Vehicles have special rules for movement, combat, transport and damage.   Vehicles may not move inside of buildings unless they fit through the entrance.

FORWARD.  Vehicles move straight ahead at a cost of 1" for 1" moved.  WINGED FLYERS must move at least 8" forward every turn to stay aloft.
BACKWARD.  Vehicles may move in reverse at a cost of 2" for each 1" moved.  A vehicle may not move forward AND backward in the same turn- only one or the other!
TURNING.  A vehicle may turn in increments of up to 45 degrees- pay 2" of move for every 45 degrees turned.
Drive Backward 1"
Turn 45 degrees
 Overrun Small Target
Overrun Medium Target
Overrun Heavy Target
Overrun Big / Mount

JUMPS.  Vehicles may attempt jumps just like infantry: Roll 1 red for every 4" the vehicle moved in a straight line before jumping.  Vehicles with only 1 armor may reroll one die of their jump rolls!
BLIPS. Vehicles except Fliers may reveal blips by moving past them. Models inside the vehicle may not normally pick up blips.
FALLING: If a vehicle falls (from driving off a cliff, for example) it takes 1 damage for every 6" fallen.
EXTRA MOVE: Vehicles that take an extra move may not fire any weapons, board or unboard any troops that turn.

OVER-RUNNING: A vehicle may over-run troops in its path during movement by paying movement for each model overrun.   The vehicle rolls it's MELEE value against the defender’s melee as a standard contested roll (graze = stun).  The defender may parry.  If the defender survives, place them to the closest side of the vehicle.  The over-running vehicle may continue with its movement.

RAMMING: If a vehicle collides with a structure or another vehicle, it is a ram.   Roll the vehicles MELEE vs. the targets MELEE (for buildings, roll 2 reds plus the buildings armor).   FLYERS may not be rammed, except by another flyer.  The ramming vehicle must deduct 5" from it's move as a result of the ram.

WIPEOUT: If a vehicle is required to make a wipeout check, roll the vehicle's move value in white dice.   If the result is 5 or more, the vehicle WIPES OUT: an enemy player may drive the vehicle as they see fit, moving up to the distance rolled!

FIRING: A vehicle may fire all of it's weapons as an "action", assuming the weapon is not destroyed or jammed.   Weapons may be fired at any time during the vehicle's movement, as long as they are not fired more than once during the vehicle's turn.  Note that GORKA MORKA vehicles usually require crew to fire them.
ARC AND RANGE: Measure range from the tip of the weapon's barrel.   Check LOS from the pivot point of the weapon.  If LOS passes through any other part of the vehicle, it may not fire!
TROOP FIRING:  Troop models in an open transport vehicle may fire if the vehicle does not take extra movement that turn, but take range penalties every 8" instead of the normal 12".
TROOP MELEE: Troop models in an open transport vehicle that does not take extra movement that turn may melee an adjacent vehicle as an attack action.  They may not melee ground troops without exiting the vehicle first, unless they are the driver of a LOW vehicle.  They may not melee the passengers of another vehicle unless they successfully BOARD the vehicle first.
SNAP FIRE: Vehicles may fire any mounted BASIC weapons they have as a snap fire attack against models attacking it in melee.

SHOOTING: Vehicles have armor values just like troops.  All vehicles are considered BIG targets; they may not take cover (except from smoke or darkness), and may not hide. They ignore knock-back.  Line and area effect weapons do not roll extra dice against the vehicle.  +P weapons add +1 to their roll against the vehicle. Any graze does 1 hit to the vehicle. Weapons with areas of effect may target a single vehicle, in addition to any models in front of the vehicle.  The vehicle blocks the shot from targeting models any further away.  Models behind the vehicle, and models in open transport may be targeted if in line of sight, but this attack cannot include the vehicle itself or any models in front of the vehicle.  Models behind the vehicle are considered in front cover.  Models in an open transport vehicle are considered in full cover.

RUSHING: If a troop attacks a vehicle in melee, roll the attacker’s melee against the vehicle’s melee as normal (the vehicle may parry).  Winged Fliers may not be rushed. Vehicle passengers may not be rushed.  LOW vehicles may use the driver's melee to defend against rushes!

DAMAGE MARKERS: Vehicles have a specified number of hits.  When it has lost all it's hits, it is Wrecked.  Leave the wrecked vehicle there unless it Explodes (see FIRE below).  For every 5 hits on a vehicle, the vehicle MUST take 1 DAMAGE CARD, drawn at random from the Damage Card deck.  If you draw more than one of the same card, use it anyway and only apply the effects marked "(cumulative)" for the additional card.

