SPECIAL TERRAIN: These optional rules can be used if special terrain is in play, especially for forts.
GATE- A gate has 2 armor and 8 hits.  It can be shot, meleed, or rammed open.  Once open, it stays open.
CRANE- Anyone inside a crane may spend an action to rotate up to 180 degrees.  Any models in the path of the crane claw will take OO+P S KB.
FUEL DUMP- Any model on a fuel dump terrain may add 1 white die when firing a Burna or Skorcha.

Rival tribes race to mark as much territory with their glyphs as possible.
SETUP: Place 1 "high point" territory per each two tribes (round up) in the center of the board. Make sure there are several narrow paths that lead to each "high point". Place 5 blips per tribe, along every path leading to the high point (so hazards may block access to it).
BONUS: First ork to the "high point" spends an action there: +1 Waagh.
(Fight ends when all high points have been marked).

An oddboy has been spotted wandering in the desert. All orks rush to "reskue" him...
SETUP: Place scenery, and place 1 Oddboy of any type in the center of the board for every 2 tribes in play.
SPECIAL: The oddboyz will move away from all orks, hiding if possible. They will defend themselves in melee, rolling OOO. The oddboy will not move within 2" of any other model, so it is possible to surround them. The only way to capture them is to knock them out and move them off the board.
BONUS: Git the Oddboy off the board: +2 Teef.
PENALTY: Oops, killed 'im: -1 Waagh
(Fight ends when the Oddboys have been Reskued or Killed ).

The ork tribes go huntin' for muties in the Badlands.
SETUP: Place rocky crags such that a canyon is formed in the board center. Draw out all the Ambush blips plus 5 blips per tribe and place them anywhere on the board except on the rocky crags. Tribes may start on any board edge that enters the canyon.
SPECIAL: If a mutant blip is revealed, the player to the left of the revealer may place the Mutie anywhere along the top of the ridge. The Mutie must immediately attack the nearest target. After each tribe has gone, any surviving Muties get a turn of their own, attacking the closest target. They may not hide.
DEATH FROM ABOVE: Muties may jump off a cliff onto models below- they must jump far enough out to drop directly on the model (See Jumping rules). If they land on the model, they get an additional O to their melee and the defender may not reroll. If they miss, they will take a stun...
BONUS: Each Mutie killed generates 1 white die of Loot tokens (place the tokens on the body, must be picked up just like loot).
(Fight ends when all blips are resolved and all Muties killed).

Some unfortunate grot has discoved a petrol sludge pit under the local desert while "lookin' fer bitz".
SETUP: Place a large, oval sheet in the board center to represent da Sludge. Place scenery of all sorts in amongst da Sludge. Place 10 random blips per tribe on the scenery.
SPECIAL:Any Muties  that tie in melee or vs. armor will do 1" of knockback, and they may move normally (and can't drown) in sludge. If a model ends up in the sludge, roll a red at the end of your turn. If you roll a 3, they drown, (and can't be looted) While in sludge, you may either move or take an action, not both. If on dry land, you may pull a model out of the sludge for 1 action if they are within an inch of you.
GAS FUMES: If you max out on 1 die with any non-melee weapon, a 2" Area explosion centered on you will go off! Roll 2 whites, ignores cover, Wounds on a graze, does KB from front of firing model.
(Fight ends when all blips have been resolved).

Orks at the local Brew Hut have a bit too much fungus brew, and a knock-out brawl ensues...
SETUP: Place a Brew Hut area in the middle of the board. Vehicles may not enter the brew hut (but mounts can).
'Ead Start. The first clan to get a member (not a grot) into the Brew Hut may earn a maximum of 4 Waaagh (vs. the normal 3).
Knockin' Teef Out. For every hit you do to an enemy that is in the Brew Hut (not a grot), they will drop a Loot token!
Friendly Bash. Do not deduct casualties from your Duff roll at the end of the game (they just sleep it off)!
Take it inside! You may not earn any Duff unless you have at least one member in the Brew Hut.
(Fight ends when only members of 1 clan remain standing).

