A Rules Crusade adaptation of gang warfare in the hive worlds of 40K, By Sean Patten
GANGS - Must have a leader. All gang members have a base melee of 1 white die, and cost Fame to recruit.



 6  LEADER  1  5  6  Basic, Pistol, Melee  1
 4  HEAVY  1  2 6 (4)  Basic, Pistol, Melee, Heavy  2
 2 GANGER 1 1 6 Basic, Pistol, Melee Any
 1 JUVE 0 1 8 Pistol, Melee 1 per Ganger

Heavies ignore Knockback. Heavies carrying heavy weapons have their move reduced to 4".

STARTING A NEW GANG- Your gang will have three statistics to improve themselves with. They are Experience (Exp), Fame, and Credits. You start the game with 25 generic points to spend as Fame or Credit for building up your gang and arming them, and you start with one chosen territory.

GANG TYPES- Each gang has a primary and a secondary skill class from which they may choose skills (primary listed first). They may never have more secondary skills than primary. Gangs have special traits also. Outsiders are a special kind of gang that may have an unusual role in some scenarios. Outsiders cannot lose or gain territory- they always have their standard territory type which usually exists outside the underhive. Note that Primitive gangs only use melee and pistol weapons, shotguns, muskets, crossbows and flamers. Primitive gangs may also cannibalize dead models by capturing them, gaining ½ their Fame value in Fame pts.

 ORLOCKS Shoot, Melee Start with +2 Experience.
 GOLIATHS Muscle, Melee  +1 Hit on Leader and Heavies.
 ESCHER Agility, Melee May also take Shooting skills as Secondary
 DELAQUE Stealth, Shoot Coats- may carry pistols/knifes without modelling them.
 VAN SAAR Shoot, Tech Reliable- ignore 1 fail per fight.
 CAWDOR Faith, Melee Juves may use basic weapons.
 TECH Tech, Faith Reliable- ignore 1 fail per fight.
 BRAT Agility, Tech Outsiders. No Heavies. Start with +2 credits.
 SCAVVY Stealth, Melee Outsiders. Primitive. -1 on any hazard rolls.
 NOMAD Stealth, Shoot Outsiders. Start with +2 Experience.
 PSYKER Psy, Agility Outsiders. No heavies. Start with random psy skill.
 MUTANT Mutant, Muscle Outsiders. Primitive. Start with random mutant skill.

TERRITORIES- For each territory you posess, you get 1 credit per fight (whether your gang was present at that fight or not). You must have 1 leader or 5 members of any type to collect credit from each territory. . When a non-outsider territory is taken by a gang, check it off the list. You may sell or trade a territory to another gang at an agreed price, or you may strip and abandon a territory for 3 credits (the territory goes back on the list). Outsider gangs cannot capture new territory, but their territory can never be raided or lost eitherNo one may take the same territory again until all the territories have been chosen.

[]ADEPTUS: Exchange 3 rep for the right to purchase another gang’s skill type.
[]BUNKER: May sell off two weapons per fight, vs. the normal 1.
[]HIGHWAY / GARAGE: Save 2 credits on any car purchase.
[]GENERATOR: Pay no Maintenance on Plasma or Las weapons.
[]HABS: May use Fame to promote instead of Exp.
[]REFINERY: Earn 1 free fuel chit per fight.
[]STORES: Take 1 equipment card after any blip game that you do not get equipment from.
[]TOWER: Add +1 to your roll for first move (before each fight).
[]TUNNELS: Add +1 to your roll for first placement (before each fight).
#OUTSIDER(Ash Wastes, Spire, etc): Gain +1 Exp. In a tie for least # of skills (see Post Game).

WEAPONS - Maintenance: weapons with their cost in bold require ¼ credit to be spent each fight (round down). Heavy Weapons have a maintenance cost of ½ credit per fight if used during the fight.
HEAVY CHOKE: Cost 1. Allows Shotguns and Ripper Guns to fire at 12" max range.
FUELED: If you posess a fuel chit, ignore maintenance. BURNER: Cost 1, as hand flamer, 1 shot/fight.
MOLOTOV: Cost 1 fuel. 8" range, 2" area, Oo, W, Burn. FRAG: Cost 1. 8" range, 2" blast, OO, W.

RESALE:You may sell 1 weapon/ fight (except fuel), at the cost listed. FUEL: Cost 1 per fuel chit.

 ½ Knife o W  
 ½  Club o S Graze=KO if 2 handed
 1 Shield -o -- Deduct roll from any incoming attack
 1 Axe oo W  
 1 Sword oR W R= one Reroll
 2 Chains -- -- NOR. Takes no hands.
 2 Flail / Whip oo S NOR.
 3 Chain Sword Oo W  
 4  Power Sword OoR W R= one Reroll
 4  Power Maul Oo KO  
 5  Power Axe OO W  
 6 Power Glove OO K  

NOR: Opponent may not reroll!

