A Rules Crusade campaign for agents of the Emperor  in the world of 40K, By Sean Patten. vers.2.1

TEAMS-You will earn and use Capital (CAP), Experience (EXP), and Loyalty (LOY) points to improve your squad during the campaign.  Start with 12 Loy and 6 Cap.  Note that the members of each squad are divided into three types- TROOPS (T),  CHARACTERS(#), and COMMANDERS(C).  Commanders may not carry special or heavy weapons unless noted.

ENVIRONMENTS: where the mission takes place, and includes rules for blips,  hazards,  terrain, etc.
MISSIONS: how the each game starts and ends, and what the team must accomplish on the given mission. Most MISSIONs extend over several GAMES. BATTLE missions are open warfare against an intelligent enemy- one of the players must volunteer to run the enemy instead of their own squad. The mission writeup explains how they  earn points while their squad is absent from the battle.

REQUISITIONING TROOPS AND VEHICLES: Sometimes you'll need a vehicle or special character just for the duration of a mission. You need to invest in the REQUISITION POOL to requisition. For every 5 points of LOY or CAP you put into the pool, you will earn 1 REQ point at the beginning of each mission. You spend REQ points to requisition vehicles or troops as described in the Squad Lists. You may not requisition in the middle of a mission! Custom Vehicles: if the players agree, you may requisition vehicles that might not be listed: using the vehicle charts as a guide, find the vehicle closest to your model and pay 1/10 the points value in REQ.  to requisition it.

AWARD: +1 EXP. Unless a mission says otherwise, each time your squad plays a game, they earn +1 EXP. in addition to any mission specific awards.
KILL POINTS: In battle games, total up the points values of all enemies you kill (this is your kill points).   Divide the kill points by your squad's value (round up).  You earn that much LOY for the kills.
SKILLS: You may purchase new skills at the end of any game.  See SKILLS below for details.
WOUNDED MODELS: At the end of each game, roll on the wound chart (below) for each wounded model.
Multi-hit models that took hits may choose whether to roll on the wound chart or not.
KOed models regain consciousness at the end of a game, but do not recover any hits.

1 COMPLICATIONS- model dies! 3-4 FIRST AID- Recover 1 hit.
2 OUT OF ACTION- model is  alive,
but KOed  for the remainder of the game.
5 PATCH UP- Recover 2  hits.
6 RECOVERED- Recover all hits.

AWARD:  +1 CAP, +1 LOY unless a mission says otherwise.  In games with 3 or more players, the squad with the lowest points value earns an additional +1 EXP.

LEADERSHIP BONUS: If ANY of your Commanders or Characters survive the mission, roll O+1 and subtract the number of models killed.  If the total is greater than 1, earn an additional 1 LOY.

At the end of a MISSION,  roll 2 red dice for any killed models- if the result is equal to or greater  than the Experience spent on the model, you may replace them.  If not, you must pay 1 EXP. to replace them, or you must wait until the end of the next Misson to check again.  Any weapons or equipment (not rationed or requisitioned items) that were lost during the mission are replaced for free.

RECRUIT  MEMBERS- You may spend LOY to purchase new members. Remember that the maximum size of your force is limited to 7 models unless otherwise noted (not counting requisitioned forces).    MUSTERING OUT: Any model that survived the mission may be traded back for their purchased value in LOY/EXP. Troops must return any default weapons.

PROMOTE TROOPS OR COMMANDERS- To PROMOTE a Troop or Commander, pay the points difference in EXP.  When promoting to Commander, keep your previous weapons.  When promoting  to another troop type, return the previous default weapons and may take the new default weapons.

PURCHASE WEAPONS AND EQUIPMENT- To purchase additional weapons and equipment, you must pay the cost listed in CAP.  The number of special or heavy weapons you may have in your squad is zero, plus any additional as indicated by characters or skills (for example, +1 special).   Commanders may not take special or heavy weapons unless otherwise indicated.  Troops may not take weapons other than those listed, unless taking a special or heavy weapon upgrade or otherwise indicated by a skill.

You may purchase RATION POINTS with CAP: for each CAP you spent, you will earn 1 Ration Point per game (the same way Requisition points are earned every mission).  Ration points may then be used to take grenades and special ammo (see below for details).

