Campaign Rules for Chaos Warbands
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STARTING THE CAMPAIGN: At the start of the campaign, your warband are ordinary men, slowly driven to Chaos by witnessing the horrors of the first few scenarios.   Once your Warband ALIGNS with a chaos power, it may purchase Marks of chaos and chaos Rewards, and once it survives a Renegades scenario, it may purchase marines.   To purchase your starting warband, you may spend 20 Favor and 10 Tribute.
PIPS: During a game, unless otherwise noted, each hit on an opponent (not a stun) earns 1 pip.   If you CONTROL a target, only the controller will earn  pips for any result of the control. PIP CHART:  At the end of each game, roll a white die for every  Pip earned, and subtract your casualties from the roll to determine the amount of favor earned for the game.  Casualties are automatically replaced at the end of each game.

Roll 0-1  2-3 4-6 7-10 11+
Favor Earned 1 2 3 4 5
LOOT, CHARNEL, WARPSTONE: At the end of the game, for each Loot collected, earn 1 white die of Tribute (minimum 1/ game if any Loot collected).  Earn 1 white die +1 Tribute for every Charnel or Warpstone collected.

You may not take more champions than the total number of troops required (T.Req.) (so a Gunner and a Cult Leader would require 4 troops).
CHAMPION M A H Rewards Allowed.  Notes. T.Req.  Base Melee  $F
 Gunner 6 1 1 0.   May take special / heavy. 2  oo 3
 Butcher 6 1 1 1.   Melee weapons only. 1  OO 3
 Champion 6 1 2 1. 1  OO 4
 Cult Leader 6 1 3 2. 2  OOO 5
 Daemon Prince 8 2 6 6.  BIG. 5  OOO+3 30
WEAPONS: All champions  may take any weapons except special or heavy.
PROMOTE: May promote  from one champion type to another by paying  the difference in Favor.
TROOP  M A  H  Ranged Melee  $F
 Shooter 6 1 1 ooo, shotgun S J 1"A, or autogun W J  ooo w 3
 Brawler 6 1 1 oo K X 8" Snap OOoo k 3
Troop: Comes pre-equipped.  May parry.  May not take additional weapons.

You may not purchase Marine Champions or Marine Troops until your warband has survived a RENEGADES scenario.
CHAMPION M A H Rewards T.Req.  Base Melee  $F
 Havoc 6 2 1 0.   May take special / heavy. 1  OO 6
 Veteran 6 2 2 1. 1  OO+1 7
 Lieutenant 6 2 3 3. 2  OO+2 10
 Lord 6 2 4 4. 3  OO+3 20
 Warmaster 6 2 5 5. 4  OO+3 30
MARINE:   All armor 2 models ignore stun from Knockback.   BIG: Can't use cover (except smoke / darkness).  Heavy.
 M A  H  Ranged Melee  $F
 Hunter 6 2 1 ooo K X KB Rap.  / oo K X 8" Snap OOO+1 5
 Reaver 6 2 1 oo K X 8" Snap OOOOOO 6
Troop: Comes pre-equipped.  May parry.  May not take additional weapons.

