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[Gold, Fame]
Beasts have been venturing out of the city and attacking the merchant camps.  The merchants want them rounded up to be put to justice, alive if possible.

SETUP: Put out  3 ambush blips per player, plus 5 random blips per player.

SPECIAL: CAPTURE.  Beasts must be KOed to be captured.  Whoever KOs them gets the credit- they do not need to be carried.
SKULK.  The beasts may hide for free if they don't attack (as Stealth).
CORNERED.  Beasts add a +1 to their melee when defending!  (they do NOT parry).
FAME.  No fame can be earned from doing hits to or killing beasts- only from capturing them.

GOAL: Roll o for each beast killed or captured- earn that much Gold.
GOAL: Roll O for each beast captured- earn that much Fame (max 4, including any earned from attacking rivals).

(Game ends when all blips are resolved).

A renegade Mage has stolen wyrdstone from a number of warbands.  Everyone wants to capture him and find out where his stash is, before exterminating him.

SETUP: Mark one blip to be the mage, then mix the blip in with 5 other blips per player.  Place these blips randomly on the board, in remote locations at least 12" away from the board edge.  Place another 5 blips per player near the board edge.

SPECIAL: The mage may AMBUSH every time he is revealed.  He'll attack, then move to a safe location.  He may only hide on his turn.
ENEMY M A H  Melee Ranged attack
Mage 6 F 1 2+W OOOOO+1 RO  W Lightning : OO * S.
Hits = 2, plus 1 for each warband.
Stealth: may hide for free once per turn.

GOAL: Capture (KO) the wizard and carry him off the board: +2 Wyrdstone.
GOAL: Killing the wizard: -2 Fame

(Game ends when all blips resolved and wizard is off the board or killed).

You've found the goods, but you'll have to cross through enemy territory to get it back home...

SETUP: Place 5 random blips per player.  Treat all LOOT blips as ORE.

SPECIAL: You must drop ORE off the board edge OPPOSITE the one you started on!

GOAL: Get ore off the opposite board edge.
GOAL: Steal ore from your opponents!

(Game ends when all blips resolved AND all ore is dropped off).

Several partial ruins near the edge of the city have been proclaimed too dangerous to leave standing...
SETUP: Place at least 3 buildings per warband on the board.  Place 3 blips per warband anywhere but inside a building.  Clearly establish which scenery counts as a building (and is thus eligible for destruction).

SPECIAL: BUILDINGS.  The typical building should have armor 2, 3 hits (indicate any that have different values due to vast size, composition, etc).
You may damage a building by shooting it  (vs. armor) with a Blunderbus, Musket, Jezzail, Warpfire, or Thunderer (max damage you can do is 2), or with a bomb (no max. damage!).  You may damage a building with the following spells: Inferno, Da Stomp, Wither, Blade Wind, Lightning, Fire, Dark Blood (no max damage!).   You can also melee the building from the inside (max damage you can do is 2, unless using a torch, a  fanatic, or a BIG model).
COLLAPSE. Any buildings that have 1 hit left will take an additional 1 white die of damage at the end of each turn, and may collapse as a result!  (last band to attack it get credit for destruction). Once all the hits are gone, the building will immediately collapse- anyone inside or adjacent will take OO vs. armor (stun).   Any hits taken from the collapse are credited to the last band to damage the building for rivalry purposes.
SURPRISE INSIDE: Once a building is knocked down, place 1 random blip / starting # of hits (typically 3)  on the rubble.

GOAL: Earn 1 "pip" for each hit done to a building (as Rivalry).
GOAL: Max. fame earnable = # of buildings /2 (round up), (not the normal max of 2).
GOAL: Collect goodies from the ruins.

(Game ends when all buildings destroyed).

[Gold, Fame]
Plague ridden rats swarm through the city.  Several exterminators have already been lost.  Can you stop them?

SETUP: Place 1 Bogus blip and 5 random blips per warband.  Place 1 Rat Generator per warband (Sewer pipes, rubble piles,  etc).

SPECIAL: THEY KEEP COMING!  At the beginning of the enemy turn, roll a red die for each Rat Generator.  That many rat swarms come out.  If you run low on rat swarm models, start removing any swarms that are already wounded and are not near any other models.

POISON.  Any bogus blips found are sacks of Rat Poison.  When revealed, does 1 white die of damage, IA, max damage = Stun.  Can be carried (as Ore).  A model carrying a sack of poison that spends an action adjacent to a generator can poison the generator.  Remove the sack of poison and the generator from the board!