 Knife o W 1/2  
 Shield o S 1 shield (see below)
 Axe oo W 1  
 Sword o W 1 Reroll
 Mace oo KO 2  
 Chainsword Oo W 2  
 Power Axe OO+P W 3  
 Power Sword Oo W 3 Reroll
 Power Maul OO KO 4
 Power Glove OO+P K 4  (Or Thunder Hammer)
 Power Mace OO+P KO 4
 Storm Shield O S 5 shield (see below)
REROLL: May reroll 1 of your own dice. If you have this TWICE, you may reroll one opponent die!
2 HANDED WEAPONS: Cost is +2, Adds +O to melee. SCYTHES! Takes 2 hands.
FORCE WEAPONS: Cost is +3. Adds users Psy value to the roll.
SHIELD: As melee weapon.  When shot at, add roll to Armor (as front cover).  Parry is at +2.
 Stub Pistol oo S J 1/2 8" Range. (Melee=o)
 Las Pistol oo S -- 1 8" Range.
 Bolt pistol oo K X 1 8" Range.
 Autopistol oo W J 1 8" Range.
 Fullauto Pistol oo W J 3 8" Range. Rapid fire.
 Hand Flamer Oo W X 2 SFT, Burn
 Plasma Pistol Oo W J 5 Line Effect. 8" Range.
PISTOLS IN MELEE: Takes 1 hand. Add their dice to your melee (stubs only add 1 white). Fails will still apply!
SFT= Hand Flamer Template.
 Lasgun oo S -- 1  
 Autogun oo W J 1  
 Shotgun oo S J 1 KB, 1" AREA
 Bolter oo K X 2 KB.
 Hellgun ooo S J 2
For descriptions of weapon effects, grazes, etc. please consult the Rules Crusade basic rules.
 Heavy Stubber OO S J 4 Split fire (*), Rapid Fire
 Flamer OO W X 4 FT, Burn, Volatile
 Grenade Launch. OO S J 4 2"B. IFC.  May fire rationed grenades.
 Meltagun OO+1 W J 5 FT
 Plasma Gun OO W J 5 Line Effect
 Sniper Rifle ooo W J 4 Snipers only.  IR if no move.
 Storm Bolter Oo K X 4 Rapid Fire.
FT= Flamer Template.
 Heavy Bolter OO K X 6 KB, Split fire, Rapid Fire
 Heavy Flamer OOO W X 6 HFT, Burn, Volatile
 Multimelta OOO+1 W J/X 7 HFT
 Missile Launcher OO K X 6 2" Blast, IR
 Plasma Cannon OOO W J/X 6 Line effect.
HFT=Heavy Flamer Template.
 ARTILLERY DICE GRAZE FAIL COST NOTES (Move or fire, need 2 crew)
 Las Cannon OOO K -- 5 Or, take two shots at OO
 Auto Cannon OOO W J/X 5 Split Fire, Rapid Fire.
 Mortar OO+1 W X 5 2" Blast. IFC.
 Thudd Gun OO W J 5 3".  KB.  IFC.  Roll once/target.
 Mole Mortar OO+P W X 5 2" Blast.  Burn.
ARTILLERY may be moved 6" by having 2 crew move with it and spending their actions to move it. Artillery requires 1 crew member to fire and one to reload. If the artillery jams, you may roll once per adjacent crew to try to unjam it. Both crew members recieve front cover if they are adjacent to the artillery. If a crew member is killed, any other adjacent model may crew the weapon.

 RATIONED ITEMS. Grenades and Special Ammo are Rationed items.  Purchase RATION POINTS with CAP: for each CAP you spent, you will earn 1 Ration Point per game (the same way Requisition points are earned every mission).  Keep track of your total Ration Points available- add those earned, deduct those used.  The grenade cost listed [in brackets] is the Ration Point cost for one grenade.  You may choose what rationed items you want at any time (even in mid game)- just deduct ration points as you use them.  Note that you may have squad specific rationed items- their cost will be listed in [brackets].
 GRENADE DICE Grz. AREA COST  NOTES: 8" Range. Ignore front cover.
 Blind Auto -- 3" [3] Models hit may hide for free.
 DemoCharge OOOO+P W 3" [3] Must place. Blows at end of your turn.
 Frag OO W 2"B [2] 2"B
 Krak OO+1+P K -- [4]  
 Meltabomb +OO K -- [2] Add to 1 melee attack (-1 hand to use)
 Smoke Auto -- 3" [1] Grants cover (as darkness) for 1 turn.
Any model in your squad may use a grenade ration from this chart (they are not character specific).

 1 Targeter Assign to a ranged weapon. When shooting, may reroll one die / turn.
 2 Suspensor Ignores 1" of move penalty for carrying a special or heavy weapon.
 2L Purity Seal Bearer ignores direct effect of enemy cards. MBM.
 3 Narthecium May reroll when on the wound chart when using Apothecary advance.
 3L Standard Models killed within 6" of the bearer do not count as casualties.
 2 Auspex -o from ambush, hazard, and trap blip rolls. 
As an action, may reveal 1 hidden model within 6".
 3 Hound M6, A0, H1, melee OO, Small, Animal, Trot, Mob.
 3 Familiar M6, A0, H0, melee o, Small.  May carry 1 equipment.  Max 1.
 2 Servo Skull As Familiar, Flies, Animal.  Max 3.
 5 Cherubim As Familiar, Flies.  Max 2.
 1 Camo-cloak May hide for free if you did not attack this turn.
 1 Comm-Link May measure 6" from bearer when using any of these skills:
Crossfire, Direct, Fervor, Logi, Rally.
 3 Emperor's Tarot When drawing Psy Cards, take +1 card and discard 1 of your choice.

Relics.  You may only purchase a number of relics allowed by the characters you have in your squad.  Troops may not bear relics.
 COST RELIC  If you take the same Relic more than once, each will take an ADDITIONAL Relic slot! 
 3C Digital Weapon Free attack: o K/-,  4"range. May combine dice for multiples.  May have up to 4 on one character, and they will only count as one Relic.
 3C Bionic Arm Melee +1.  As Throw skill.  Must be modeled (MBM).
 3C Bionic Leg Move +1".  Free Forced Entry. Reroll jump/scrabble/fall rolls.  MBM.
 3C Bionic Eye May reroll all ranged attacks, inc. grenades.  Ignore darkness.  MBM.
 3C Iron Halo You cannot be killed by a single attack unless already stunned or wounded.
 7C Rosarius Deduct O from incoming damage. (max. 1 per model)
 5C Liber Arcanus May choose one psy card instead of drawing randomly.
10C Inferno Pistol OO+1, W/J, SFT, as Pistol.
 5C Needler o, W, 12" max range, IA, as Pistol.
+W Master Crafted Adds +1 to weapon roll. Weapon won't  fail. +W= +cost of weapon in Cap.  Max cost to MC melee weapon: 2.
4+Sp. Combiweapon Combine a Bolter with a Sp. Weapon and fire both as 1 attack. Pay 4 + cost of Sp. weapon.  Sp. weapon does NOT count towards squad's weapons totals, and commanders may use.   Weapons must have seperate Master Crafting and targeters.
 3C Psy-Link Adjacent Familiar/Servo skull/Cherubim may spend an action to reroll any 1 die for any 1 roll the character makes that turn (falling, wound chart, attack- anything).  May have up to 2 on one character, and they will only count as one Relic.