DESTROYED:  Leave the vehicle as a wreck.  Roll oo S vs. any occupants (OO S for fliers).  Destroyed vehicles only explode if they were on fire first.
EXPLODE: Remove the vehicle model if it explodes.  The area effect of an exploding vehicle depends on the size of the vehicle.  The area is circular, with a radius equal to the width of the vehicle at it's widest point (from edge to edge).  It includes any troops still on board the vehicle! For all targets within the area, roll OO vs. armor, graze = wound, KB (from center of vehicle).

RIDER: For bikes and mounts, instead of the normal vehicle damage rules, use the rider's armor value for the vehicle's armor.  Damage is transferred directly to the rider- when the rider is killed, the bike or mount is lost.  Rider's hits is +1 while riding.  Bikes and mounts add +O to the rider's melee, but it takes 1 hand to ride  a bike.  Note that bikes and mounts are also low.

BOARDING: Models ADJACENT to an OPEN enemy vehicle may attempt to board it. Boarding attempts are counted as a full move.  The model must make a jump roll of 3” to successfully clamber up the side of a vehicle which can still move. A model may also board from an adjacent OPEN vehicle; this reduces the jump roll to 1” (or 2" if the boarder is a driver).  If the jump is missed, the boarder must take a stun and are placed outside the vehicle.   Flying and jumping troops need only land in an open vehicle to board it.  Place successful boarders  in the open transport area.
ONCE BOARDED: A boarder may melee the boarded vehicle (vs. armor), or may melee models in the boarded vehicle, and may ignore the cover normally afforded to Models in an open vehicle.  Models in Closed spaces may be attacked by boarders also.  NOTE: if there are no available transport spaces for a Boarder to stand in (Note that killing or KOing a passenger creates a space), they will fall off the vehicle (taking a stun) when it next moves!


DROP PODS: Drop pods are treated as vehicles, except they cannot move. Drop pods must always arrive on the second turn of the game.  Nominate a target spot to land- the pod will ALWAYS deviate 2d6" in a random direction. Assume anything under a 2" template is hit by the pod when it lands.  If it hits a vehicle or building, treat as a RAM! If there are any troops underneath, treat the pod as a 3" blast weapon, rolling three reds.

FLIERS: May move in any direction.  Must end move on terrain.  If vehicle is destroyed, driver takes OO S vs. armor from falling!
WINGED FLYERS:  Winged flyers must move at least 8" forward every turn to stay aloft, and may not be rushed, rammed, or boarded except by flyers.

STOCK CREW: Stock crew are crew that come with a vehicle, and are not indicated in the transport space on the vehicle chart (the driver of a Rhino, for example).   Stock crew may never leave the vehicle.  If the vehicle is destroyed, the stock crew are lost with it.

VEHICLE EQUIPMENT CARDS: Vehicles can be equipped with additional equipment at a cost of 3 points per card. Equipment cards can be discarded in lieu of taking 1 hit (may not be used after discarded).

Vehicle Statistic Charts Vehicle Weapon Charts
These include all information needed to run any given vehicle.
Vehicle Damage Cards Vehicle Equipment Cards
(NOTE: the numbers at the bottom of some cards are the maximum number of that card you can put on any one vehicle. Otherwise, you may apply as many of that card as you like, with cumulative effects. Bikes may take 1 card max). Cards cost 5 points each.

TRANSPORT:  Number of troops vehicle may carry. C=closed transport. O=Open transport (troops have cover).
WEAPONS:  Weapons that rapid fire may do so at up to 12".  Basic weapons may SNAP FIRE.
FLYERS:  may not move in reverse and cannot reveal or pick up blips. Flying vehicles may not be rushed, rammed, or boarded except by flyers.

 CENTAUR 12  2 14  OOO+2 -- Battle Cannon,Storm Bolter 20
CHIMERA 12  2 12  OOO+2 12/C Autolaser, Heavy Bolter, 2 x Gunport Card 30
LEMANN RUSS 12  2 16  OOO+2  -- Battle Cannon/Thunderer, 3x Lascannon 40
BASILISK 10  2 12  OOO+1 (2/O crew) Earthshaker, Heavy Bolter 25
HELLHOUND 12  2 12  OOO+2 -- Inferno Gun, Heavy Bolter 20
GRIFFON 12  2 12  OOO+1 (2/O crew) Thunderer, Heavy Bolter 20
BANEBLADE 8  3 24  OOO+3 4/C Battle Cannon, 3x Lascannon,  Thunderer, 3x Storm Bolter 100

