CARDS: Earn one white die/player/turn.  Some troops grant cards at start of  game (+1C), or  extra card per turn (+1C/T).
     o = White die. O = Red die. Move  with a B= Berserk.  Armor  with an  F= Forcefield (incoming dam. -O).
    All Wound on a graze unless  noted.    Unless noted, multiple weapons listed are options- choose one per model.
 Termagant 8 0 1 Fleshborer: oo oo Don't forget volley fire! 1
 Termagant 6 0 1 Spike Rifle: oo+1
Devourer: OO FT
Flame Spurt: OO FT Burn
o Choose one of the 
weapons listed when there are multiple entries.
 Gargoyle 8B 1 1 Mob 2.  Charge. OOO Flies. 3
 Gargoyle 8 1 1 Devourer: OO FT O Flies. 5
 Hormagaunt 8B 1 1 Charge.  OOOO Leap.  Climb. 3
 Leech 6 2 1 Latch on.  Drain. OOO Infiltrate. Climb.  5
 Genestealer 8B 1 1 Mob 2.  Charge.  Wild. OOO 3
 Hybrid 6 1 1 Bolter: oo K X KB OO Infiltrate.  Climb. 3
 Hybrid 4 1 1 CB: Ox Rmr, line, Burn, K X
HB: OO Rap. * KB K X
OO Infiltrate. 10
 Magus 6 1F 1 Mind War OO R OO+2 Infiltrate.
 Patriarch 6 1 5 Free Gaze: OO FT  kill = stun OOOOOO Infiltrate 10
LEAP: May  leap across  6" gaps as part of  their move.   WILD: May only attack the nearest target if attacking this turn.
DRAIN: Once latched on, may automatically drain 1 hit by spending an action (graze=W).
INFILTRATE: In Battle games you may start anywhere on the board out of line of sight of enemy models.
 WARRIORS  MOVE ARMOR  HITS  Weapon  Melee  Notes  Pts.
 Warrior 8B 2 2 Charge. OOOOO+1  RO in melee. Tall. 5
 Warrior 8 2 2 Devourer: OO+1 FT
Deathspitter: OO+1 1"B
OOO+1 Tall.  7
 Warrior 6 2 2 Barbed Strangler:OO+1 2"B  Burn
Venom Cannon:OOO+1 * Tie=W
OOO+1 Big.  +1C. 10
 Ravener 10B 2 2 Devourer: OO+1 FT
Deathspitter: OO+1 1"B
OOOO+1+P May melee AND 
shoot as 1 action.
 Ravener 10 2 2 Devourer: OO+1 FT    -AND-
Deathspitter: OO+1 1"B
OO+1 May fire both guns 
as 1 action.
 Lictor 6x2 2 2 Flesh Hooks.  Drain. OOOOO+2
RO   Scythe
Leap. Climb.  Infiltrate.  Stealth.  Ambush. 20
 Zoanthrope 4 2F 3 Mind War: OOO R    Snap Fire.
Mind Blast: As mind war, HFT
OOO+3  +1C/T. 25
 Zoat 8 2 2 2x Fleshborer: oo+1 Snap Fire OOoooo+1  Heavy. 10
 Zoat 8 2 2 Devourer: OO+1 FT
Flame Spurt: Oo+1 FT Burn
OOO+1  Heavy. 10
 Zoat 8 2 2 Venom Cannon:OOO+1 * Tie=W OO+1  Heavy. 15
 Cmd. Zoat 8 3 3 Barbed Strangler:OO+1 2"B  Burn OOOO+2 +P Heavy.  +1C. 20
TALL: As Big, but not Heavy (may not hide, may only get cover from smoke / darkness).
FLESH HOOKS: May latch onto a target up to 6" as a free action.  May move latched adjacent (as KB) as a free action.
STEALTH: May hide for free, once per turn. AMBUSH: May make a free half move (6") and action when revealed.
BIG GUYS  MOVE ARMOR  HITS  Weapon  Melee  Notes  Pts.
 Spiderfex 8B 3 5  Charge.  Scythe. OOOO OOOO +2+P Big.  Climb. 30
 Carnifex 8 3 5 Venom Cannon:OOO+2 * Tie=W
Barbed Strangler:OO+2 2"B  Burn
OOO OOO +2+P Big. 30
Hive Tyrant 8 2F 5
"       -AND-   Mind War: OO R
OOOO+3 RO NOR Big. +2C/T. 40
 Exocrine 8 2 10 Venom Cannon:OOO+3 * Tie=W OOO OOO +3 Big. 50
 Trygon 14 2 10 Scythe.  Overrun (OOOO RO). OOOO OOOO +4 Big.  Climb. 50
Mycetic Spore Drift. 2 10 Transports  60 pts. of troops Drop: OOO +3 Big. 15
 Stragitor 8x2 2 10 Flesh Hooks x2. OOOO OOOO +3+P Big.  Climb. 60
SUPPORT  MOVE ARMOR  HITS  Weapon  Melee  Notes  Pts.
 Orgun 0 1 1  Deathspitter: OO 1"B O 1
 Spore Mine
1 1 Blast: OO 2"B Burn
Poison: OO 2"A Tie=W
Deploy: O+1 Orguns
O Drift.  Detonate. 3
Ripper Swarm 10 1 3 Melee -1 / hit taken. OOO+3 Small.  Swarm. 7
Hunter Swarm 8 1 3 3x Spine Fist: oo 8" Snap.  -1 /hit taken. OOO Small.  Swarm. 7
DRIFT: Before moving any spore mines, move ALL mines OOO" in a RANDOM direction (roll once for all mines).  Then, each mine may move 6" (no extra move).
DETONATE:  A spore mine will go off if it is grazed, killed, touches an enemy model during move, or may go off as  an action.  If it rolls nothing, may continue on!

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