Purchase any of the following skills by spending the experience listed under $E.  You may only purchase each skill once per model.  Troops may not purchase skills unless indicated by a (t) in the cost.  Your squad listings specify what skill types you may buy.  You may not have more skills of one type than the type listed to their left.  For example, if you have War, Faith listed for skills, you may not have more Faith skills than War skills.  Note that the bearer of the skill must be alive to use the skill!
Apothecary 2t As an action, may roll on the wound chart for an adjacent character.
Blessing 2 Once per game, you may add +1 to any roll you wish.
Cleave 1t Add +O when attacking a single target with a 2H weapon.
Fervor 1 Models within 6" of you before moving may ignore the effects of wounds.
Last Act 1 If killed, you may immediately perform one final action.
Rally 2 Models within 6" of you before moving may melee after taking extra move.
Retribution 1 You may add +1 to an attack on an enemy that killed any of your forces in the previous turn.
Sacrifice 1t You may take all hits from a single attack on models within 3".
Soul Binding 1 You may reroll one die when defending against Incursion.
Strain 1 You may add +OO to an unsuccessful melee attack, but must take a stun after the melee.
Camoflauge 1t You do not lose hidden status for firing unless your attack does damage.
Cross-trained 1t As an action, you may swap all equipment with that of a fellow troop.
Crack Shot 1 Treat ranged attacks from your (non-area effect weapon) as having the BURN effect.  You may fire into mixed forces.
Direct 1* Commanders only.  As an action, one model within 6" of you may reroll 1 die for any event.
Hardened 1 +1 Hit.  Max 1/squad.
Knife Fight 1/2 t You may exchange one melee weapon's white die for a red die.
Sniper 2t You may use a Sniper Rifle.  You may Infiltrate too (armor 1 models only).
Supply 1 Earn +1 white die of Requisition per game.
Volley fire 2 Your troops may use the Volley Fire special ability (see RC for details).
Warrior 1 You may reroll in melee.
SKILL $E DESCRIPTION   ($= cost in Experience).
Bodyguard 1 Your troops within 3" may take an attack directed at you.
Crossfire 2 Any two basic weapons within 6" can combine their dice into a single attack.
Dead Run 1 You may move an extra 1" if it gets you adjacent to a model, blip or building.
Diversion 1 You may draw enemy fire away from any friendly model within 2".
Entrenched 1t You may retain cover against weapons that ignore cover.
Grim 1 You may recover 1 hit when one of your troops is killed.
Merciless 2 You may snap fire at an enemy within 6" that moves away from you, once / turn.
Rapid Fire 1 You may fire twice with a basic weapon at range 6" or less.
Rider 1 You may Jink and may reroll ditch rolls when riding a mount or bike.
Throw 1 If you tie in melee, you may throw your opponent 1" in any direction (as KB).
Analyze 1 You may reroll one die when rolling for loot.
Clear 1 You may reroll one die when attempting an unjam.
Demolition 1 You may reroll one die when damaging vehicles or buildings.
Forge 2 You may subtract 1 from the cost of rationed items.
Logi 1 Once per turn, anyone in your squad may reroll 1 die when firing ranged weapons.
Maintenance 1 You may ignore the first fail result you get.
Repair 2 As an action, you may remove 1 red die of damage from any adjacent (or ridden) vehicle.
Shut Down 1 As an action, you may neutralize any revealed hazard or trap within 3"
Savant 1 You may purchase an additional  Relic.
Weak Point 1 If an attack ties the armor of a target, add +1 to your attack on that target this turn.

NOTES on Squad listings: #= Maximum number of that character type allowed.  T= Troops (any number allowed, squad max size is 7 models unless otherwise noted).  C= Commander: may never have more than one "C" type.   $= Cost (L=Loy, C=Cap, R=Rations). M=Move, A=Armor, H= Hits, B= Base melee value for that troop type. WEAPONS indicates what weapons may be taken.  TROOPS: Listed weapons are included!  Troops may not take any other weapons or relics unless otherwise indicated, but may take equipment.  If you pomote a Troop and sell off their default weapons, the maximum value of each weapon will only be 1 CAP.
SKILLS: May purchase skills of the types listed. May not have more skills of one type than of the type listed to it's left: for example, War, Faith means you can't have more Faith skills than War skills.  Any models equipped with pistols may snap fire.
+1 SPECIAL / HEAVY:  One of your troops may upgrade their basic weapon with this weapon type (pay difference in cost).  RELIC: You may purchase a relic.
ORDERS:  Some characters grant an Orders card.  These cards may be used only once per game.
SPECIAL ITEMS: Any weapons, equipment, etc. listed can be taken by your squad only.