SKAVEN PLAYERS: You may not use or summon rat swarms this game.  You may ignore the effects of Plague!  You may not poison the generators.  Instead, when you find a bogus blip, instead of Poison, you will find Cages for trapping rat swarms.  Must be carried, spend an action to place adjacent to a generator.  Once trapped, remove the generator and the trap from the board.  Earn 1 fame for each generator you trap (in addition to any fame earned for rivals).
ENEMY M A H  Melee Notes (also use for Ambush)
Rat Swarm 6 1 3 OOO Small. Swarm. Climb.  Plague.
Small- always in cover.  Climb- may climb any surface (measure distance as part of move).  Plague- wound on a tie.
SWARM: A swarm's melee  is reduced by 1 red die for each hit it takes.  Unless the hits are from an  Area Effect or Scythe weapon, max. # hits per attack is 1.

PLAGUE: Anyone WOUNDED at the end of the game takes a -2 on the wound chart due to the Plague!
GOAL: For each generator you poison, earn 1 Gold.
GOAL: Earn pips from fighting rats as normal.

(Game ends when all blips resolved and all generators poisoned or trapped).

NOTE: for more advanced games, place 2 bogus blips and 2 generators per warband.

Ominous rumbles and groans seep up through the ground... there's something alive down there...

SETUP: Place most of the blips at ground level.  Terrain should be shaky ground of some kind- a bog, snow, sand, mud, fog, etc.  Lurkers could be fen beasts, ice worms, sand sharks, killer voles, mutant badgers... whatever works for your environment.

SPECIAL:Any TRAP blips found at ground level act as a SINKHOLE. Roll 2 reds, plus one red for each point of  Armor (not natural): if the total equals or exceeds your move, you get sucked under- treat the  model as killed!
Any AMBUSH blips found  act as LURKERS:

The LURKER  immediately attacks in melee. If the lurker ties, it does 3" of KB in any direction.    The lurker will stay in place until the end of the turn of the band that revealed it, and will then "escape"- remove the blip from play.
ENEMY M A H  Melee Notes
Lurker 0 [1] 2 OOO W  3"KB Throw.
If the lurker kills it's opponent, add +1 to it's number of hits (NOT the next lurker revealed).
Throw: If it ties in melee, it may throw the enemy 3" in any direction (as KB).

GOAL: Earn +2 loot for each lurker killed.

(Game ends when all blips are resolved).

[Fame, Wyrdstone, Experience]
Wyrdstone dust has gotten up into the atmosphere, and the weather takes a turn for the worse, making travel difficult....

SETUP:  Note that warbands must cross the table to earn a goal, so if the table isn't square, avoid the long route and start on a side, not an end.

SPECIAL: DUST STORM: When firing at targets over 1" away, subtract 1 from your die roll.  FLYING is prohibited this game!

WIND: At the end of each warband's turn, roll a deviation die to tetermine WIND DIRECTION.   If you can get next to cover such that you are downwind of the cover, or can get inside a building, you may add 1 to your armor vs. wind. Ambushers ignore wind! For each model in that warband, roll a red die: if greater than your armor value, move the model their base move - 3" in the direction of the wind.  Any models blown off a board edge are treated as KOed.

HAIL: Any time you find a Bogus, Trap, Loot, Wyrdstone or Ore blip, remove the blip from play, roll  3 Red dice and apply the highest die to your armor.  Tie= Stun.  If all 3 dice roll the same number, you've been hit by a piece of Wyrdstone!  Place a Wyrdstone blip there for anyone to pick up (providing they can get to it...)  COVER: you may reroll 1 of the dice if under a bridge, roof, catwalk, etc, but if your reroll results in all 3 dice being blank, you will not get a piece of wyrdstone.

WARP BEAST (Optional): For tougher ambushes, use the following.
ENEMY M A H  Melee Notes
Warp Beast 6+OO [1] 1 OOOO W Recover O per turn (at beginning of turn)

GOAL: Get a member off the opposite board edge: +1 Fame.
GOAL: Get 2 or more members off the opposite board edge: +1 Experience.

(Game ends when all blips are resolved or all models have left the table).

[Fame, Ore]
A rampaging giant has been taking everyone's hard earned Ore- but how do you stop him?

SETUP: Place a giant in the center of the board! You won't need any blips...  (Use Bigger giant for more advanced / numerous warbands).

The Giant goes first in this scenario, and turns go clockwise. If no one is within 12", it will start to move in a random direction. Otherwise, it will move towards the nearest target and attack. Have the player to your left run the Giant if it attacks you.