An old mine has been discovered in the desert.
SETUP: Place terrain to form a maze of narrow passages representing the mine, with at least one entry point per player on the board edges.   Place sloped track at the entry points, with a mine cart at the top of each slope.  Place ten blips per tribe in the mines, especially along the tracks.
SPECIAL: The mines are all in darkness. Muties ignore darkness! Any TRAP hazards found will cause a cave-in that blocks all movement through that passage unless cleared.  Must roll a 5+ in a single attack to clear a cave-in.  Blast weapons add +2 to the roll.
MINE CARTS: It takes a full move to enter an adjacent minecart.  Once in the mine cart, it will move 12" downhill every turn.   While in a mine cart, you get full cover and + O melee.  If the mine cart collides with anyone during its move, roll OO vs. their armor (graze = stun).  Move the model off the track as the mine cart doesn't stop! You dive out of a mine cart at any time by spending a full move.   If the mine cart hasn't moved yet when you jump out, the mine cart will move forward another 12" while empty and then will stop.  Mine carts that hit other mine carts will stop.  Mine carts reveal any blips they touch!
(Fight ends when all shiny bitz are grabbed and all blips are resolved).

Mekboy Boggit's X-Perry-Mental  Dredd  has gone wonky- all orks must stop it!
SETUP: Place lots of scenery on the table and place the Dredd in the middle. All tribes start on any board edge.
SPECIAL: The Dredd is armed with a Powa Klaw, Buzz Choppa, Eavy Shoota, and Rokkit Launcha..  M6, A3, H5, melee OOO +OO +OO.  Remove 1 weapon each time the Dredd takes a hit.
IT GOEZ!  The Dredd goes first in this scenario, and turns go clockwise. If no one is within 12", it will start to move in a random direction. Otherwise, it will move towards the nearest target and attack. Have the player to your left run the Dredd if it attacks you. If it's heavy weapons explode from a fail and damage the Dredd, give the points to the tribe it was firing at.
BONUS: Attack the Dredd: +1 Duff
BONUS: Damage the Dredd: +2 Duff / hit.
BONUS: When the Dredd is destroyed, it explodes (OO+1 3"B).  Place 3 Skrap tokens on the edge of the blast template.
(Fight ends when Dredd is destroyed and Skrap is collected).

A deadly sand storm blasts through the wastes, uncovering new bits.
SETUP: Place terrain and 10 blips per tribe across the board. Pick an "upwind" board edge. Tribes start on the opposite edge.
BLINDING SAND: When firing at targets over 1" away, subtract 1 from your die roll (as darkness).
WIND: At the end of each tribe's turn, for each model in that tribe, roll for wind: O vs. Armor,  Graze= S Kill= KO, KB= model's move. If you can get next to cover such that it is between you and the wind, or can get inside an open vehicle, you may add 1 to your armor vs. wind. Troops inside Closed vehicles may ignore wind.
BONUS: Get any members off the opposite board edge: +1 Waagh.
(Fight ends when all blips are resolved).

Several dangerously unstable structures nearby will make great skrap once demolitioned.
SETUP: Place 2 buildings per tribe anywhere on the board. Place 3 blips in each building. Roll 3 reds per building and add that many hits to the building.  A typical building starts with 2 armor and 10 hits.
SPECIAL: If a TRAP is revealed, the building it is in will immediately collapse. Collapsing buildings will reveal any blips inside. Collapsing buildings roll OO s against each Loot or troop inside. Loot will be destroyed on a roll of 2 or more.
DAMAGING BUILDINGS: You may damage a building by shooting or meleeing it from the inside (roll Vs. armor), or you may attack it from the outside with a heavy weapon, frag stikkbomb, or by ramming with a vehicle. When a building is destroyed, place 1 skrap counter in the center of the ruins. This skrap may be recovered by any model touching any part of the ruins (as normal- see rules for Skrap).
BONUS: Earn +1 Waargh for knocking down a building.
BONUS: A collapsed building automatically turns into 1 Skrap.
(Fight ends when all blips are resolved and all buildings are destroyed and looted).

An old abandoned fort has been making strange sounds at night. The Boyz investigate...
SETUP: Place a fort in board center. Place 3 ambush blips and 5 random blips per tribe anywhere in or around the fort.
SPECIAL: Darkness applies everywhere on the board. Muties may hide for free, even after attacking!
BONUS: Once a mutie is killed, leave his blip and treat as a loot.
(Fight ends when all blips resolved).