SKILLS: War, Faith, Law.
T 2 Guard 6 1 1 oo Lasgun, Knife.
C 5 Sergeant 6 1 3 Oo Relic. Troops: +1 Special.
C 10 Lieutenant 6 1 4 Oo 2 Relics. Troops: +1 Special / Heavy / Artillery.
C 20 Captain 6 2 4 O+1 3 Relics. Troops: +1 Special / Heavy / Artillery.  +1 Sergeant.
1 15 Commissar 6 2 3 O+1 Relic. May Rapid Fire.  +1 Orders.
1 8 Ogryn 6 1 3 OOO 3" KB in melee. BIG. Grapple.
T 5 Stormtrooper 6 2 1 Oo Hellgun, Knife.  + 1 Law skill.
1 5 Psyker 6 1 1 oo Psy level 1.
SPECIAL: Unlike other squads, you may have a maximum of 10 models in the squad.
 Ripper Gun OOO S J 5 12" Range. Split fire. KB. 
 Belt Fed GL OO S X 5 12" Range.  2" B.  Rapid Fire. IFC. 

REQUISITION: You may requisition the One of the following troop types for 1 REQ each, armed with their default weapons: Commissar (with Master Crafted Bolter, 2 pts of Faith skills, and Power Sword), Ogryn (with Ripper Gun or Belt Fed GL).  You may requisition any Imperial Guard vehicle for 1/10 it's listed value in REQ (see Vehicle Rules for details). You may purchase additional vehicle cards for 1/2 REQ each. You may requisition a piece of ARTILLERY complete with two (Guard) crew members for 1 REQ.

SKILLS: Law, War, Tech
T 2 Enforcer 6 1 1 oo Lasgun, Knife
T 4 Arbiter 6 2 1 Oo Shotgun / Bolter, Bolt Pistol
T 6 Suppressor 6 2 1 Oo Power Maul, Storm Shield
C 5 Regulator 6 1 3 Oo Relic.  +1 Special.
C 10 Provost 6 2 3 O+1 Relic. +1 Special.
C 15 Marshal 6 2 4 O+1 2 Relics. +1 Special.
1 20 Judge 6 2 5 O+1 3 Relics. +2 Special.  +1 Orders.
1 2 Investigator 6 1 1 oo --
SPECIAL: Models with Armor 2 may ignore stun from Knockback.
 GRENADE DICE Grz. AREA $R  NOTES: 8" Range. Ignore front cover.
 Photon (OOO) S 3" [2] Burn. Any hit stuns living (will not kill).
 Web Grenade OOO+1 S 3" [3] Roll Vs. each Target's Melee. Kill = KO.
 Rubber Bullets oo S J [1] KB. Kill = KO. Bolters only. Lasts 1 game.
 Solid Slug ooo S J [1] Shotguns only.
 Executor ooo K J [2] Burn. Shotguns only.
 Tranquilizer ooo KO J [4]  Needlers only. Kill = KO.
 2 Sniper Scope As Crack Shot (war) skill.
 3 Phase Field Free forced entry.

REQUISITION: You may requisition a Rhino for  2 REQ, equipped with RAM PLOW, RAPID DEPLOYMENT DOORS, and a CUPOLA. May take additional vehicle cards at a cost of 1/2 REQ each. You may requisition Bikes for a cost of 1 REQ each (see Mounts for details).

SKILLS: Tech, Faith, Law
T 3 Combat Servitor 6 1 1 OO Augmetics.  Can only promote to Gun Servitor.
T 5 Gun Servitor 6 1 1 O Heavy Weapon.  Cannot promote.
2 1 Apprentice 6 0 1 oo --
3 6 Enginseer* 6 1 2 OO 2Relics. +2 cap when purchased.
2 8 Techmarine* 6 2 2 O+1R 2 Relics. May Rapid Fire Bolters.
C 12 Tech Priest* 6 2 3 O+1 3 Relics.
C 20 Magos 6 3 4 O+2 4 Relics.  Heavy.  +1 Orders.
SPECIAL: Models with Armor 2 may ignore stun from KB. Servitors ignore STUNs.
*One model of this type may take a Special or Heavy weapon.
 Augmetics OO W -- 3 2H.  Tie = Latch On.  (Melee)
 Assault Cannon OOO K J/X 9 Split Fire, Rapid fire (Heavy)
 GRENADE DICE Grz. AREA $R  NOTES: 8" Range. Ignore front cover.
 Bombot OO+1 W 2"B [3] M6, A1, X if grazed or as attack.  Trot. *
 Haywire OO+1 w 2" [4] Burn. Vs. Machines, vehicles only.
 Tremor (OO+3) sp. 3" [4] Targets: no move. Dam. Vs. Bldgs. only.
*Misfire: if you roll nothing, it does not go off. Independent: may place as model at start of game.
 2 Bionics Bionic arm, leg, or eye Does not count as Relic, costs 2 (see Relic Chart).
 2 Electrografts If you win in a parry, do a stun.
 2 Servo Arm Base melee +O.

REQUISITION: You may requisition a Rhino for 2 REQ or a Vindicator for 3 REQ.. This vehicle comes with 1 free vehicle equipment card per Techmarine or Enginseer (see Vehicle Rules for details).  You may requisition a Bike for 1 REQ (see Mounts for details).