If no enemies are in melee range, the giant may throw a Boulder.
ENEMY M A* H  Melee Ranged NOTES
Giant 10 [1] 10 OOOOOO AP Scythe Stun Boulder- OO AP, 2"B, Stun Big, throw, thick.
Bigger! 10 [1] 25 OOOO+4 AP Scythe Stun Boulder- OO AP, 2"B, Stun Big, throw, thick.
AP: armor piercing- adds +1 vs. targets with armor.  Cannot be parried.
THROW: If it ties in melee, may throw the enemy 3" in any direction (as KB).
THICK: deduct the roll of a red die from any ranged attacks vs. the Giant.
SLOW: May not charge or take extra move.
ANGRY: If a warband scores 3 or more hits in 1 turn, the Giant may make one free Boulder attack at any member(s) of that band!

GOAL: Feasible attack on the Giant:  +1 "rival" pip  (if no damage done, else earn pips.  Attack must have a chance of success).
GOAL: Damage the Giant: earn 2 "rival" pips per hit.
GOAL: Kill the Giant: +1 Exp.  Total fame earned from rivals and the giant cannot exceed 4.
GOAL: When Giant  killed, place one ORE marker adjacent per warband, +1 extra.
GOAL: Earn the most pips: +1 Exp.

(Game ends when Giant killed and ore has been recovered).

Treasure hunters have a bout of good luck- until a  mysterious low fog rolls through the city...

SETUP: Declare all low areas as "in fog" (the tabletop, rivers, etc.) Place lots of catwalks, rows of barricades, elevated platforms, etc to form areas above the fog.    (You can use dry ice to create actual fog if you really want to get fancy!).

SPECIAL: Ambush blips will generate O+1 zombies (remember they can mob!).

THE FOG.  Any model that touches the fog as part of their move or from being Knocked Back  will immediately take O vs. armor.  Graze = Stun.  Kill= replace with a Zombie! (will move on the next enemy turn).
OUT OF THE  FOG.   Any model that is in the fog at the beginning of the enemy turn will be surrounded by 1 red die worth of zombies!   If wyrdstone, loot or Ore was picked up, being stood upon, or being carried by any model this turn, 2 white dice worth of zombies will move out of the nearest fog towards that model.
INTO THE FOG.  Any zombies that fail to get into base to base contact with a target by the end of the enemy turn are removed from play.

GOAL: Each loot  is worth a minimum of 1 gold.

(Game ends when all blips are resolved).

Someone has started to mine under the city in search of Wyrdstone.  The mines hold promise- but what happened to the miners?

SETUP: Place tunnel board sections, trench scenery, or passages through rocks to represent the mines.  Mark at least one "entrance" to the mines per player (near board edges ideally).   Mix 2 ORE counters per player in with other random blips, for a total number of blips equal to the number of dead ends (or at least remote sections) of the tunnels.  Then place 8 random blips per player in the tunnels.  If using mine carts, place them near the center of the board, no closer than 6" from each other.

SPECIAL: DARK.  The tunnels are pitch dark- treat the whole board as in Darkness.  Models with candles, lanterns or torches do NOT get cover from darkness!  NOTE: Remember the Zone of Control rules- it's tough to squeeze past an enemy in a tunnel!

CAVE IN.  All TRAP blips are cave-ins.  roll oo vs. armor, then place a marker indicating the tunnel is BLOCKED.  A block can be cleared by rolling a 3 with your base melee (as an action).  Dwarfs with Picks can add oo to the roll.
BLAST.  All Blast weapons (B) cause a cave-in at the center of the blast if 2 of the attack dice roll the same number!

WARP DUST:  SPARK.  When in melee, using any weapons other than club, shield, net, funny thing, or whip: if you max out on 2 dice, will  set off a SPARK.  When using a bomb, pistol, musket, blunderbus, jezzail, or any kind of fire or flame attack: if you max out on even 1 die, will set off a SPARK.
EXPLOSION: A spark causes an explosion centered on the attacker: 3" Blast, O, IA, Stun.  Roll seperately for each model under the template.

AMBUSH: Ambush blips are CAVE WYRMS.
ENEMY M A H  Melee Notes
Cave Wyrm 6T (2) 2 OOO+1 +P  May not charge.
TUNNEL (T): May tunnel through solid rock as part of their move!  May not end move in solid rock- must be in valid tunnel section at end of move.  Note that tunneling does NOT create additional shortcuts through the rocks as they fill in behind the wyrm.

  It takes an action to operate an adjacent mine cart- the operator can move up to 6" per turn pushing or pulling the mine cart instead of normal move (even if the operator's movement is normally slower or faster than 6").  The operator  must be able to use weapons to operate the mine cart.

