FLEET LOG AR127/b.004
Class IVAuthentication required -- Administratum  Comm. Protocol IV


Orbital Staging Area K12, Helgate.  Explorator task force assemble around Ironclad-class Capital ship Sargasso in preparation for the Aperion Crusade.
Notable Adeptus Representatives:
    -[]-  Adeptus Sororitas - Evangelicist Squad - Order of the Cruciform Sword
    -[]-  Adeptus Mechanicus - Explorator Team Iota - Gryphonne IV
    -[]-  Adeptus Astartes - Crusade Light Detachment VII-  Dark Angels Chapter
    -[]-  Ordo Hereticus - Inquisitorial Sanctification Cell - (origin classified under order 981)
    -[]-  Imperial Guard - Force Recon Squad - Helgate Trencher III Heavy Infantry Regiment

Spaceport Primus and surrounding Industrial Zones, Helgate.
Outbreaks of mutation formerly attributed to hazardous working conditions in the industrial zones are, in fact, traced back to a  mutagenic virus later known as "Black Reckoning".  Kill teams are formed to contain and sanitize all mutants and infectious carrier vermin.

Enginseer Taluss determines the virus is not indigenous, and the source of the vermin is rumored to be a bulk freighter hailing from the Veiled Region.  Taluss also finds evidence of chromatic manipulation, suggesting an artificial  origin.  This information is placed under suppression order by Inquisitor Rorke.

Explorator taskforce leaders determine that the feudal world of Ogun should be the first target of reclamation by the Explorator fleet.   Cleansing of the world would allow the establishment of a forward supply center for the campaign.

Warpspace Transition, The Sargasso
An investigation team is formed to go below decks and find missing maintenance crew.  Instead they discover an infestation of vermin carrying the Black Reckoning, and must cleanse the holds before the entire ship is infected.

Waypoint 114, Veiled Region.
Warp Navigation directly to Ogun is impossible due to warp storm activity in the sector, necessitating the use of Waypoint 114 as a bridging zone.  As the fleet drops out of warp at Waypoint 114, Eldar raiders engage and destroy several smaller ships.  The Sargasso itself is hit by boarding torpedoes, and all available hands are mustered to repel them from the engineering decks below.

Feral World Ogun, Veiled Region.
Fleet formation in orbit is disrupted by massive magnetic storms originating on the planet surface.  Landing at the original colonization  site is impossible as a result.  An Explorator landing team is sent to a secondary site, where remnants of an Imperial outpost are found, but no survivors are present.  Ork raiding parties ambush the landing team, but are driven off.

Feral World Ogun, Veiled Region.
The Explorator Landing Team take on reinforcements, and commandeer an Imperial Service Train in order to enter the magnetic storm and locate its source.  Ork raiders in convoy attack the service train in an escalating series of mobile engagements, but are driven off by the Explorator landing team members.

Feral World Ogun, Veiled Region.
Just as the epicenter of the magnetic storms is located, the Explorator fleet picks up a distress signal from the Imperial Cutter Dauntless, a ship claiming to have escaped an Eldar blockade around the long lost colonial world of Venatos.

Heavily damaged, the Dauntless plunges through the magnetic storm surrounding Ogun, crash landing directly on the epicenter of the storm.  The Explorator team on the surface searches the wreckage for survivors, but just as they are found, an unknown force arises out of the surrounding terrain and engages the survivors with terrible weapons of alien origin.  All but a handful of Explorator team members are lost.

Feral World Ogun, Veiled Region.
Enginseer Taluss determines that the magnetic storm is not a natural phenomenon, and determines the source may be suppressable.  Mine shafts long abandoned by local Orks prove to be an inroads to the source, a subterranean Necropolis of unknown origin.  At great cost, the Explorator teams manage to infiltrate and destroy critical workings within the Necropolis.  With the magnetic storm abated, the fleet moves into position and destroys the Necropolis complex with a 45 minute long orbital barrage.