SKILLS: Faith, Law, War
T 2 Initiate 6 1 1 oo Mace, Shield.
T 3 Repentia 6 0 1 Oo Eviscerator.  Berzerk.  Frenzy.  Fearless.
T 4 Sororitas 6 2 1 Oo Bolter, bolt pistol.
T 6 Seraphim 8 2 1 Oo 2x Bolt Pistol. Fly. Two Fisted.
C 10 Sister Superior 6 2 3 Oo 2 Relics. Troops: +1 Special or Heavy.
C 20 Canoness 6 2 4 O+1 4 Relics. Troops: +2 Special or Heavy.  +1 Orders.
SPECIAL: Models with Armor 2 may ignore stun from Knockback.
 Neural Whip Oo S 3  NOR, Stun on a Tie
 Eviscerator OOo +P W 4  2H.  Scythe. 
 GRENADE DICE Grz. AREA $R  NOTES: 8" Range. Ignore front cover.
 Emperor's Tears OO W 2" [4] Burn. +1 Vs. Chaos troops.
 4C Eviscerator 2H melee weapon.  OOo W Scythes -P.
 5L Emperor's Light Once per battle, may automatically do a stun to all enemies within 3".
 2C Brazier In melee combat, a tie will do a wound.
 3C* Pinions Move 8", Fly.  Commanders only.
 3C Cherubim May purchase Cherubim (see Equipment) for 3 CAP instead of 5, max. 5.
REQUISITION: You may requisition a Rhino for a cost of 2 REQ. You may requisition an IMMOLATOR (as Razorback, with two Heavy Flamers) for a cost of 3 REQ. (see Vehicle Rules for details).

The following characters, troops, and equipment are available to all Ordos.
Below are the three Ordos- choose one to determine Skills and additional characters / equipment available.  Note that you may take one Commander from the list below, AND one commander from the Ordos listing.
Last is the list of Requisitionables available to all Ordos, including Assassins.
4 2 Henchman 6 1 1 oo --
C 7 Interrogator 6 1 2 Oo Relic. +1 Special Weapon.
C 15 Inquisitor 6 2 3 O+1 3 Relics.  +1 Special or Heavy.
C 30 Master Inquisitor 6 3 4 O+2 4 Relics.  +1 Special or Heavy.  +1 Orders.
1 5 Astropath 6 1 1 oo Psy level 1.
 Psy-Cannon ooo K J 3  KB. +1 Vs. Daemons, Psykers.
 Grenade DICE Grz. AREA $R  NOTES: 8" Range. Ignore front cover.
Plasma OO W 2" [5] Burn.
Psyk-Out (OO) sp. 2" [7] Reduces target's Psy value by roll.
Rad OO W 2" [8] Burn. Ignores armor. Persistant.
Stasis OO S 2" [5] Burn. Kill= freeze model for rest of game.
Vortex OOOOOO K 3" [13] Burn. Moves OO"/turn (6=Dissipates).
 Special Ammo DICE Grz. AREA $R  
 Tranquilizer ooo KO J [4] Needlers only. Kill = KO.
 Toxin Round ooo K J [4] Needlers only.
 Psy-Bolt ooo K J [2] Bolters only.  KB. +1 vs. Daemons, Psykers.
 $[R] DRUG NOTES: if you use more than 1 drug / game, take O w damage.
 [4] Stimm Dose Ignore up to 2 points of damage from a single attack.
 [4] Frenzon Move and attack twice this turn, but must take a wound.
 [4] Immunizer  Ignore all hazards this game. Burn weapons are at -1.  Ignore poison.
 [4] Combat Drugs Move, Melee and hits are at +1 for the rest of the game.
 [4] Psychotropics Increase your PSY value (and incursion rolls!) by +1 for the game.

SKILLS: Faith, Law, War, Tech
3 2 Preacher 6 1 1 oo --  Does not count towards squad total.
T 1 Militia 6 0 1 oo Stub, Knife
T 2 Redemptionist 6 1 1 oo Autogun / Shotgun, Knife
T 3 Arco-Flagellant 6 0 1 OO Electroflail / Eviscerator.   Berzerk.  Frenzy. Fearless.
1 8 Confessor 6 1 3 O Relic.  +1 Special.  +1 Orders.
 Electroflail OO S 4 2H.  Scythe. NOR. Stun on a Tie.
 Eviscerator OOo+P W 4 2H.  Scythe. 
5L Emperor's Light Once per battle, may automatically do a stun to all enemies within 3".
2C Incinerator As Flamer.  Once per game.
1C Brazier / Spikes In melee combat, a tie will do a wound.
1C Chains Opponent may not reroll in melee.
2C Hounds Hounds only cost 2 (see main Equipment chart).

SKILLS: Law, Faith, War, Tech
T 8 Grey Knight 6 2 1 O+1R Storm Bolter, Nemesis
C 16 Justicar 6 2 3 O+1R Relic.  +1 Special Weapon.
C 20 Captain 6 2 4 O+2R 2 Relics. +1 Special or Heavy Weapon.  +1 Orders.
1 15 Daemonhost 6 2 3 OOOOOO Psy-2.  Fearless.  Animal.
ALL MARINES: Snap Fire. Rapid Fire Bolters. Jam on fail instead of Explode.
Armor 2: ignore stun from KB. Armor 3: Heavy (ignore KB, etc).
 4 Storm Bolter Oo K J KB Rap.
 3 Nemesis 2 handed Melee weapon.  OO+1, W, Scythes.
 2 Psychic Hood You may reroll one die when using any psychic powers or in Mind War.
 1 Aegis deduct 1 white die from incoming psychic attacks or incursions.
 5 Daemonblade Add +O to melee (not troops).  If you tie in melee, suffer 1 Wound!
 7 Terminator Armor Armor 3.  Heavy.
Psychic Training 3 Psy level 1 (Justicar / Captain only).

