips for Explorator games.  Print and photocopy  Explorator Record Sheets to record your squad's progress.
RC rules for MORDHEIM are here!  These include special rules for melee in Mordheim (be sure to read these!), weapons and equipment, advances, and a HUGE list of warbands from the Warhammer world, with special troops, equipment,  abilities, and unique spells for each!  Print up some Record Sheets and Blips and start your warband today!  Special Scenarios are available too, with new ones being added all the time!

The GORKA MORKA campaign rules include weapon and vehicle charts, clans, oddboyz,  racing rules, and other fun bitz for running Gorka Morka and Waa-ork style games as a continuous campaign. 
The Ork Scenarios List includes a number of necromunda and marine campaign style scenarios that allow any number of players and are mostly self moderated, so everyone gets to play! 
Shoutin' Cards and Rekkord Sheetz support the Gorka Morka campaign.
The CHAOS CAMPAIGN rules include weapon and equipment charts, five Chaos Powers, Warband members and Daemons you can recuit, rules for creating your own demons, and other strange goodies!
WARNING: The Chaos rules deal with some unpleasant (even "evil") concepts, so don't take them too seriously. 
The Chaos Scenarios List includes Adventure and Battle style campaign scenarios that will keep up to five different Chaos powers and any number of players quite busy and at odds with each other...
The Necromunda Campaign Rules include a variety of gangs, gang creation and maintenance, special rules for exploration, and buying your way out of the hive (the most noble conclusion to any campaign). 
The Necromunda Scenarios List is a huge list of scenarios that are designed to support any number of players, and are self moderated, so nobody has to "run" the game- everyone gets to play! 
Necromunda Skill and Loot Cards are also needed to play as well as some great "loot" blips.
You can convert points from one campaign to another by using the table below. For example, you may wish to use the Environment or Mission rules from the Imperial campaign for some of your Necromunda or Gorka Morka games- this table shows you what points convert into what. To equate campaign points to enemy points, simply total up all the points spent of each type.

Necromunda Credits Experience Fame
Imperial Capital Experience Loyalty
Gorka Morka Teef Waagh! Waagh!
Chaos Souls Chaos Infamy


Rules Crusade is a Skirmish style wargame that handles the forces seen in 40K, Necromunda, Gorka Morka,  Space Hulk, and Mordheim. RC is based on Milton Bradley's Space Crusade board game, itself a GW licensed product that was only available in Europe and Australia (and now out of print, sadly- though you might try to get components for it HERE).  The basic rules set appealed to me, and my friends and I have since expanded the rules set to support all the fantastic models and background found in other Games Workshop products. While the official 40K rules  are oriented towards large, one-off battles, you'll find that Rules Crusade has more detail and thus is better for campaigns and skirmish level conflicts. Many people can't afford to field more than a squad of miniatures at a time these days!

NOTE: Cards particularly require strict formatting to maintain consistent size from one card to the next. If a sheet of cards is too big to print, try changing the resolution of your printer or downloading the file and printing from any art program- some of the images are higher resolution.


In Battle Campaigns, such as Space Marine crusades or Eldar campaigns, several players team up, running a squad each against a common foe (similar to the old Players Vs. Gamemaster method seen in many RPGs). This format avoids the time consuming arguments and lack of moderation seen in a 1 Player vs. 1 Player environment. As a result, most of the statistics and abilities given for various forces are defined in terms of "good guys" (forces the players play) and "bad guys" (forces the GM sets up for the players to fight).

Adventure Campaigns such as Necromunda or Mordheim, on the other hand, are very competetive, but in the Rules Crusade version, any number of teams (usually at least three) are involved in a fight at a time, yielding highly entertaining and very political games. Full campaign rules exist for team creation, maintenance, promotion, skills, etc.

Ork and Chaos Campaign games start out like Necromunda, with different clans or warbands fighting each other. Eventually the clans accumulate enough to build a ship or capture a drifting Space Hulk, and begin an Off-world campaign consisting of raids and invasions in the Battle Campaign style, with the players teaming up against a common foe.


Rules Crusade uses two kinds of dice- Red dice and White dice. These unusual dice are a by-product of the original Milton Bradley Space Crusade game. They are shaped like ordinary six-siders, but have an alarmingly low number of dots on them. Whites are numbered 0, 0, 0, 0, 1, 2. Reds are numbered 0, 0, 0, 1, 2, 3. So whites average about 1/2, and Reds average about 1- but it seems they never roll average! If you don't own a copy of Space Crusade (and who does, these days), you'll need to make yourself some dice. I recommend visiting your local gaming supplier and inquiring about blank six siders. Purchase them in Red and White color obviously, unless those colors are not available (substitute as you like). Then, simply drill the corresponding number of dimples into the numbered sides and ink them in with a permanent marker. Now you're ready to fight! Dice are represented throughout the rules like so: o= white, O= red.


12/01/09:  The Chaos Campaign rules and Scenarios are getting a major overhaul.  Start as loyal citizens faced with the overwhelming horrors of a world gone mad, slowly driven to the worship of insane gods...  This looks to be the most fascinating and horrifying campaigns  you'll ever play!

2/07/09: Gorka Morka rules overhaul in process, should make campaigns easier while still allowing just about everything..  Updated record sheets are coming...

9/14/08:  Minor tweaks to Imperial Agents campaign- anyone can snap fire now, and several sgt. level commanders can take a relic now.   Also, updated the Enemy Charts with new stats for Eldar and Orks.

7/30/08:  Marines and Explorators have now been combined into a single Imperial Agents campaign system.  Also, following the successes of Mordheim, the skills are now in list form and much more personalized than the old cards systems.   Expect some tuning to come as this massive new campaign hits the streets...


1997- The Necromunda campaign rules are formed, starting the beginning of a long tradition of Rules Crusade campaigning...


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