Only champions may purchase weapons or equipment (troops have default weapons).
 EQUIPMENT * = Troops only (does not affect their stats). $T
Backup If main gun does no damage, may fire a second weapon. 1
Bionic Arm Melee +1. Free forced entry!  3
Bionic Leg Move +1". Free forced entry! 3
Bionic Eye Reroll with ANY ranged weapon, including grenades. Ignore Darkness. 3
Chaos Armor orks vs. all incoming damage, even IA, Psy, and Melee! 5
Chirurgeon As an action, remove OO-1 hits (so does 1 damage on a zero!) 3
Frenzon May take an additionl move and melee, then take OO hits. 5
Halluce Ammo Pistol / Basic weapon: Kill = control. 3
Inferno Ammo Pistol / Basic weapon: Add o / psy value. 3
Jump Pack Move in any direction including vertical, must land at end of move. 
Ignore damage from falls. May not combine with Terminator Armor.
Mount Start each game with a Steed type daemon.  Cost = summon cost. sp.
Musician* Troops within 3" add +1 to their move(max).  Bearer rolls OO for summoning. 3
Servo Claw Base melee + 1.  Repair OO-1 vehicle damage.  Ignore 1 fail / fight. 5
Standard* Troops within 8" and LOS earn  2x pips (before any other modifiers). 3
Terminator Marines only.  Armor 3, HEAVY.  May snap fire basic weapons.
May not use with Jump Pack, Bike, Mount,  Wings, or Daemon Prince. 
Trophy Rack Earn +1 pip for each model you kill. 3
 Spikes +o W 1 Spiky.  NH.
 Chains -- S 1 NOR.  NH.
 Knife or Club o W or S 1/2  
 Shield o -- 1/2 Parry at +2.  Armor +o.
 Fetish -- -- 1 RO
 Axe oo W 1  
 Sword o R W 1 Reroll
 Rod O S 1 Kill=KO
 Mace oo KO 2  
 Flail / Whip oo S 2 NOR.  Kill = KO.
 Chainsword Oo+P W 2  
 Power Axe OO W 3  
 Power Sword Oo R W 3 Reroll
 Power Mace OO KO 4  
 Power Glove OO+P K 4  
 Power Claw OO R W 4 Reroll
 Chain Axe / Fist OOo+P W 4 Free Forced Entry
 Power Flail /Whip OO S 4 NOR
SPIKY: Dice added to melee if  user is Defending, or attacking with Overrun,  ZOC, or Dive Attack.
NH: Takes NO hands.  Max # of NH weapons a model can take: 4.
REROLL: May reroll 1 of your own dice. If you have this TWICE, you may Reroll Opponent (RO).
2 HANDED WEAPONS: Cost x2, counts as 2 of that weapon. SCYTHES!  Takes 2 hands.
 PISTOL DICE GRAZE FAIL Hands $T NOTES:  May use in melee 
 Autopistol oo W J oH 1 8" Range.
 Bolt pistol oo K X oH 1 8" Range.
 Hand Flamer Oo W X 1H 2 SFT, Burn
 Plasma Pistol OO W M 1H 4 Line Effect. 8" Range.
 Needler o KO J 1H 5 Ignore Armor. 8" Range.
 Autogun ooo W J 1  
 Shotgun ooo S J 1 KB, 1" AREA
 Bolter ooo K X 2 KB. Marines: Rapid Fire
 Storm Bolter oooo K X 3 KB. Marines: Rapid Fire.
For descriptions of weapon effects, grazes, etc. please consult the Rules Crusade basic rules sheet.
If you have 3 or more models equipped with the same weapon, you may use the Volley Fire rules (see RC).
Grenade Launch. OO W J 2 2"B, IFC. OR, As Grenade Ration..
 Heavy Stubber OO S J 3 Split fire (*), Rapid Fire
 Flamer OO W X 3 FT, Burn
 Plasma Gun OO W J 4 Line Effect
 Meltagun OO+1 W J 5 FT
 Sonic Blaster OO S X 5 FT, Burn. As Musician.  Slaanesh Only.
FT= Flamer Template.
 Heavy Bolter OO K X 5 KB, Split fire, Rapid Fire
 Heavy Flamer OOO W M 6 HFT, Burn
 Multimelta OOO W J/X 6 HFT (Hvy Flamer Template)
 Missile Launcher OO K X 6 2" Blast, Ignores Range penalties
 Conversion Beam  SP. +P K X 6 Roll O x Armor. Line Effect. Burn.
 Heavy Plasma OOO W J/X 7 Line Effect
 Las Cannon OOO +P K -- 7 Or, take two shots at OO
 Auto Cannon OOO W J/X 7 Split Fire, Rapid Fire (TDA only)