 BIKE 16  2 R+1  OO 1/O (driver) Storm Bolter.  Rider.  Low. 5
 RHINO 14  2 12  OOO+1 10/C Storm Bolter 20
 WHIRLWIND 12  2 12  OOO+1 5/C Multilauncher 30
 VINDICATOR 12  2 12  OOO+1 5/C Storm Bolter, Thunderer 30
 RAZORBACK 12  2 12  OOO+1 5/C Storm Bolter, Vehicle Weapon. 30
 PREDATOR 12  2 16  OOO+1 -- Vehicle weapon, 2x Heavy Weapon.  35
 LAND RAIDER 12  3 12  OOO+3 10/C* 2x twin lascannon, Heavy Bolter 60
 LANDSPEEDER  2 x 8  2 6  OO -- Heavy Weapon, Heavy Weapon.   Flyer. 20
 DROP POD (sp.)  2 12  OOO+2 10/C Heavy Weapon 20
 RAPTOR 2 x 10  2 12  OO 6/C VT (Twin hvy Bolter).  Flyer. 50
 THUNDERHAWK 2 x 8  3 18  OOO+1 20/C*, or 1Rhino Battlecannon,  4x Twin Heavy Bolters. Flyer. 90
*These vehicles may transport Heavy (2 per) or Big (3 per) models even though they are closed transports.

 WARBIKE 16 1 2  OO 1/O (driver)  Heavy Weapon.  Rider.  Low. 10
 TRAKK 12 1 3  OO 1/O, 1/O driver  Heavy Weapon.  Low. 10
 BATTLEWAGON 12  2 14  OOO+3  8/O  -- 20
 GOBSMASHA 12  2 8  OOO+1 8/C  Battlecannon 30
 WAR BUGGY 16  2 6  OOO --  Heavy Weapon 15
 TRUKK 14  2  8  OOO+2 6/O  Heavy Weapon 20
 SQUIGGOTH 14  2 12  OOOO+2 5/O  Heavy Weapon 25
 FIGHTA-BOMMA 2x12 2 8  OOO winged flyer 2x Heavy Weapon.  25

 VYPER 2 x 8  1 5 -- --  Basic, Heavy Weapon.   Flyer.  Jink. 20
 FALCON 16  2 12  OOO+1 10/C  Lascannon, Multilaser, Shurikat 35
 FULCRUM 16  2 12  OOO+1 10/C  Superlaser,  Shurikat 30
 TEMPEST 12  3 12  OOO+2 --  Pulsar, Shurikannon, 6x Shurikat 75

 BLOOD CAULDRON  12  2 14  OOO+3 --  Inferno Gun, 2x Bolters  25
 KHORNE CANNON  10  2 14  OOO+2 --  Earthshaker 20
 BRASS SCORPION  12  2 18  OOOO+4 --  Assault Cannon 30
 DOOMWING 2x10  2 12  OOO+2 -- Assault Cannon, 2x Conv. Beam 30

 EXOCRINE 10 2 14  OOO+2 --  Earthshaker, 2x Deathspitters 20
 MALEFACTOR 14 2 14  OOOO+3  10/C  2x Deathspitters 25
 DROP SPORE -- 2 10  OOOO 10/C (or 60 pts).  Lash Arms.  Drop pod.  25

 BASIC DICE GRAZE FAIL NOTES- can absorb 1 hit
 Storm Bolter Oo K J KB, Rapid Fire
 Flamer Oo W J Burn, FT.
 Heavy Stubber OO S J Rapid Fire
 Shurikat ooo W J (Eldar Only)
 Deathspitter OO W J (Tyranids only)
 HEAVY DICE GRAZE FAIL NOTES- can absorb 2 hits
 Heavy Bolter OO K J KB, Split fire, Rapid Fire
 Heavy Flamer OO+P W J HFT, Burn
 Multimelta OOO+1 W J HFT
Missile Launcher OO K J 2"B, ignore range
 Shuricannon OOO W J Split Fire, Rapid Fire (Eldar Only)
 Heavy Plasma OOO W J Line Effect
 Las Cannon OOO K -- Or, take two shots at OO
 Autolaser OOO S -- Split Fire, Rapid Fire
 Autocannon OOO W J KB, Split Fire, Rapid Fire
 Lash Arms  OOx3 W -- 6" range. KB. (Tyranids only)
 Voltage Field OOO S -- Snap Fire only.
 Twin Hvy Weap. adds +1 as 
Any heavy weapon can be upgraded to a twin version.
 Battle Cannon OO+1 K J 2" Blast, Ignore Range Penalties
 Thunderer OO+1+P K J 2" Blast.  Reload.
 Inferno Cannon OO+1+P W X Burn, HFT +6" range
 Multilauncher OO W J 2" Blast, 3 shots per fire.
 Assault Cannon OOO+1 K J/X Split Fire, Rapid Fire
 Super Laser OOO+1 K -- Eldar, Dreadnoughts only
 Earth Shaker OO+2+P W J 2" Blast, Barrage. Reload.
 Pulsar OOOOO K -- Split Fire (Eldar only).
DISPOSABLES DICE GRAZE FAIL NOTES- Can absorb 1 hit.  1 shot / game.  May take 2 instead of a vehicle card.
 HK missile OO+2+P K -- 3" Blast.
 Frag Defender OOO W -- 3 x 3" Area.  Ignores firer.  May Snap Fire.

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