A mine cart can hold any amount of ore.  It takes no action to drop a carried ore into an adjacent mine cart.  A mine cart can hold up to one model (not big or heavy). It takes a full  move to climb into or out of a mine cart.

If the mine setup includes tracks, the mine carts can only move along the tracks, and cannot move past another mine cart.  A mine cart can be pushed off (or back onto) the tracks by spending an action adjacent to it, as long as it is not occupied by an enemy model.  Roll your base melee- an empty mine cart requires a 1 or better to push over.  Add +1 to the required roll for each ore in the cart.

GOAL: Collect Ore as normal, or try to stop someone else with ore!

(Game ends when all blips resolved and all ore is off the board).

[Experience, Fame]
You were sure this was the road out of town- but it's now a dead end, and night is fast approaching!  When creatures start attacking out of the dark, everyone rushes to find an escape from certain death.

SETUP: Place 7 blips per player, in places likely to be an exit off the board.  Make sure at least 1 bogus blip is in there.  Make a set of Lottery tokens. Cardboard chits work well- take two and write a "1" on them, another two with "2" on them, etc. until you have enough to give each player 2 unique numbers.  Take all the  tokens that have numbers matching all those held by players  and put them in a box to draw upon later.

SPECIAL: DARKNESS.   All models are treated as having cover, even if out in the open.

LET ME OUT! Each time a bogus blip is found, roll 2 red dice.  The number you must roll to find an exit depends on the number of models left in your warband....  4+ models: 6.   3 models: 5.  2 models: 4.  1 model: 3.  If not an exit, leave the blip there.  Once all the blips have been revealed, if the exit has not been found yet, you may spend an action adjacent to any bogus blip to attempt to find an exit again.  You may only leave the board by spending a full move adjacent to an exit.

LOTTERY OF DOOM: Any beasts still alive at the beginning of the enemy turn should be taken off the table and added to an "enemy pool".   Any grazes or hits on the beast are removed when they are placed in the pool!   If there are no beasts in the pool, add 2 white dice worth of beasts to the pool at the start of the enemy turn.  Now,  draw one lottery number for each beast in the pool.  Whoever has the corresponding number will be attacked by the beast.  Have the player to their left place and run the beast however they see fit, as long as they only attack members of that band.

PASS THE BUCK: If you kill a beast, you must give one of your lottery tokens to any other player you choose!  Yes, this increases their chances of being attacked by a beast.  You may not give away your last token- you should always have at least one, unless you get all your surviving members out- at that point, you must give away all your remaining tokens!

GOAL: Find an exit: +1 Fame (counts toward the maximum of 2 per game).
GOAL: Get any of your members out: +1 Experience

(Game ends when all models have exited or been killed).

SUMMARY: friendly forces have been captured by giant spiders, and must be rescued!

SET UP: Place ALL the AMBUSH and TRAP blips, plus 4 random blips per Band. Place one PRISONER per player , in remote locations on the board. Place (# players -1) SPIDER ENTRANCEs on the board, near the prisoners. You will also need the following models: at least 1 GIANT spider, 2 spider SWARMS, and at least 4 Medium spiders. HINT: Use toy spiders if you don't have enough spider miniatures. Make sure you have as many spider models as you can, esp. MEDIUM ones.

PRISONERS: To free a prisoner, spend an action adjacent to them.  They may immediately take a move once freed.  Treat as a basic troop type with no weapons or equipment.

TRAPS: Trap blips are WEBS.  Treat as a permanent 1"A hazard. Roll your melee vs. OO, -P, -R, IA. (-1 to your parry, - a reroll, may not add bonuses for armor). Tie or lose = treat as stunned (even multi-hit models or models that ignore stun).   You must check again at the beginning of your next turn, until you beat it!   Leave the TRAP blip there until you beat it, you are freed, or the web is destroyed.   A friendly model can try to free you by beating OO -R IA  in melee while adjacent to you.   If they lose, they become trapped as well! (treat as stunned).  Webs may be DESTROYED by rolling a 2 or better with any of the following weapons:  Bombs, Torches, Warpfire, Flamers, Firewalls, Fire spells.