 ½ Zip Gun oo W X Reload. Doesn't have to be modeled.
 ½ Stub Gun oo S J Only adds 1 white to melee.
 ½ Hand Bow oo W -- Reload.
 1 Las Pistol oo S --  -
 1 Auto Pistol oo W J  -
 3 Full Auto Pistol oo W J Rapid Fire.
 2 Bolt Pistol oo K X KB
 3 Hand Flamer Oo W X Burn. Hand Flamer Template. Fueled.
 4 Shuriken Pistol ooo W J  -
 6 Plasma Pistol OO W J Line Effect.

(Pistols have a max range of 8", take 1 hand and add their dice to melee unless otherwise noted)

 ½  Crossbow oo W -- Reload.
 ½  Musket oo W X KB. Reload.
 1 Lasgun oo S --  -
 1 Autogun oo W J  -
 1 Shotgun oo S J KB. 1" area.
 2 Bolter oo K X KB
 4 Shuriken Catapult ooo W J -
 4 Storm Bolter Oo K X KB. Rare- Brat or Tech gang only.
 5 Sniper Rifle  ooo  W  J  Ignore range penalties if no move. ".

 5 Heavy Stub OO S J Split Fire.
 5 Grenade Launcher OO S X 2" Blast. May fire any grenade type.
 5 Automusket OOO W X Split Fire. KB. Reload.
 6 Flamer Oo W X Flamer Template. Burn. Fueled.
 6 Meltagun OOo W J Flamer Template.
 6 Ripper Gun OOo S J Split Fire. KB. 8" Range.
 7 Plasma Gun OO W J Line Effect.
 7 Heavy Bolter OO K X Split fire. KB. Rapid Fire.
 7 Missile Launcher OO W X 2" Blast. Ignore Range Penalties.
 8 Las Cannon OOO S -- Or fire two shots with OO dice.

(Note: all Heavy weapons are -2" to move, thus Heavies move 4" typically).

 8 Charger 16 2 3 closed + Driver, Gunner
 8 Jaguar 14 1 1 closed + Driver, Gunner, 2 Passengers
 10 Bronco 12 3 6 closed + Driver, Gunner
 16 Bus 10 3 6 closed + Driver, Gunner, 10 Passengers
6 Bike 2 x 8 (+1) Driver

VEHICLES - You may purchase Cars and fuel - treat them as weapons. Cars burn up 1 fuel chit per fight if used. Fuel chits cost 2 Credits each. Vehicle resale values are -1 credit per point of damage on the vehicle. These vehicles have no mounted weapons. They can take transport hits but not weapon hits.
DRIVERS may only fire pistol weapons in a 90 degree fixed forward arc.
GUNNERS may fire any weapon in a 180 degree fixed right arc.
PASSENGERS may fire only pistol or basic weapons in a 180 degree fixed right or left arc (split evenly).

HIRED GUNS- Your gang may recruit a single hired gun (or two scum) for 1 fight, at the cost listed in credits. They will bail if your gang bails. They do NOT count towards your bail total. They may NOT be looted or captured. If they survive, you may "keep" them on for another fight by paying the keep fee. They may reveal blips but may not pick up loot. You may loan weapons to hired guns, but they cannot use your skills. Whoever hired a character last gets first pick on that character if there is a shortage.

 ½  ¼  Scum 1 1 6 Autopistol, Club oooo W  
 1  ½  Ratskin 1 1 8 Autogun, Axe oooo W -1 on Hazard Rolls
 1  ½  Wyrd 1 1 6 Laspistol, Knife oooo W 2 random Psyker cards
 1  1 Bounty Hunter 1 2 6 Heavy Shotgun + others (see below) see below see below

"Murphy": Bolter, Full auto Pistol, Power Sword. OOooR,RO (Duck), Charge
"Frezno": Bolter, Bolt Pistol + Quiksite, Chainsword, Stub. Ooooo Two Fisted, Snap Fire
"Clint": Bolter, Bolt Pistol + Quiksite, Chainsword, Knife. Oooo Steady, Marksman
"Franz": Hot Shot Lasgun, Bolt Pistol + Quiksite, Chainsword, Bionic arm. OOoo Disarm, (Brawler)

(Skills in parenths are already incorporated into the stats).



SCENARIOS- determine what a fight is all about- how to set it up, who plays gang x (usually determined by vote), what the gangs have to gain for playing. Read the scenario carefully and ensure all players understand it before starting. Use easy scenarios until all gangs are ready for a medium. Hard scenarios should only be played when the gangs are ready to end the campaign.

BLIPS- You must move adjacent to a blip to reveal it. If it is a hazard, you will be affected as described on the chart below. If it is a loot, you must spend an action to pick it up- then draw 1 random equipment card. You can use found equipment immediately or any time thereafter, or if you do not have to discard it, you may sell it for the value listed on the card in credits. Junk blips cannot be picked up unless you have a special skill that makes them valuable to you- they are worthless.