Feral World Ogun, Veiled Region.
With Ogun secured, the Explorator Task Force reassembles in orbit.  Using data collected from the Dauntless before its destruction, a route to the lost colony world of Venatos is plotted and pursued.

Colony World Venatos, Veiled Region.
Upon arrival in the Venatos system, the Explorator fleet encounters systemwide conflict between Eldar forces and what appear to be Human survivors.  With the help of the Sargasso and her task force, the Eldar ships are driven out of the system, but the world of Venatos itself remains embroiled in conflict with Eldar inserted earlier.  Explorator landing parties manage to reclaim the capitol and locate survivors on the ground.

Colony World Venatos, Veiled Region.
Inquisitor Rorke oversees the interrogation of both the human survivors and the captured Eldar insurgents.  Several of the liberated human survivors go missing before they can be cross-examined.  The Eldar warn of a coming cataclysm, which they refer to as the Time of Consummation, and that interfering with the Eldar will only hasten the cataclysm at hand.  All of the prisoners are summarily executed.

Colony World Venatos, Veiled Region.
Tech Priest Taluss discovers traces of the "Black Reckoning"  mutagenic  virus on Venatos, and proposes the source is somewhere in the Forge zones.  A team is sent to investigate, and is attacked by both mutants and renegade servitors.

Colony World Venatos, Veiled Region.
Inquisitor Rorke leads a Purgation team into the industrial warrens below Forge Zone Gamma.  There, the Dark Mechanicus Renegade Tyrus is discovered and eliminated, but not before a great toll is taken by his abominations.  Inquisitor Rorke is killed during the conflict, but his successor, Interrogator Cray, is already following dangerous leads left in the wake of renegade Tyrus' work.

Tyrus' manifesto extolled the artificial creation of the next evolution of mankind, citing the mutant genomes found in Ogryns, Navigators and Sanctioned Psykers as justification for deliberate corruption and mutation of mankind.  This line of thinking parallels the preachings of demagogue Krakus, a local cult leader repeatedly targeted by  Eldar attack during the initial invasion of Venatos.

Colony World Venatos, Veiled Region.
As purgation teams converge on the Krakus compound, waves of mutants attack but are driven back by stalwart fire teams, notably those of the Helgate Trenchers.  Unfortunately, Krakus himself is revealed to be a powerful psyker, destroying the minds of heavy weapons team members before they can retaliate at range.  As the teams close range to the compound, the Dark Angels Captain is first into the compound, confronting the heavily armored and dangerously corrupt bodyguard inside.  Krakus' Hubrice brings him out into the open to engage the Sororitas at close range.  Unleashing the full fury of their cleansing fire, the Sororitas heavy flamer incinerates Krakus, exploding in the process.

Interrogator Cray fears that with such volatile unsanctioned psychery at loose, Daemonic invasion cannot be far behind...

Colony World Venatos, Veiled Region.
Aberrant life forms are discovered in Venatos Secundus.  Already several city blocks have been lost to the encroaching tree forms and birthing pods.  The purgation teams succeed in destroying the aberrant tree forms, and discover some kind of heretical cult ceremony being conducted in the central tower of the corrupted area, projecting some kind of coruscating energy field into the sky..  After forcing entry into the tower, the ritual is interrupted and the heretics eliminated, but not before a signifigant amount of energy is broadcast into space.

Colony World Venatos outer orbit, Veiled Region.
An unidentified fleet is detected emerging from the warp on the edge of the Venatos system.  Before the Sargasso can investigate, several renegade strike cruisers take up orbit on the far side of Venatos, deploying drop pods over the capital.  Renegade forces capture Defence Point 7, and turn the defense lasers against the Sargasso, forcing it to retreat from Venatos orbit.  The Aperion Crusade forces are cut off, and must reclaim Defense Point 7 before the Renegades completely overrun the capital...

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