AMBUSH: Ambush blips are, of course, SPIDERS. Roll a 1D6 on the SPIDER chart below to see what type it is. If you don't have any more models for the type rolled, the Spider player may CHOOSE a type to place! Note that spiders found by blips will move at the end of the player's turn who discovered them, then AGAIN on the Spider player's turn if they haven't been killed already.
 Roll  Spider Type M A H  Melee (graze=W)  Special
 1-2  Swarm 8 0 3 OOO RO (-1 / hit) EVADE: all incoming damage -O
 3-5  Medium 6 [1] 1 OOO AMBUSH: May attack immediately if revealed!
 6  Giant  6 [1] 3 OOOO RO Scythes SHOOT WEB: Flamer Template. As TRAP hazard for target models.
RULES FOR ALL SPIDERS: Spiders ignore hazards and do not reveal blips. They do not have to attack the nearest target- they may move however the Spider Player wishes them to, including hiding, taking extra move, etc.  POISON- If a spider ties in melee (or wins when Parrying), it will automatically do a WOUND to the target (vs. living only). CLIMB- Spiders may move along ANY surface as part of their normal move. They may ignore ZOC this way.  SCUTTLE- spiders stay close to terrain- treat them behind front cover at all times (unless adjacent). FLAMMABLE- Bombs, Torches, Warpfire, Flamers, Firewalls, Fire spells add +1 to attacks against spiders.

SPIDERS TURN: After the players go, the spiders get a turn of their own! Roll 1 red die for each SPIDER ENTRANCE- bring that many spiders onto the board of a random type (as Ambush above). Then move and attack with all spiders on the board however you see fit.
FREEING PRISONERS: Spend an action adjacent to free a prisoner.  They have Move 6, 0 armor, 1 hit, melee o, no weapons or equipment.

GOAL: Get a prisoner off the board: +1 Fame (max for game is 3).

(Game ends when all prisoners have been rescued).


Strange creatures that hunger for wyrdstone have been scuttling through the city...

SETUP: Mix 2 ore blips and 3 ambush blips in with 4 random blips per player.  Place at least 8" away from board edge.

SPECIAL: POTENT. When picking up ore, roll a red die vs. armor, max damage = stun (and ore dropped).   Wyrdstone in the area is particularly potent- reroll any zeros when rolling to pick it up.  Wyrdstone Eaters will go crazy on a roll of 3 OR 4 (not just 4 like normal).

WARP BEASTS.  All ambush blips are Warp Beasts.  When revealed, they will go after Ore and Wyrdstone if in range, otherwise they'll ambush as normal.  CONSUME.  Warp beasts will move towards the closest piece of wyrdstone or ore on the board, including carried ore, taking extra move to stand on it if possible.  As an action they will "eat" adjacent  ore or wyrdstone- and will then spawn into 2 warp beasts!  If the ore is carried, they will melee the carrier (remember, any graze will cause the carrier to drop the Ore).
ENEMY M A H  Melee Notes
Warp Beast 6+OO 1 1 OOOO W  Ignore stun.  Heals o hits per turn.
RANDOM MOVE: roll before each move.  May take extra move / charge as normal!
SPAWN (optional): each time a warp beast kills a model, replace that model with another beast that may move immediately!

GOAL: Get Ore off the board without being eaten!  (earn a minimum of 1 Wyrdstone if you collected any ore).

(Game ends when all blips resolved).

[Fame, Experience]

A horrible plague sweeps through the city, even raising the dead from their rest.  Can anyone survive?

SETUP: Place 6 blips per player anywhere on the board.  Get a big pile of zombie models ready too...

SPECIAL: When a model is killed, leave them on the board, face down.  The body can be destroyed by making a successful "heal" roll, or by burning it.  It takes an action to burn any number of adjacent bodies.  Models equipped with any of the following equipment do not have to spend an action, and may burn any bodies they are adjacent to for free, once per turn:  Bombs, Torches, Warpfire, Flamers, Firewalls, Fire spells.

BOGUS blips are a single ambushing Plague Zombie.  AMBUSH blips are 2 ambushing Plague Zombies!
ENEMY M A H  Melee Notes
Plague Zombie 4+OO 0 1 OO W Mob Wounds on a tie.  Ignore W, KO.
Plague Beast 4+OO 0 5 OOOO W Wounds on a tie.

INFECTION.  At the start of the "enemy" turn, roll a red die for all WOUNDED models. 0= No change 1= Fever: If there is a model within 3" of the wounded, whether friend or foe, they will shoot it or move and melee it, and won't pull back in melee!  2= Model dies!  Place face down. 3= Corrupted!  Model is removed (as killed), replace with a plague zombie.

MUTATION.  At the start of the  "enemy" turn, roll a red die for all DEAD models on the board, including enemy models!  0= Remove from the board.  1= Decaying.  Leave on board, check again next turn.  2= Corrupted!  Replace with a plague zombie.  3= Plague Beast!
Replace the model with a plague beast (if a beast is already on the board, remove it before placing the new one).

GOAL: Max.amount of fame earnable is 4 (not the usual 2).
GOAL: If any of your forces are wounded but survive the game, earn +1 Experience.

(Game ends when all blips resolved).