GRENADES: For every point of Tribute you invest in Grenades, you will have that many RATION points each game (you cannot save them between games).  When you throw a grenade, deduct its RATION cost from your  ration points.   Any Champions or Troops in your warband may throw a grenade as an action.
 Blight OO W 2"  2  Burn. Damages living only. Plague.  Nurgle Only.
 Bombot OO+1 W 2"B  2 As model. M=8, A=1,X if grazed.
 DemoCharge OO+2+P W 3"  2 Place. Blows at start of next turn.
 Frag OO W 2"B  1 2" Blast.
 Globe of Change OO W --  2 Kill= Turn into Chaos Spawn.  Tzeentch Only.
 Haywire OO+1 W 2"  2 Burn. Vs. Machines / Vehicles only.
 Hallucinogen OO S 2"  3 Burn. Kill= Control for 1 action, then stunned.
 Krak OO+1+P K --  3  
 Meltabomb +2P K --  1 Add to 1 melee attack
 Musk Bomb OO S 2"  2 Burn. Kill=KO.  Slaanesh Only.
 Plasma OO+P W 2"  3 Burn.
 Photon (OO+1) S 3"  3 Burn. Any hit stuns living (will not kill).
 Rad OO W 2"  4 Ignores Armor. Persistant. Fail=X!
 Screaming Skull OOOOO W 1"  2 Burn. As Melee attack (scythes).
 Smoke -- -- 3"  1 Grants cover (as darkness) for 1 turn.
 Vortex OOOOOO K  3"  7 Burn. Moves OO"/turn (6=dissipates)

($T) VEHICLE M A H Melee T Weapons
5 Bike 12 R R+1 O  Rider.  Low. 1 (O)  
10 Rhino 12 2 8 OOO 8 (C)
18 Predator 12 2 12 OOO 4 (C) 3 x Heavy Weapon
18 Vindicator 10 2 14 OOO 2 (C) OO+2 2"B W J KB
20 Doomwing 18f 2 12 OOO 4 (C) 3x Heavy Weapon
25 Land Raider 12 2 16 OOOOO 10 (C) 4x Heavy Weapon
30 Defiler 14 2 16 OOOOOO+1 -- 4x Heavy Weapon
You may not purchase vehicle chaos rewards (except bolters)  until your warband has aligned themselves with a chaos power.
REWARD NOTES (each reward may be taken a maximum of once / vehicle). $F
Bolters ooo K X KB Rap. Snap Fire. 2
Blood Drinker Vehicle may earn Chaos Pips. 5
Daemon Engine Vehicle may take up to 3 Daemon Advances (must be okayed by other players) 5
Destroyer  Ram: / Overrun: +OO 5
Dirge Caster Any chaos models killed within 8" of the vehicle are treated as KOed instead. 3
Flesh Screen Vehicle may apply hits directly to any passengers aboard instead of taking damage 3
Warp Amp RO within 8"  6
Warp Flames Free OO W attack on adjacent models during your OR their move. 5


Once warbands begin to play Rise of Cult scenarios, they can align with any chaos power named in a previously completed scenario by meeting the following requirements:
POTENTIAL.  They must have 5 Favor Points available to spend.
FORSAKEN.  They must have lost more than half their forces during the scenario.
TRANSFORMATION.  To ALIGN, they must spend 5 Favor Points to immediately purchase 1 mark of chaos of appropriate alignment.
SACRIFICE. For the rest of the game,  they will earn double pips for any hits on the other warbands!

BETRAYING ALIGNMENT.  A warband may change alignment to any other chaos power that has been represented in a Rise of Cult game already played.  To qualify for the change, they must meet the FORSAKEN requirement above, and then exchange all existing Marks of Chaos for ones appropriate to the new power.  They may then use the SACRIFICE rule above!