SKILLS: War, Tech, Law, Faith
T 6 Deathwatch. Marine 6 2 1 O+1R Bolter, Bolt Pistol, Knife
C 15 Deathwatch Sergeant 6 2 3 O+1R Relic.  +1 Special or Heavy Weapon.
C 20 Deathwatch Captain 6 2 4 O+2R 2 Relics.  +2 Special or Heavy Weapon.  +1 Orders.
1 7 Sanctioned Alien 6 1 1 O Choose 2 alien abilities.*
ALL MARINES: Base 1 reroll in melee. Rapid Fire Bolters. Jam on fail instead of Explode.  NSB.
ALIEN ABILITIES. Move +1 / Melee +OO / +1 Hit / Ambush / Climb / Fly / Furtive / Grapple / Heavy / Infiltrate / Latch On / Poison / Small.
SPECIAL AMMO.  For the cost of 1 ration [$1R], any one Bolter or Heavy Bolter may choose to apply any of the following effects in lieu of the normal K, KB effects.  A different effect may be chosen every turn, until the end of that game (when the ration will run out).
 Hellfire K +o vs. targets with natural armor (Tyranids).
 Inferno W Burn
 Metal Storm W 1"A, IFC
 Kraken W +P
 Tracker W Reroll all subsequent tracker shots at that target.
 Stalker W Will not reveal a hidden firer.

You may requisition a Rhino (2 REQ), Chimera (3 REQ), or a Raptor or Land Raider (5 REQ). (see Vehicle Rules for details). May take additional vehicle cards at a cost of 1/2 REQ each.  You may requisition one ASSASSIN for 4 REQ (see statistics below) if you have an Inquisitor.

ACCURATE: Once per turn, may reroll one die when firing a ranged weapon.
DODGE: Whenever you are fired at or attacked in melee, you may reroll one opponent die.
SYNSKIN: You may ignore the effects of all hazards. Burn weapons do -1 damage.
INFILTRATE: During BATTLE games, may start hidden, anywhere except within 6" of an enemy.
BERZERK: You may melee after taking extra move. FRENZY: you may ignore the effects of a wound.
AMBUSH: If you are revealed by an enemy, you may immediately make one attack.
Combi-bolter needler
8 2 3 OOO+3 K, RO, Scythes o K J IA 12" 
oo K J KB Rap.
May take up to 3 drugs / game without penalty.  If wounded, make a free attack as hand flamer.  If killed, explode as plasma grenade.
Exitus rifle, pistol
6 2 3 OOO K, RO o K J IA IR Burn Rap. Snap Fire Ranged attacks ignore force fields.
Exitus may use Needler ammunition.
Firing will not reveal your hidden status.
Neuroshredder Pistol
8 2 3 OOO+3, K, 
+P, RO
oo S J IA FT Melee attacks ignore force fields, Poisoned
Polymorphine: may enter play by replacing any man-sized 1 hit model.
Mind Blaster
6 2 3 OOO+2, R OO+1 S -- RO FT
As mind war.
Carries 3 Psyk-out Grenades.  Psy-2. 

SKILLS: Tech, Law, War
T 3 Squat 5 1 2 Oo Bolter, Axe.
T 4 Slayer 5 1 2 OO 2-handed power axe. Berzerk. Frenzy. Fearless.
C 7 Guild Master 5 1 4 O+1 2 Relics. Troops: +1 Special or Heavy.
C 15 Warlord 5 2 5 O+1 3 Relics. Troops: +2 Special or Heavy.  +1 Orders.
1 10 Ancestor 5 2 4 OO Relic.  Psy level 1.
2 7 Engineer 5 1 2 Oo Troops or self: +1 Special, Heavy or Artillery.
SPECIAL: Squats ignore move penalties for carrying Special/Heavy weapons.  Squats may not buy Purity seals.
ARTILLERY: may be purchased at a -1C discount.
 Conversion Beam (SP) K X 5 Burn. Line effect. Roll O x target armor

REQUISITION: You may requisition a Bike for 1 REQ or Attack Bike with 1 vehicle card for 2 REQ (see Mounts for details). You may requisition a Rhino for a cost of 2 REQ (see Vehicle Rules for details). You may take additional vehicle cards for your rhino at a cost of 1/2 REQ each. You may requisition a piece of ARTILLERY complete with two (Squat) crew members for 1 REQ.

Note that Space Marines have access to different equipment and skills than other Imperial forces.  Also, you may choose a chapter from the list below for additional special rules as described.  Space marines may NOT use artillery.

SKILLS: War, Law, Faith, Tech.  May take any number of Marine skills.
3 1 Equerry 6 0 1 oo --
T 3 Scout 6 1 1 Oo Bolt Pistol / Bolter / Shotgun, Knife.
T 6 Marine 6 2 1 O+1R Bolter, Bolt Pistol, Knife.
C 10 Sergeant 6 2 3 O+1R Relic.  +1 Special or Heavy Weapon..
C 20 Captain 6 2 4 O+2R Relic x2.  +2 Special or Heavy Weapon.  +1 Orders.
C 30 Lord 6 2 5 O+2R Relic x3.  +2 Special or Heavy Weapon. +2 Orders.
ALL ARMOR 2 MODELS: Base 1 reroll in melee. Rapid Fire Bolters. Jam on fail instead of Explode.  NSB.   May take the following artillery weapons as Heavy Weapons: Las Cannon, Plasma Cannon.
(may take any number)
8 Techmarine 6 2 1  O+1R +1 free vehicle card / mission. Tech
8 Apothecary 6 2 1  O+1R Narthecium skill for free. Faith
10 Chaplain 6 2 2  O+1R  Purity seals cost 1/2. Law
13 Librarian 6 2 2  O+1R Psy level 1*
20 Dreadnought 6 3 7 OO+4 Special Weapon, Vehicle weapon -
Furioso " 6 3 7 OOO+6 Special Weapon x2 -
Support "  6 3 7 OO+2 2 x Vehicle Weapon -
+7 Master " " +1 +1 Relic. *
Dreadnoughts lose one weapon (attacker's choice) for every 2 hits taken.
All specialists count as Characters.  May purchase any number of the skill types listed.   Troops may be promoted to specialists.  A marine squad may have up to 2 specialists.  *Master Librarians are upgraded to psy level 2.