The book of the dead is rumoured to be somewhere nearby.  Everyone has their reasons for getting ahold of this powerful artifact, but it is well protected by the dead...

SETUP: Place 3 books in the center of the board, and 5 blips per player anywhere on the board but at least 6" away from the board edges.  Be sure to place some blips  along access routes to the books.

SPECIAL:  Pick up a book by spending an action.  Roll a red die.  You may reroll the die once for every book already checked.
WOAH- WRONG BOOK. On a roll of 0, the model is sucked into a vortex!  Roll model's base melee: 4+= Okay. 2-3= Stunned.  1= KOed.  0= killed!    On a roll of 1 or 2, the book ambushes the model: OOOO+1 W.
I SAID THE WORDS!  On a roll of 3, you've found the actual book!  Place OO Zombies adjacent- they will attack immediately!
OKAY THEN!  If none of the three books is the Necronomicon, the next  LOOT, ORE,  or WYRDSTONE blip found is the actual book!  If you still don't find anything, you'll just have to play the scenario again some time!
POSESSION. Once the actual book is grabbed, the model carrying it cannot let go unless killed or KOed!  The book is heavy, and must be carried (as ore)- even big models, mounts, etc. may not take extra move while carrying the book!

All ambush blips are O+1 Zombies:
ENEMY M A H  Melee Notes
Zombie 4+OO 0 1 OO W Mob Ignore W, KO.

GOAL: First warband to pick up the actual Necronomicon: +1 Experience.

GOAL: Capture the book (get off the table with it):
Witch Hunters, Sisters of Sigmar, Brettonians- Earn 2 Fame (in addition to any earned from rivals).
Posessed, Undead, Daemons- Earn O+1 Fame, O+1 Exp. (but may not earn pips for killing zombies)
All other warbands: earn 2 gold.

(Game ends when all blips resolved and the book is off the board).

[Fame, loot]
Pillaging, magic, embers from the comet strike- it doesn't matter how the fires started.  What does matter is they threaten to burn up any potential loot before it can be found!  Warbands must brave the flames and smoke to gather up what they can...

SETUP:  Place as many large buildings as possible.  It's very important to know whether you are inside a building or not, so clear this up before starting!  (For example, if buildings are based up, being on the base can count as being in).  Pull out all the bogus blips, then  make a pile of at least 4 blips per building, and mix in one bogus blip per pile.  Place the blips in their buildings.  Large buildings should have more blips than small ones, but no more than 7 blips per building please!

SPECIAL:  The following modifications apply to blips!
BOGUS: Do not remove bogus blips when found- leave them face up as potential exits (see Ambush below).
HAZARDS: All hazards will only affect the revealer, and are then removed.
TRAP: (If on an upper story, fall 1 story).  You will be automatically stunned until your next turn (multiple hit models may take a hit instead if they wish).  On your next turn, you must cut yourself free- roll a 4 or better in melee (ignore awkward penalty for this roll).  If you fail, you are still trapped- as stunned (may check again next turn).  Up to 2 other models may move adjacent to you and make a melee attack to try to free you, if they wish.
AMBUSH: CUT OFF.  Instead of a normal ambush, you are trapped inside the building!  You may not leave the building unless you are touching a bogus blip (exit).

SMOKE AND FIRE:  At the end of each turn, roll a red die and a white die for each model inside a building:
The white die is SMOKE-- it ignores armor and stuns on a graze.
The red die is FIRE- it goes against armor and wounds on a graze.  RED HOT: Models with 2 armor  will take a wound on a tie!

GOAL: Earn 3 "rival" pips for each building cleared (whoever reveals the last blip in the building).
GOAL: Any loot, wyrdstone, or ore recovered as normal.

(Game ends when all blips resolved).

Warbands have entered a more civilized section of town with the express purpose of capturing innocents and forcing them to join their gang.  But the local militia are not afraid to try and stop you...  (This is an appropriate scenario for Posessed, undead, etc to play).

SETUP: Indicate some central terrain piece as the "Escape Route".  This is where victims will head when revealed.

SPECIAL: BOGUS blips are VICTIMS.  When discovered, the revealer will be hit immediately by a "boobytrap": oo S vs. armor.   Then the victim will head for the "Escape route" as quickly as possible.  Once they have touched the "Escape Route", they will head for the nearest board edge, and if they get off the board,  they have gotten away!   Remember the Zone of Control rules in Rules Crusade, as they can help you trap the victims and keep them from escaping!