You may not purchase marks of chaos until your warband has aligned themselves with a chaos power.
Marks of chaos can be purchased for 5 favor.  The effects apply to all champions and troops (but not  daemons).
 Frenzy Ignore the effects of wounds.  ANY
 Insanity Earn pips for any hits your champions or troops take.  ANY
 Fury May melee after taking extra move.  Khorne
 Slaughter Earn +1 pip for melee overkills.  Reavers cost -2.  Khorne
 Bloodlust Base melee +o.  Khorne
 Suffering Earn +2 pips for killing a stunned model.  Slaanesh
 Agony Attack rolls of 1+ will stun on a tie.  Slaanesh
 Plague Attack rolls of 1+ will wound on a tie.  Nurgle
 Decay When your unwounded are killed, treat as wounded instead.  Nurgle
 Infusion Draw LOS for Psy attacks from any of your models.  Tzeentch
 Sorcery Earn +1 pip for Psy attacks.  Psykers cost -2.  Tzeentch
 Murder Reroll ranged / melee.  Unaligned
 Distortion May hide for free if no enemies within 12"  Unaligned

You may not purchase chaos rewards until your warband has ALIGNED with a chaos power.
Only champions can purchase Chaos Rewards.  May not take any reward more than once / model.
Bloodscent 1 May charge hidden models.
Chaos Armor 4 Armor applies even against IA, Psy, and Melee attacks.
Daemonblade 2 +1 to your melee attacks.  If you tie, you take a wound!
Dark Apostle 1 May reroll 1 die when rolling for Charnel and Pips.
Destroyer 2 +1 to attacks against vehicles, BIG models.  2x damage vs. structures.
Distort 1 You may increase or decrease any range check by 4", once per turn.
Extra Limb 4 May use an additional melee or pistol weapon.
Twoheaded 3 May fire 2 basic weapons each turn.
Fanatical 2 Your troops within 3" may take an attack directed at you.
Force Blade 2 You may add your Psy value to your melee attack rolls.
Fortune 2 Subtract 1 from the roll of any area effect weapon that hits you.
Grim 1 You may recover 1 hit when a troop in your band is killed.
Ghoul 1 As an action, may recover 1 hit from a model you recently killed.
Jinx 3 Any weapon that does damage to you will automatically jam.
Mascot 2 You may start the game with a daemon of summon cost 2 or less.
Massive 2 +1 hit.  (may be taken up to 3 times / warband).
Mind B / L 1 Choose one: Mind Blast or Mind Lance.  Must have Psy. (see RC for details)
Mutate 1 May purchase 1 Daemon advance for the cost listed (in Favor). 
Psyker 4 Psy level +1.  Pool your Psy cards!   (max 6 / warband.  Max / model = hits-1).
Seduction 2 Instead of killing a target in melee, you may control them for 1 turn.
Strain 1 May add +OO to an unsuccessful melee attack.  Must take a stun after the melee (can't ignore)
Transfusion 1 You may transfer any wound or stun result between yourself and any adjacent allied model.
Veil 2 You are always in darkness (as cover).


Until Daemons are  KNOWN to you, you may not summon them.  During any ambush in a Chaos Wastes scenario, you may choose to have Daemons of your choice attack you, instead of the normal ambush, with a total summoning cost equal to 5 (so field multiple ones if needed).  Once you have defeated THIRTEEN summoning points worth of daemons of a particular type, they become KNOWN to you.  You may not field them as ambushes anymore, but you may now summon that type!

SUMMONERS: Any number of troops or champions may summon.  All involved in a summoning must be within 12" of each other, and must spend their action that turn summoning. Roll O (1 red die) per model involved.  PSYKERS. Roll an additional O(1 red die) for each Psy level of a psyker is involved in the summoning, but the psyker will take 1 hit (stun) for any summoning die that maxes out!   PIPS:  To summon, at least one pip is required.   These pips are still used at the end of the game to determine favor earned, but each pip earned can only be used once for summoning (flip face down when used).

Summoning Roll + Pips = Total # of summoning points available.