Orks must recapture several escaped bull squigs that are terrorizing the local Fungus farm.
SETUP: Place numerous fungus pits amongst the other scenery. Start 2 bull squigs per tribe in the board center.
SPECIAL: Bull Squigs: M8, A1, H1, Melee OOO 3" KB.  Bull squigs will move away from the nearest target but not off the board. If they cannot get more than 8" away from the nearest target, they will charge the nearest target and melee!  RUNTHERDS get a +1 to their melee and shooting rolls when dealing with Bull squigs.
BONUS: Capture a KOed squig: +1 teef (as Skrap for carrying, etc).
PENALTY: SQUELCH. If an Ork moves into or lands in a Fungus Pit, -2 Duff (Grots are exempt).
(Fight ends when all squig beasts have been captured).

An abandoned scrap yard has been spotted and all clans race to loot it!
SETUP: Place wrecked vehicles, fort rubble, etc. at one end of the board to represent the scrapyard. Place 7 blips per tribe at the far end amongst the wreckage, and 3 blips per tribe along the way (in high places). All orks start at the opposite end of the board from the scrap yard.
(Fight ends when all blips have been resolved).

Mutants have found fuel, and are pumping and refining it. How much fuel can be captured before the refinery goes up in flames?
SETUP: Place a large block of Refinery or Fort scenery in the middle of the table.  Start 2 muties / clan anywhere in the refinery.  Place 7 blips per Tribe on the refinery. Place one pivot mounted Burna / 2 tribes on the refinery.  Tribes start on any board edge.  Vehicles may not enter the refinery, but may park adjacent to it.
FUEL: All LOOT and BOGUS tokens are actually FUEL BARRELS- they must be carried like Skrap.
MUTIES: When an ambush occurs, place a mutant on the nearest unoccupied burna and fire them at the closest enemy.  If all burnas are occupied, they will appear next to and attack the nearest operator.
BURNAS.  Any model may operate the mounted Burnas by spending an action adjacent to them: OO W FT Burn M.  An operator may be overthrown if stunned, killed, KOed, or knocked back from the Burna.  The Burnas will continue to be operable until the refinery explodes.
VOLATILE.  The Refinery has 10 hits.  Any time a BLAST or BURN weapon is fired into the refinery, or any weapon fails while fired within the refinery, the refinery takes O hits.  If the refinery is destroyed, it EXPLODES- all blips remaining in the refinery are revealed.  Roll OO W damage to each model, vehicle, and Fuel Barrel  in or adjacent to the refinery.  Fuel barrels are destroyed on a 3+.
BONUS: Earn 1 Teef / FUEL BARREL captured.
(Fight ends when all blips are resolved.).

Tribe X (the most powerful tribe) is at home in their fort when they come under siege by rival tribes!
SETUP: Place a fort in the middle of the board. All tribes but tribe X start on any board edge. Tribe X draws 5 blips per opposing tribe and places them anywhere outside the fort. Tribe X starts inside the fort. Tribe X may mount any weapons that are normally on their vehicle on the fort walls instead! If mounted, they cannot be moved.
BONUS: First model to set foot inside the fort: +1 Waagh.  First vehicle inside the fort: +1 Waagh.
BONUS: Tribe X can earn a max of 5 Waagh (vs. the usual 3).
(Fight ends when all blips are resolved).

A huge piece of spacecraft wreckage is buried under the sand. The boyz climb in to investigate...
SETUP: Place some ship ports at one end of the board. All orks start at the other end of the board.
Place Space Hulk tiles to represent the subterranean ship interior, with markers to show where the ports drop in.
Place 7 blips per tribe inside the ship, as far away from the entrance ports (and each other) as possible.
SPECIAL: All areas inside the ship are in Darkness. Mutants and hazards add +1 to their rolls!
BONUS: +1 Duff for every hazard revealed.
BONUS: +2 Duff for every mutant killed.
(Fight ends when all blips have been resolved).

Several pet squigs have gone missing recently. Creatures living under the sand are the cause...
SETUP: Place 5 blips per tribe around the board. All orks start on any board edge. Blips cannot be revealed by vehicles or by Bosses.
SPECIAL: Any TRAP blips found act as QUICKSAND. Roll 2 reds plus your Armor: if the total equals or exceeds your move, you get sucked under- your model, and anything it was carrying, is removed and can't be looted.
AMBUSH blips are SAND WORMS: Armor 2, 1 hit, Melee OOOOO. If the sand worm ties, it will SPIT out it's opponent- move them 6" directly away from the worm (as KB). If it kills your model, they may not be looted. The sand worm will stay in place until the end of the turn of the tribe that revealed it, and will then "escape"- remove the blip from play.
BONUS: Each Sand Worm killed: +1 Teef
(Fight ends when all blips are resolved).