AMBUSH blips are Militia.  They will shoot when revealed, then move away.   They are armed with high powered, fast firing, volatile weapons (use any model with a ranged weapon to represent them- Witch Hunters are a good choice).
ENEMY M A H  Melee Ranged Attack / Notes
Victim 6 0 1 OO S  RO Will try to escape.  May parry.
Militia 6 1 1 OOO ooo W.  Fail = kills the user.

GOAL: Earn 3 pips / Victim captured.  To capture, you must knock the victim out, not kill them!  Pips can also be earned normally for hits done (to militia, for example).
GOAL: Instead of the normal Max. Fame earned of 2,  the max. fame you can earn is 1 + # of Victims captured.

(Game ends when all blips resolved and all victims captured or escaped).

Raiding marauders in search of prey discover that they can flush explorers out of the ruins just by setting a few fires...

SETUP: Place terrain as normal, leaving enough room for models to move between buildings.  Place 7 blips per player anywhere on the board, with most of  the blips at ground level.
RAIDER DEPLOYMENT ZONES.   Divide the board edges up evenly amongst all players.  The section of board edge in front of a player is the Raider  Deployment Zone for that player.

SPECIAL: BUILDINGS AFIRE.  When inside a building, use the following trap and hazard results for blips found.
TRAP:  Collapse.  ooo S vs. armor.
1-2: Smoke.  o S   IA.
3-4: Fire.  O W  Vs. Armor (ignores armor 2!)
5-6: Too hot.  Model must move out of building (2" away from building perimeter) and may do nothing else that turn.  -o pips (unless fearless or equipped with seal).
FIRES STILL BURNING.  Any model inside or under a building must roll a d6 at the end of their turn.  On an odd-numbered roll, treat as the corresponding hazard on the table above.  Otherwise, model is fine.

RAIDERS.   At the beginning of the enemy turn, roll a Red die to see how many Raiders start in your Raider Deployment Zone!  Have the player to your left place and run the Raiders in that zone.  Raiders will prefer to attack models close to the edge, but once that model has been attacked, other raiders can go after models farther away from the edge as they see fit!

AMBUSH BLIPS.  Do not place an ambusher as normal.  Instead, pick up the blip and keep it (to keep track of the number revealed by your band so far).  When rolling for Raiders, roll one EXTRA WHITE DIE for every ambush blip collected!
ENEMY M A H  Melee Ranged Notes
Raiding Marauder 6 x2 1 2 OOOO+1 oo W X(kills user) Trot.  May charge 3".

GOAL: Max 2 fame as normal, but may trade fame earned for Experiance, 1 for 1.
GOAL:  Any Loot, Ore or Wyrdstone  recovered as normal.

(Game ends when all blips resolved).

Waterways in this section of town have been contaminated with massive quantities of Wyrdstone, so unstable it can instantly transform anyone who touches it into a slavering mindless Wyrd spawn!

SETUP:  Place clearly marked causeways along the length of the board.  Declare what terrain counts as "near" the waterways (anything on the same terrain base, within 3" of the shore, etc).  Any blips not "near" waterways are "away" from them.   Place 10 blips per player anywhere on the board, with at least 3 per player "near" or in the waterway.

SPECIAL:  CONCENTRATION.  Treat any Loot, Ore, or Wyrdstone blips found away from the waterways as loot.  Treat any Loot, Ore, or Wyrdstone blips near or in the waterway as Wyrdstone.  This Wyrdstone is extra potent: when anyone attempts to pick it up, roll OO vs. armor. Graze = Wound,  Kill = Turn into a Wyrd Spawn!  The newly created spawn will not move or attack  until the beginning of the Enemy turn.

All ambush blips are Wyrd Spawn.  If revealed when away from the waterways, they will not attack-- only move (random distance) towards the nearest waterway.  On the next Enemy turn, they will move and attack as normal!
ENEMY M A H  Melee Notes
Wyrd Spawn 4+ OOOO [1+O] 1 OOOOOO Climb.  Frenzy.  Shamble.  Warped.
Frenzy: may ignore the effects of Wounds.
Shamble: Random move value each turn.  May not take extra move or Charge.
Warped: reduce incoming damage by the roll of a red die!

GOAL: Hits on Wyrd Spawn are worth 2 pips.  Max fame earnable = 3.
GOAL: The warband that fights the most Spawn (even if they lose) earn +1 Experience.

(Game ends when all blips resolved or all warbands have fled or been massacred).

Prisoners captured by the dark slavers are being  tortured and brainwashed by their captors.  Can you save them from their horrible fate, or will you end up in chains too?

SETUP:  Place formidable fortress terrain in the center of the board.  Place 7 blips per player on the fortress, ensuring that there is at least one bogus blip per player randomly mixed into the blips.  Use whatever models you like for the Slavers (try well armed cultists or mutants, and mutie raiders).