SUMMONS: After rolling and adding pips, you may then summon a daemon or daemons whose total summoning cost is less than or equal to your summoning points.   MULTIPLICITY: If a daemon is already present, the summoning cost of subsequent daemons of that type is -1 (non-cumulative, min. cost 1).  ARRIVAL: The summoned daemon(s) must be placed at the center point of the summoning models involved (or adjacent if only 1 summoner is involved).

POSSESSION. A model may summon a single daemon by sacrificing their own body!  Instead of the normal roll, roll a red die for each point of Favor the model costs, minus 1 for each hit the model has taken.  This effectively KILLS  the model.  Pips may be used also, but are not required. The possessed model is replaced with the summoned Daemon model.

You may invent your own demons!  Purchase a Base type,  then upgrade them with Daemon Advances.
Daemons must be summoned. May may not pick up blips.  Daemons are Non-Living. 
DAEMON M A H Melee, Notes:  All Daemons may Parry. DA Summon
Imp 6 0 0 O W.  Small. 3 1
Minion 6 0 1 OO w 2 1
Warrior 6 1 1 OOO w 3 2
Swarm 6 1 3 OOO+1 w.  Swarm.  Contort. 1 2
Steed 8 1 1 OO w.  Mount.  Trot. 2 3
Beast 8 1 2 OOOO w.  Trot. 3 4
Champion 6 1 2 OOO+2 w. May take 1 Chaos Reward in lieu of 1 DA. 4 4
Greater 12 2 15 OOOOOO+1 w 8 10
DA: This is the number of Daemon Advances the Daemon can purchase.  Rep: Replacement cost for the model.
MOUNTS. Mount riders add +O to their melee value (takes no hands), +1 hit while riding.   Flaws and Advances of the mount are applied to any rider while riding.  Any troop type may ride a mount (except models with Trot)- even other daemons! See RC for details.
ADD-ON:  The number of Daemon Advances allowed can be increased by 1 by increasing the summoning cost by 1.
You may not take any advance more than once per model, unless noted. 
* = May take the advance that many times (just count each TYPE for DA total).
Daemon Advance Notes Summon+
Armored Armor +1 3
Attraction Force any 1 hit model to full move towards you once per turn. 2
Bloodlust Frenzy (ignore effects of wounds).  Berserk (melee after Double move). 1
Bulk +1 hit.  (Beast, Steed models with 3 or more hits count as Heavy) *** 1
Cacophony Enemy Psy abilities within 12" of you are at a -1. 1
Chains Free ranged attack once / turn:  OO  6"  Max damage = stun. 1
Claws Melee + O,  Parry at +2.  2H. 1
Cloud of Flies RO all enemy attacks within 6" 1
Collar -1 to force weapons / Psy attacks against you. 1
Contort Climb.  No forced entry required.  Ignore stun from boarding a vehicle. 1
Control Instead of killing target in melee, may control them for 1 action.  Once done, treat model as stunned. 1
Corrode May move through walls (-3", leaves no hole, no altitude changes). 1
Deadly Base Melee + O *** 1
Devolve Treat your death as a summoning- roll 1 white / your summon cost. 1
Distort Roll O: Any attack against you may be shifted to another model within that range. 1
Flame Gout FT, OO, W, X, Burn.  X kills user and sets off 2" B OO explosion!  2
Flame Spurt SFT, Oo, W, M, Burn. X kills user.  1
Flesh storm Melee attack with base melee only, 3" range, Scythes. 1
Fly Move any direction, must land at end of move. Ignore fall damage. 1