A band of renegade grots have holed up in an abandoned fort, and must be taught a lesson.
SETUP: Place 10 grots per tribe inside a fort. Place 7 blips and 1 Skrap per opposing tribe inside the fort (grots will not reveal or pick up anything). Place 1 gate on the fort. Place any ladders up to the walls on the INSIDE of the fort.
SPECIAL: No tribes may use Grots this game! Grots will attack the nearest ork, or if no orks are in range, will hide.  Grots get cover from any orks outside the fort.  STIKKBOMZ- Roll a red die each turn for each tribe.  That many stikkboms will be thrown at that clan by whatever grots are in range (as their attack action).
(Fight ends when all renegade grots are out of action and all blips are resolved).

Mekboy Gubnutz is ready to launch a Pulsa Rokkit at an enemy Mutie camp. Will the muties stop the rokkit?
SETUP: Place terrain in the middle of the board to represent the Pulsa Rokkit.  Place seven blips per clan, plus one skrap blip per clan, anywhere on the board but at least 6" away from the rokkit.  Players start at any corner.  NOTE: it is adviseable to move towards the center of the board as fast as possible, to avoid getting overrun by arriving muties (see RAIDERS below).

DA ROKKIT: has 2 armor and 10 hits.  If it is destroyed by mutie attacks, it will EXPLODE, doing OO W to all models within 12"!
SKRAP: Any skrap found is a bit that broke off the rokkit!  To get credit for the skrap, you must drop it back onto the Rokkit (instead of off the board).  Add +1 white die to the LAUNCH roll for every skrap delivered.
RAIDERS: At the beginning of each mutie turn, assuming the rokkit hasn't already taken off, roll two red dice for each corner: that many  muties appear.  All mutants will spend their move going towards the rokkit and their action attacking the nearest target (preferrably the rokkit).  If there are no targets within 1', they will take extra move towards the rokkit.  Mutants adjacent to the rokkit will attack it in melee (vs. armor), so don't let them get that close!
DA LAUNCH: At the end of each player's turn, roll dice to determine if the rokkit takes off.  The rokkit will not launch until it rolls a 5 or more!  Add +2 to the roll if all the blips have been resolved.   Roll one white die for each:

When the rokkit launches, it will automatically incinerate any muties within 3".  Award one duff to EACH clan for any muties killed in this way!

BONUS: If the rokkit launches, the clan whose turn it is earns +1 Waagh (max 4).
(Fight ends when the rocket has launched or been destroyed).

An avalanche traps the orks in a dead end valley full of deadly mutants. Can they find the way out?
SETUP: Set up obstructive scenery at one end of the board and place some kind of entry port at board center (like a mine shaft or cave). All tribes start on the opposite end of the board from most of the scenery. Place all the mutant blips and three random blips per tribe in amongst the scenery. Also, mark one blip as the "exit" and place it randomly on the board.  In addition, each clan starts with one SKRAP.

SPECIAL: Mutants will attack as soon as they are revealed. Surviving mutants continue to move during their own turn (after all the tribes). In addition, roll one red die per tribe at the beginning of the Mutie turn- that many more Muties will arrive at the board center.
BONUS: For every 5 Muties killed, +1 teef.
BONUS: Tribe that finds the exit: + 1 Waargh.
(Fight ends when all orks have exited).

Orks are ambushed by Muties while transporting some Skrap across the wilderness...
SETUP: Place terrain to form a long, winding canyon path from one end of the board to the other.   Place blips in the choke points.  Any Boyz not in a vehicle or on a mount must be left behind.

SPECIALAAARGH! Any boyz that get out or fall out of a vehicle are left behind (they survive, but can't help anymore)- remove them from the board!  Any vehicles that are destroyed or immobilized are also removed from the board: place any loot or skrap they had on the board where they were- other vehicles may attempt to pick it up as if they revealed it (complete with accompanying ambush!).