SPECIAL: BOGUS blips are prisoners, who will Ambush the revealer, then move deeper into the fortress.   AMBUSH blips are  a Slaver.
SLAVER ACTIVITY.  At the beginning of each enemy turn, roll 2 white dice for each player.  Check each die to see what it rolls and consult the chart below:
1: Place one Slaver at the top of the fortress.  They may move and attack as normal.
2: Place two Raiders at ground level on any board edge.  They may move and attack as normal.
NEW SHIPMENT.  On the third enemy turn, a Transport will arrive at any board edge with 3 Slavers, and 3 prisoners, all in cover while on the transport.  The Transport will move directly towards the fortress, and once there, will stop moving or meleeing (it  effectively becomes scenery at this point).  At this point, all crew and prisoners will move towards the fortress!
ENEMY M A H  Melee Ranged Notes
Prisoner 6 0 1 OO S NOR -- Must KO to capture.
Slaver 6 1 1 OOO w oo W X (kills user)
Raider 6x2 1 2 OOOO oo W X (kills user)
Transport 8 2 5 OOO+3 ooo W J AP Crewed. Holds 3 Slavers, 3 prisoners

GOAL:  Earn 3 pips / victim rescued (you only have to KO them, not carry them around).  Max fame earnable = 1+ # of victims captured.
GOAL: Any ore found will be worth at least 1 gold (if it rolls nothing).

(Game ends when all blips resolved and all prisoners rescued).

The forests near Mordheim have become as twisted and evil as the city itself.  Few who enter ever return.  Can your warband brave the depths and recover riches lost deep in the labyrinth of trees?

SETUP:  Place as many trees as you can get, the spookier the better.   Give each tree between 1 and 5 hits depending on how big and scary it is (most trees should have 2 hits).  Place hit markers on the tree's base to represent this. Then place 1 blip for each hit the tree has- stack these blips in a pile on the tree's base.  Note that the only way to reveal these blips is by spending an action (see below).

SPECIAL:   To reveal a blip on a tree base, you must be adjacent to the base of the tree, and must spend an action digging amongst the roots.  Any model can reveal blips this way, even animals or crazy models.   Flip the topmost blip over, place adjacent to your model, and resolve as described below.

LET SLEEPING TREES LIE...  On the enemy turn, roll 2 red dice for each tree that has any models within 1" of it's base.  If the roll is greater than or equal to  the number of remaining hits on the tree, it will attack all models within 1" of it's base! Elves are more subtle around trees; if all the models within range of the tree are elves, the elf player may reroll any 1's rolled by the tree to try to keep it from waking.

BOGUS: Treat as loot!
TRAP:  ENTANGLED.  Branches and roots snake around your legs- help, it's got me!   Roll your melee vs. OO, -P, -R, IA. (-1 to your parry, - a reroll, may not add bonuses for armor).  Tie or lose = treat as stunned (even multi-hit models or models that ignore stun).   You must check again at the beginning of your next turn, until you beat it!   Leave the TRAP blip there until you beat it, you are freed, or the tree is killed.   A friendly model can try to free you by beating OO -R IA  in melee while adjacent to you.   If they lose, they become trapped as well! (treat as stunned).
AMBUSH: The tree comes alive and attacks all models that are within 1" of it's base!
ENEMY M A H  Melee
TREE 0 [2] 1-5 OO + (O /Hit) S,  Scythe.
CHOP AND BURN: Axes, bombs, and flame attacks (torch, warpfire, firewall, etc). do +1 damage to trees and traps.  Holy water may be used against trees.
COLLATERAL DAMAGE: Each hit on a tree will also destroy 1 white die of it's unrevealed blips.  If the tree is killed, all blips remaining on the tree will be lost, including any revealed loot, ore, or wyrdstone that hasn't been picked up yet!
HITS: As the tree takes hits, remember that it's melee value goes down, AND it may lose some blips from collateral damage in the process.  You may earn pips from doing hits to trees.  If a tree is grazed, treat as Wounded: it will roll OO-1 for it's melee.
HAZARDS: As normal, but it will only affect the model revealing it.  Once the hazard has gone off, it is removed from play.
ORE and WYRDSTONE: As normal.
LOOT blips are worth a minimum of 1 gold- many have entered the forest, but few have returned...

OPTIONAL: If you don't have a lot of trees, go ahead and put out some normal blips too.  Don't use the special rules for these blips (Bogus blips are not treated as loot, ambushes are just beasts, etc).

GOAL:  Get all the blips resolved without getting pummeled by the trees!

(Game ends when all blips resolved).

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