Force Field Deduct the roll of a red die from incoming damage. 1
Gore Spray If you are grazed or hit,  immediately make a free attack as a flamer. 1
Grapple You and your opponent may only use base melee dice! 2
Hellblade Melee +O, +P, Scythe. 1
Hypnotize May reroll 1 die of any opponent's ranged or melee attacks against you. 2
Intelligent May pick up blips. 1
Latch On See RC for details. 1
Mob 3. May combine mele with up to 3 similar models. 2
Mob 1. May combine melee with any 1 other model. 1
Plague All attacks will wound on a tie (vs. living targets only). 1
Quick Move +1.** 1
Regenerate Recover O hits per turn, at the end of your turn 2
Shadowy Always in cover. 1
Slice free attack: ooo W vs. armor to any model you move past. 1
Slimy Ignore ZOC, Latch On, Control. 1
Stinger Melee + O Poison (W on a tie) 1
Teleport Move OO+4 in any direction (as move).  Max out =  in warp (as Trap) 2
Tentacles Melee + O NOR  1
Torment Tie in melee = Stun. 1
Trample May overrun: OOO+2 RO (as Vehicle) 1
Transmute If you kill an non-daemon enemy, roll 1 white / Favor value: may summon daemon of that value. 1
Undead Ignore W, KO grazes.  Cannot be KOed. 1
Each flaw taken will deduct 2  from the Summoning cost of any DAs  taken.
FLAW Notes
Glaring May never take cover or hide.  Hits against you earn +1 pip.
Host Can only be summoned by Posession. 
Hunger Must melee closest target.  Must spend 1 action eating any model you kill.
Insane Whenever stunned, enemy player may run the model for 1 turn as they see fit. 
Shamble Move is OO+4.  May not take extra move or charge.
Soft Armor -1 (must be at least 1 before the deduction)
Weak Melee - OO
You must have approval from a majority of the players to take flaws.  Flaws must have a signifigant effect on the model taking them!
Bloodletter  6b OOOOOOO
+P Scythe
Hunger.  Deadly x2, Bloodlust,  Hellblade   Warrior
Flesh Hound  8t 0 OOOO Mob Soft.  Collar, Mob  Beast
Juggernaut 6x2tb OOOO (vehicle) Glaring.  Bloodlust, Bulk x2, Trample  Steed
Flamer  6 1* OOO Glaring.  Fly, Flame Gout, Force Field.  Warrior 
Horror  6 1 OOOO
Transmute, Devolve, Tentacles   Warrior 
Disc of T. 6x2f 1 OO Fly.   Steed 
Screamer  8 2 OOOO Fly.  Slice.   Beast  
Plaguebearer  6 OOO Plague.  Undead.   Warrior 
Beast of N. 4+OO 1 OOOO Heavy Shamble. Corrode, Plague, Slimy, Bulk x2.   Beast
Nurglings  6 OOO+1 Plague.  Swarm 
Zombie 4+OO OO Shamble, Hunger.  Mob, Undead, Transmute.  Minion
Daemonette  6 OOOO  parry +2 Soft.  Claws, Torment, Hypnotize  Warrior
Fiend of S.  8t OOOOO Stinger, Hypnotize   Beast 
Steed of S. 6x2t  1 OO Latch On.   Steed   
Succubus 6 OOO SoftFly,  Control.   Warrior   
Chaos Hound OOOO* Latch On.  Beast   
Scourge 6 OOO Fly.  Warrior   
6 2 2 OOOOO+2 Host.  Insane.  Armored.  Deadly x2.  Champion.
Metal Beast 6 2 3 OOOOO+2*
Elusive.  Flesh Storm.  Armored.  Bulk x2.  Deadly x2.  Champion
Bloodthirster 12 2 15 OOOOOO+5 +P Scythe.  Fly.  Latch On.   Greater 
Lord of Change 12 2 10 OOOOOO+1 RO Psy-5.  Force field. Fly.  Greater
Great Unclean OO+4 2 20 OOOOOO+3 NOR Heavy Flamer.  Plague.  Slimy.  Greater
Keeper Secrets 12 2 15 OOOOOO+3 RO Free Gaze Attack (OO Stun, Rapid fire)  Greater
*May want to add a couple SPIKES or CHAINS weapons to these models too!


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