LOOT, SKRAP:  Treat all of these as SKRAP that was carried by the vehicle, and has been spotted by muties!  When revealed, place on the vehicle that revealed it, unless there's no room (remember, mounts can only carry 1 Skrap at a time).  In addition, treat as an Ambush (as described below).  You do not get to keep the skrap unless you can transport it off the far board edge!
Ambush: Place enemies as described below, based on the type of model that revealed the ambush:
MOUNT: Place a Raider at the base of the nearest terrain.  It will move and attack the revealing model.
OPEN VEHICLE: Place two Muties at the top of the nearest terrain.  They will attempt to board the vehicle by JUMPING into it (make a jump roll).
CLOSED VEHICLE: Place a Biggun' at the top of the nearest terrain.  They will fire weapons at the nearest target.
 MUTANTS M  A  H  Ranged  MELEE  Notes
Mutie 6 1 1 ooo W X  OOO  X= kills user.
Raider 6x2 1 2 ooo W X  OOOO+1 Mount 
Biggun' 6 1 3 Harpoon / Cannon / Burner OOOOO+P Heavy.
Heavy=  Harpoon: OO Line W -- Reload.    Cannon: OO FT W X KB Reload.    Burner:  OO FT W X Burn Reload.
TRAP: Landslide! OO S vs. Armor.  Place a 2" wide debris pile in front of the vehicle that revealed the blip: any vehicle that runs into the debris pile must roll it's melee vs. OO+1.  If it loses or ties, the vehicle stops its move.  If it wins, the vehicle destroys the debris pile, and may continue moving forward.  Mounts may move over debris piles at a cost of 3" of move.
BONUS: Any vehicle that makes it off the far end of the board earns an additional DUFF token for each Ork, Nob, or Boss on board.
(Fight ends once all vehicles and mounts have been removed from the board).

Mektown is besieged by Muties!  Evver-wun to da wallz!
SETUP: Place terrain along the length of the table to form a fortified wall, 2' back from the attacker's side.  This should include 1 gate per player, and any number of cranes or fuel dumps.  Then place 5 loot tokens per player at ground level, anywhere in the town.  Orks may NOT collect these tokens until all the Muties have been defeated (see game end)- they must protect athe loot from Muties until then!  Clans may start anywhere on the walls or in the town.  Vehicles must start outside a gate.  The game starts with the Enemy Turn.
SPECIAL:  At the start of the fight, a SIEGE TANK appears on the enemy side of the board.  The tank has 10 hits per player and 1 Harpoon, Cannon, or Burner per player (as below, but no reload required).  The tank will drive 6" forward every turn until it contacts a gate- roll a RAM attack against the gate once each turn until the gate is destroyed.  At that point, the tank will unload 10 muties into the town.  Each turn, roll 4 red dice per player to see what kind of raiders enter the board each turn.  (Stop rolling for muties once the siege tank is defeated).
0 = Mutie raider.  1 or 2 = that many mutants.  3= Biggun.  If you don't have the appropriate model available, place a Mutie instead.  Muties will try to scrabble up the walls.  Bigguns and Raiders will try to destroy the nearest Ork vehicle or gate, and will enter the town through any destroyed gate.  Once inside the town, all muties will try to grab loot tokens (as an action)- remove the token from the board.
 MUTANTS M  A  H  Ranged  MELEE  Notes
Mutie 6 1 1 ooo W X  OOO  X= kills user.
Raider 6x2 1 2 ooo W X  OOOO+1 Mount 
Biggun' 6 1 3 Harpoon / Cannon / Burner OOOOO+P Heavy.
Siege Tank 6 2 10/p 1 HW / player, Trans. 10C OOO+3  Vehicle.
Heavy=  Harpoon: OO Line W -- Reload.    Cannon: OO FT W X KB Reload.    Burner:  OO FT W X Burn Reload.

BONUS: The Max. Waaagh earnable this fight is 4.
BONUS: Once the Siege Tank has been destroyed, place 3 Skrap tokens around the wreck, 3" out from  the wreck.  No more Muties will appear.
BONUS: Once the Siege Tank and remaining Muties are defeated, any remaining  loot tokens left in the town may be collected as normal.
(Loot tokens can't be collected until all muties are defeated.  Game ends when all skrap and loot tokens are collected).