HAZARD TABLE: Note that all hazards except mutants have a permanent 3" area effect. This area will not extend into or out of a building. If you start inside the area and move out, you will not be affected. If you move into or stay in the area, you will be affected unless KOed or dead.
Hole-Roll 1 red Vs. Armor. Graze=Stun, Kill=KO. If on an upper level and anything is rolled on the die, place the model on the level below. Catfall skill will reduce the roll by 1.
Shock- Roll 1 red Vs. Armor. Graze=Stun, Kill=KO.
Poison Gas / Rad- Roll 1 white, ignore armor. Graze = Wound. Kill = kill.
Mutant- Place a mutant there. Default Mutant Stats: Move 8, Armor 0, 1 hit, Stub and Knife (melee ooo).
A mutant will move towards and attack the nearest figure at the end of every turn of the gang who discovered them. Any other player can run them. They may hide if no one is in range. They cannot be captured or looted, and they ignore all hazards and other mutants!

LOOTING- You must be adjacent to a dead or KOed figure. You may take 1 weapon / action spent.
Note down any weapons taken, as they can be taken off you! You may loot your own or other models.

CARRYING: You must be adjacent to a dead or KO figure. It takes an action to pick them up. You may not perform other actions while carrying them. Move at your or their rate (whichever is slower). It takes no actions to drop them. If you carry them off the board or until the scenario ends, you have captured them and their weapons. You may carry your own or other models.

BAIL OUT: Your bail value for a fight starts at zero, and goes up by 1 for every killed or KOed ganger, and by ½ for every wounded ganger or killed/KOed juve. Your Heavy counts as a wounded ganger if he has only 1 hit left. Your Leader counts as a wounded ganger when he has only 3 hits left. When you reach or exceed the bail value for the scenario, your gang must bail starting on their next turn. They may not attack other gangs or examine debris blips. They may not loot or carry other gang members, only their own. Enemy gangs may not attack bailed targets unless they are within 6" (but mutants, hazards, etc. will).

POST GAME- After a fight is over, go through the following steps IN ORDER to see what you got.

TERRITORY- Take 1 Credit for each territory you hold after a fight (as per Territory rules above).

FAME- Take 1 Fame point just for being in a fight. The gang with the least amount of members (by Fame value) gets +1 Fame (tie = none).

RECRUITMENT- Recruit new members by deducting the cost of new members from your gang’s Fame.

RESPECT- Anyone may buy a Rep skill for 3 Fame points.

EXPERIENCE- Add 1 Exp. Just for staying until the end of a fight or until bailed. The gang with the least skills gets +1 Exp (tie = none).

PROMOTION: Any character that survives a fight may be promoted at the following Exp. costs: Juve > Ganger: 1. Ganger > Heavy: 2. Heavy > Leader: 2. You may only promote to leader if your leader is killed. You may not skip any steps unless filling a leader slot (pay for each step).

SKILLS:You may buy a skill card for 3 experience points. (Secondary count cannot exceed Primary).

CAPTURED: If you captured a character from an opposing gang, you may ransom them back to the original owner at an agreed value- you do not have to include the prisoner’s weapons if you don’t want to. If they don’t want to, or if you or the prisoner are an Outsider, you must sell them to the slavers (at ½ their Req value in credits) and keep the weapons. Cannibals may eat prisoners (½ their Fame value = Fame gained).

WOUNDED: Roll a d6 for each wounded member after a fight. Leaders and heavies count as wounded if they have ½ or less of their normal number of hits.
1: COMPLICATIONS- The character dies! LEADER: Permanently reduce their hits by 1!
2: OUT OF IT- The character must miss the next fight. LEADER: does not recover hits before next fight.
3-5: RECOVERED- No ill effects, may be used in the next fight as normal.
6: LESSON LEARNED- As recovered, gang gets +1 Experience.

BID OUT- (or, how to end a campaign). To bid out, your gang must survive at least 1 HARD scenario, and must have at least 25 credits in cash (remember, you can sell any amount of equipment cards, but can only sell 1 weapon per fight). The cost to bid out is 20 + 2 red dice in credits. Once out, calculate your Out Points (OP) by following the formulas below. This will be the starting point value for your gang in the next campaign. When choosing gangs and territories for a new campaign, go from lowest OP to highest. Ties for OP go to the first gang out. NOTE: hard scenarios have three stages- Hard, Painful, and Aaagh!. The sooner you bid out, the more grief you’ll avoid. Here are the ways to get OP when you bid out:

Survive a Hard Scenario- +1 (hard), +2 (Painful), +4 (Aaagh!).
Surviving Members: +1 for every 5 Fame worth of members
Skills: +1 for every two skills.
Cash: +1 for every 5 credits (May sell territories for 3 credits to help here).
Guns: +1 for every 10 credits worth of weapons (including Vehicles).
Consolation: If you have less than 10 OP, add +2 to your total.
NOTE: For all calculations, truncate (do not round up).

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