Assault Squad 10s May take Jump Packs, Melee weapons and Pistols, Meltabombs, Bikes.  Can't be Devastator.
Devastator Squad 10s +4 Heavy Weapons.  Can't be Assault.
Veteran Squad 10s +1 Special / Heavy. +1 Melee weapon.
Ambush (Scouts only) 5s May make a free attack if revealed.  Scouts only.
Scramble (Scouts only) 3s Add +1 to Jump and Scrabble rolls, and may move over obstacles with no penalty.
Dive (Scouts only) 5s May avoid a ranged attack (before the roll) by taking a stun.
Infiltrate (Scouts only) 3s May infiltrate.
Berzerk (Assault only) 5s May melee after taking extra move.
Inseperable (Assault only) 5s Instead of ditching, your riders may take +1 hit.
Blast (Devastator only) 5s All ranged attacks are treated as Burn.  May force entry at range.
Concerted (Devastator only) 5s Instead of Rapid Fire or Area effect, you may add +1 to attacks on a single target.
Death Grip (Veteran only) 2t If you tie or lose in melee (even if killed), you may latch on to your opponent (-1 hand).
Sustained Fire (Veteran only) 2t May rapid fire at 8".
Hip Shot (Veteran only) 2t May snap fire with basic or special weapons.
Squad Training: skills with a cost marked with s apply to the entire squad.  Cost listed is for the squad.
Promotion: if you change to a squad type that does not support a purchased skill, redeem the skill for its value in Exp.

REQUISITION: Your squad type dictates what  types of vehicles may be requisitioned.
Stats for Jump Packs, TDA can be found in the Equipment chart above. Stats for all vehicles can be found in the Vehicles rules.
 2 Jump Pack x 5  Assault only.  Move 8".  Fly.  (may req. 1 for 1).  No Heavy!
 4 TDA x 5  Veteran Only.  Armor 3.  Heavy.  See below for weapon options. 
 (may req. 1 for 1)
 2 Bike x3  Assault only.  Must crew.  No Heavy!  (may req. 1 for 1).
 1 Attack Bike  Assault only.  Must crew.  No Heavy!
 2 Land Speeder  Assault only.  Crew included with vehicle.
 3 Dreadnought  Veteran squads may take up to 2.
 2 Rhino  Storm Bolter counts as a vehicle card-- may exchange
 3 Rhino Variant:  Whirlwind / Vindicator / Razorback / Predator.
 2 Deep Strike:  Drop Pod or Teleport (see below).   May not take vehicle cards.
 5 Land Raider Veteran only.
 4 Raptor Drop ship Must purchase HK missiles seperately.
 6 Thunderhawk  Veteran only.
 1  2 Vehicle Cards  Additional 2 vehicle cards of your choice.
Teleport: Entire squad may start anywhere on the board but must be within a 12" Diameter of each other.
May req. 1 for 1:  May requisition a single one of the item for 1 requisition point.  HEAVY:  Models with Heavy weapons or TDA ignore KB, but cannot take jump packs or bikes.
TDA: Comes with Storm Bolter, Power Glove.  May not use in conjunction with Bikes or Jump Packs.
One marine may take a chain fist in place of a Power Glove.   One marine may exchange for pair of Lightning claws, or Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield. One marine may exchange his Storm Bolter for a Heavy Weapon (characters may not take heavy weapons).
Veteran Devastator squad: All members may take heavy weapons, but may not take more than one of each weapon type.
Veteran Assault squad: All members may take Lightning Claws / T.hammer + Storm Shield.
 Cyclone Missiles OO+P W J 8 1" A.  Fires 3 missiles / shot.
 Assault Cannon OOO K J/X 9 Split Fire, Rapid fire.