Muties have cobbled together a supply train and are running it right through the wastelands.  Mount up and rob the Gitz!
SETUP: Lay track down the length of the table, from end to end.  Place a train model, with some open freight cars, in the middle of the track.  Place five Muties and two Bigguns per clan on the train, plus seven blips per clan along the length of the train.  Select any point on any board edge to be your clan's entry point, bringing vehicles in from that point one at a time (although it is recommended not to start on the leading edge if you don't want to crash into a rock!).  You may only bring Boyz that fit in your vehicles into the game!

SPECIAL: TRAP blips are BOOBYTRAPS that detonate as soon as they are revealed: OO W 2"B.
The train and its cars are indestructible for gaming purposes.  The cars cannot be detached.  The train provides cover just like an open vehicle, except it uses the standard range penalties (-1 every 12").

TRAIN MOVEMENT: Because the train is always moving, only vehicles and mounts can keep up with it.  Any troop model that touches the ground is removed from play (treat as KOed).  CRASH: Any vehicles that collide with the train or with a rock spire will take OOO damage vs. their armor and will end their movement.
VEHICLE MOVEMENT: Vehicles and mounts may NOT take extra move this game- it is assumed that they are already struggling to keep up with the train, so their normal movement can be spent maneuvering as they see fit (although it is wise to stay pointing forward at the end of your move).  All vehicles and mounts may execute a DRIFT maneuver if they wish, moving sideways 1" for every 2" of move spent.  Vehicles may move in REVERSE at a cost of 1" per 1", since technically they are just braking and not actually moving in reverse.

During the mutie turn follow these steps in order:
1.  ADD TERRAIN.  Roll two red dice on the table below for both sides of the track to determine what kind of terrain appears on the horizon (leading edge of the board).
0 DEBRIS (3") Place OOO" away from the track. Make a WIPEOUT check.
1 CACTUS (3") Place OOO" away from the track. Treat as a Ram: A0, H1.  +1 Duff if destroyed.
2 JUMP (6") Place adjacent to the track. Vehicle will jump 6" forward! 
+2 duff if it jumps over anything.
3 SHACK (4") Place adjacent to the track, with 2 Muties inside.  They will try to jump onto the train if possible! Treat as a Ram: A2, H1.  Any muties inside are killed if shack is destroyed.
4-6 ROCK SPIRE (8") Place OOO" away from the track. Treat as a CRASH.

2.  RELATIVE MOVE.  At the beginning of each Mutie turn, move ALL terrain 12" back, relative to the train.  Remove any terrain that comes off the back end of the table. Any Ork vehicles or mounts that are NOT facing within 45 degrees of forward at this time should  be moved 8" back (deffcoptas may ignore this rule).   If this causes any forward facing vehicles to "run into" other vehicles, treat as a Ram.  Otherwise, consult the chart below to see what happens.If this causes a vehicle to move off the back end of the board, they must spend 6" of move to get back on the back end of the board.
3.  MUTIES ATTACK!  Muties on board will move along the train to get closer to, and shoot at, the nearest targets, but will ignore enemies more than 12" away and hide if they don't attack this turn.  Muties may make Grabba Claw operators a priority target!  Muties will not reveal blips and ignore hazards.
 MUTANTS M  A  H  Ranged  MELEE  Notes
Mutie 6 1 1 ooo W X  OOO  X= kills user.
Biggun' 6 1 3 Harpoon / Cannon / Burner OOOOO Throw  Heavy.
Heavy=  Harpoon: OO Line W -- Reload.    Cannon: OO FT W X KB Reload.    Burner:  OO FT W X Burn Reload.

BONUS: Treat all loot as Skrap.
(Fight ends when all blips and muties are resolved).