SKILL: The chapter earns 1 Exp. for the purchase of this skill.  They may purchase the skill at any time, regardless of squad type.
EQUIPMENT: The chapter earns 3 Cap. for the purchase of the Equipment listed.  If it is a Requisitioned item, they may requisition it for -1 Req. cost.  The equipment may be used by any troops or characters, regardless of squad type, and does not count toward Relic totals.
ARTIFACT: Must be lieutenant or higher to buy, but anyone can carry.  All artifacts cost 5 Loy, and don't count toward Relic totals!
SPECIAL: Special Rules for the chapter appear below the chart for each chapter.
 Black Templars Blessing Storm Shields
ARTIFACT: Maltese Cross. Acts as a Chapter Relic.  Bearer may take +1 FAITH skill
 Blood Angels Fervor --
ARTIFACT: Red Grail.  Acts as a Standard.
RED THIRST: Characters that have taken any hits MUST  spend an extra turn adjacent to any models they kill- this will recover 1 hit.   They may ignore this rule if they have a Medic in the squad.
DEATH COMPANY:  As ASSAULT squad.  Ignores W, KO grazes.  Melee +O.  May not reroll.  Must roll on wound chart -1 for each troop at end of each game.  May not take any specialists except Chaplain!
 Crimson Fists Grim, Crossfire Power Fists
 Dark Angels  Merciless Power Swords 
ARTIFACT: Lion Helm.  As Rosarius, except has a 2" radius.  May be carried by a Familiar.
SPECIAL: Honor Dagger.  Cost 1 Cap, MBM, takes no hands.  If you tie (or win a parry) in melee, do a wound to your opponent. RAVENWING: Veteran Assault squad gets RIDER skill for free. DEATHWING: Veteran Tactical squad may take +1 Relic.
RIVALS: When fighting alongside Space Wolves, earn +1 Loy if you beat them in kill points, lose 1 Loy if they beat you.
 Howling Griffons Dive Grenades 
HOWL: May take Battle Cry orders for free.
EQUIPMENT: Auxiliary Grenade Launcher.  In addition to a normal attack, may fire a grenade 12", once / game.  Cost 2C.
 Imperial Fists Entrenched, Hip Shot Suspensors, Meltabombs
ARTIFACT: Anchorus.  As Bionic leg, may rapid fire at any range.
GUNNER: Characters may take a special weapon, won't count toward the squad's total # of weapons.
 Iron Hands Death Grip, Grapple Bionic Arms
 Legion of  Damned Infiltrate, Last Act -- 
DAMNED:  May not use scouts (may start as tactical squad for free).  May not take Lord character.
ARTIFACT: Animus Malorum.  As a free action, may do a stun  to 1 enemy within 8".
UNDEAD:  Ignore W, KO.  Do not earn LOY for completing missions.
  Mentor Legion Forge, Savant --
OVERLOAD: May uprade any gun to Overload, cost 1 Cap.  Add 1 white die, fail = X (even if MC).
PROTOTYPE: May take the following items from Squat, Arbites, Mechanicus, or Inquisitor lists: Conversion Beamer, Phase Field, Power Claw, Bombot, Haywire, Frenzon.
 Raven Guard  Dead Run  Jump Packs
ARTIFACT: Raven.  As flying skull, melee O Mob-1.  Once per turn, add +1 to attacks on a model in LOS and within 6" of the Raven.
ARTIFACT: Raven's Claw.  As MC power glove, bearer may Death Grip (as veteran skill).
 Salamanders Hardened, Maintenance +1 Flamer / Melta
ARTIFACT: Vulcan's Hammer.  As MC Power Glove,  does 3" KB.
Scythes of the Emperor Retribution  --
ARTIFACT: Reaper.  2 handed scythe: OOOO +2, Reroll, Scythes.
APPRENTICE: May take scouts instead of normal marines, 1 for every character.
HATRED: Score double  kill points for Tyranid enemies.
 Silver Skulls Hardened  Bionics
 Sons of Medusa --  Toxin Rounds
ARTIFACT:  Head of Medusa.  Once per game, as an action, you may make an attack as a Heavy Flamer- stuns on a tie, KOs on a graze, vs. living only.
BETCHER'S GLAND:  When your marines tie in melee, they will do a wound (as poison).
OOLITIC KIDNEY:  Your marines may ignore the effects of Poison.
$ TYPE M A H  B Notes Skills
4L Swarm 6 0 3 OOO Swarm.  Animal.  Small.  Poison. (Troop)
SNAKE SWARM:  May take 1 swarm for every character.  They do not count towards the squad total.
 Space Wolves Knife Fight, Throw Chainswords 
ARTIFACT: Pelt of Wulfen.  Bearer may reroll one die of any opponent's ranged attacks against him.
ARTIFACT: Frost Blade.  As a Master Crafted edged melee weapon, kills on a graze, wounds on a tie.
SPECIAL: Honor Dagger.  Cost 1 Cap, MBM, takes no hands.  If you tie (or win a parry) in melee, do a wound to your opponent.
RIVALS: When fighting alongside Dark Angels, earn +1 Loy if you beat them in kill points, lose 1 Loy if they beat you.
WOLVES:  May take 1 wolf for every character.  They do not count towards the squad total.
$ TYPE M A H  B Notes Skills/Orders
5L Wolf 8 0 1 OO Berzerk.  Mob 1.  Animal.  Small. (Troop)
 Ultramarines Crossfire, Hipshot  MC Bolters (char. only)
ARTIFACT: Gauntlets of Ultramar.  As 2 MC bolters + 2 Power Gloves.  Bolters do not take a hand to use (but gloves do).
 White Panthers Infiltrate  --
 White Scars Rider, Inseperable Bikes
LIGHTNING RAID: May take one free move before your first turn.
SPECIAL:  Power Lance.  As 2 handed power sword, takes only 1 hand to use with a Bike.  Cost 6, Assault / characters only.
HUNTERS:  Your forces may ignore the cover that bikers and small models get.

EXPLORATOR ENVIRONMENTS- Following are descriptions and special rules for several environments that an Imperial Explorator team might find themselves in. You can run almost any of the Missions in almost any of the environments, giving a wide range of play experiences. If you like a particular environment, have the Explorator team set up a base there and try several different missions in the same location. Having appropriate scenery for your environment can really help improve the feel of the game, and may even inspire you to write some missions of your own!
EXPLORATOR MISSIONS- These are descriptions of the actual missions you must perform as an Explorator team. Missions can be set in any environment, and dictate what the objectives are, how many games must be played to complete the mission, and other details such as how many enemy forces to use and the rewards for completing the mission. If you like a particular mission, try running it in different environments to keep the games interesting.

EXPLORATOR BLIPS- A set of blips for use in Explorator scenarios- print one copy of these unless you have a lot of players.
EXPLORATOR RECORD SHEETS- Use these to record your squad's progress. Print out and photocopy as many of these as you need to.
CAMPAIGN LOG- A chronolog of our most recent campaign can be found here.

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