A local warboss sponsors a derby to provide ennur-tay-ment for the boyz.
SETUP:   TRACK.  Lay out an oval track by placing impassable terrain in the center.  Make the track diameter 2 feet long per player.  Each player should place three small obstacles around the track, at least 4" away from the inner wall.   Place more terrain to form an outer wall, about 12" away from the inner wall.  VEHICLES.   Each tribe should use all of their mounts and vehicles in the race.  If you have less than three vehicles (not counting mounts), you may also take a free kart for the duration of the race!  Each clan must pick a spot to start that is 2 feet away from each other player, so they are spread out evenly around the track.   TROOPS must be loaded onto vehicles until there is no more room.  At that point, any remaining troops may be placed as spectators anywhere on the terrain, as long as they are no more than 6" away from the clan's vehicle start point.
SPECIAL: VEHICLES AND MOUNTSmust move their full move forward all the time.  They may not turn around or move backward.  They may not take extra move during the race. All vehicles must drive in the same direction (counterclockwise) throughout the derby.  TAKING OUT VEHICLES: If a driver is killed, the vehicle must make a wipeout check, then comes to a stop, but is not removed unless there are no other models on board that can take over for the driver.  If a vehicle loses all its hits, it is removed.  TROOPS that end up on the track (due to KB, failed boarding or jumps, etc). are immediately removed from play (so make sure you use the BOARDING rules if you want your troops to melee enemy vehicles.  Spectators may fire at or attempt to board enemy vehicles, and may attack enemy spectators! BLIPS: At the end of their turn, each player should place 2 random blips face down on the track, anywhere they like, as long as the blips are 2" away from any terrain and 6" away from the front of any vehicle. Blips are revealed when touched by a vehicle.  Consult the chart below for the result, then remove the blip.
LOOT: You may pick this up for free.  You may treat as loot, OR immediately repair 3 hits on your vehicle!
SKRAP:  You may pick this up for free.
BOGUS: Nothing there, apparently.
AMBUSH: Nitro Squig!  The vehicle adds +6" to its move this turn.
TRAP: Debris.  The vehicle (or mount's rider) takes OO damage vs. armor.
HAZARD: Slick.  Vehicle must make a WIPEOUT check.
BONUS: For each enemy vehicle or mount you immobilize, earn +1 teef.
(Fight ends when only 1 clan has vehicles left).

DA WAA-ORK IS ON! (a reuseable scenario outline for waa-ork games)
As the orks storm through the galaxy, they can encounter a variety of foes.
SETUP: Set up scenery appropriate for the enemy type (eg: Imperial hive for fighting Marines, etc). One ork player must run the enemies. Each tribe can take turns over successive games, or the ork player whose tribe has been wiped out already can run. Start with 50 points worth of enemy blips per tribe, and one loot blip per tribe. Each time you play this scenario, add another 10 points of enemies (It gets harder as you go- consider ending the campaign after 10 or so games). Place the blips amongst the scenery (they can start hidden). You should pick one of the two goals below plus the default goals listed.
BONUS: First orks to get to a known objective and spend three actions there: +3 Waagh or Teef
BONUS: Find a hidden objective and spend an action there: +1 Waagh or Teef
BONUS: Player who ran the enemies this game: Earn +2 Teef, +1 Waagh.
(Fight ends when all blips are resolved and all objectives completed).

The orks arrive on an enemy world via crude drop pods.
SETUP: Set up scenery appropriate for the enemy type (eg: Imperial hive for fighting Marines, etc), plus place several wrecked spacecraft in the board center. Place three Objective markers on scenery anywhere around the board edge. The enemy player may start anywhere on the board and hidden. The Orks may start in amongst the wreckage and hidden. Orks may NOT use vehicles for this game, since they haven't been unloaded yet!
BONUS: Get to an objective and spend an Action there: +1 Teef
BONUS: Ork that kills the last enemy model on the board: +1 Waagh.
(Fight ends when all blips are resolved and all objectives completed).

Orks travelling through enemy territory must protect a shipment of ammo for "da boyz in front".
SETUP: Set up scenery so that a roadway stretches long ways across the table. Place 50 pts of enemies per tribe, within 12" of the road. Place 3 "kargo" markers in each tribe's vehicle or distribute amongst the vehicles. All orks start on one end of the road and may only exit off the other end.
SPECIAL: As an ork vehicle passes within 12" of a blip, flip it over but don't place a model (as it is still hidden). If the orks reveal the model (by proximity, using a burn weapon, etc.) place a model as normal. On the Enemy turn, place models for all face-up blips. Then, all models may move and attack the orks as normal. Orks may pick up Kargo off of immobilized or destroyed vehicles in an attempt to transfer it to another vehicle. Enemies may also try to grab Kargo from an immobilized or destroyed vehicle!
BONUS: For each Kargo taken off the board: +1 Teef.
BONUS: For each vehicle that makes it off the board: +1 DUFF for each Boyz (not Grots) on board.
BONUS: Player who ran the enemies this game: Earn +2 Teef, +1 Waagh
(Fight ends when all orks and their vehicles are off the board or immobilized).

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