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ADVERSE CONDITIONS: In addition to any special rules that apply for each environment, some missions will call for adverse conditions, such as bad weather. Unless the mission requires it (or you just want an extra challenge), do not apply the Adverse Conditions to an environment.
ENCOUNTER BLIPS: Most hostile environments are represented by encounter blips- a mix of lurking enemies, unpredictable hazards, deadly traps, and occasional lucky finds. The encounter blips are somewhat generic, and rely on an environment to dictate what effects they have, so be sure you have an environment in mind before running a mission that uses encounter blips!
GOAL: Some missions require the players to find goals. If the mission does not use goal blips, treat any GOAL found as a LOOT blip.
BOGUS: Unless the mission states otherwise, these blips are worthless and harmless- remove from play once revealed.
LOOT: This blip represents something valuable, worth picking up. Spend an action while adjacent to pick it up. Some loot is heavy, and must be carried (see RC for details on carrying). Heavy loot will be indicated in the description.
TRAP: Most traps are removed once they go off. Remember that Tech priests, Engineers, and Squats may reroll any trap roll!
AMBUSH: this blip represents an enemy model that will attack as soon as it is revealed. Have the player to the left run the enemy. Typically the enemy will melee (or shoot if their melee chances are poor), then move away from the revealer. At that point, the revealer may continue their move and hopefully dispatch the troublesome enemy. If enemies are still alive on the board, give them their own turn at the end of the last player's turn. Enemies may not reveal or interact with encounter blips, and ignore all hazards.
HAZARD: Each area has it's own unique array of hazards. Each hazard blip has a number from 1 to 6 on it- look up the number on the environment's Hazard Chart to see what kind it is. Most hazards are persistant- IE, once they've gone off, they remain there unless someone can shut them down. You will be affected by the hazard if you are within it's area when it is revealed, or if you move into it's area after being revealed, or if you stay in it's area for a full turn (you only have to roll for the hazard once per turn per model). Note that Vehicles will be affected by hazards unless otherwise noted. If the vehicle ignores the hazard, troops in an open vehicle (such as a bike) will still be hit by the hazard! Remember that Missionaries may reroll any hazard roll!
OBJECTIVE: These only apply if the Mission requires them. If you find an Objective during a mission that does not use them, treat it as a BOGUS.
BOGUS: Like the name suggests, this blip turns out to be nothing. Remove the blip and carry on as normal.

URBAN RUINS- A Necromunda underhive, a decaying Space Hulk, or a post apocalyptic city.
SCENERY SET UP: Place lots of buildings, barricades, catwalks, and other urban terrain. Each building sector has OOO of damage already! ALTERNATIVE: For tunnel games, use Space Hulk tiles (as described in CATACOMBS section of RC).
SPECIAL RULES: BUILDINGS. The buildings are literally falling apart. You do not have to force entry unless the building is occupied by enemy troops.
ADVERSE CONDITIONS: FIRE. Treat the whole board as in smoke. Add +1 to all trap and hazard rolls.
LOOT: You found a valuable relic in amongst the debris. It's worth oo points of CAP.
TRAP: Collapse.  Roll OO vs. Armor.  If on an upper level, drop to the level below.   Otherwise,  place debris that blocks move through that area (2"), and place yourself on the far side of the debris.
AMBUSH: Mutant attack! Move 6, Armor 1, 1 hit, melee: OOO W, shooting: ooo W X (kills user on fail)
HAZARDS: All hazards have a 3" area, and are persistant.
1: Power lines. Roll OO vs. armor: Graze =Stun, Kill= KO.
2: Steam Jet. Roll OO vs. armor. Any damage = Wound (will not kill).
3: Entangled.  Lose all remaining move / actions this turn.
4: Toxic Waste. Roll o, ignores armor, graze = Wound. (vehicles may ignore).
5-6: Gas Leak.  Roll 1 white. If you roll anything, a spark ignites the gas and causes an explosion- roll OO vs. armor, Graze=Wound, Burn. If you fire any weapons or a grenade goes off while in the area, it automatically sets off an explosion.

JUNGLE DEATHWORLD- A world teeming with deadly life forms in fierce competition for survival!
SCENERY SET UP: Place jungle foliage and alien plants in winding sections, forming a maze of dense cover. Intersperse with rivers, lakes, or swamps. Ancient, overgrown temples or ruins are also suitable.
SPECIAL RULES: DENSE JUNGLE- If you try to move through a section of jungle instead of going around it, roll your melee vs. OO (add +1 if you use a bladed weapon). If you win, proceed as normal. If you tie, take 2" off your movement. If you are grazed, you must end your move in the jungle. If you lose, you are stunned! Vehicles move at half normal speed in addition to any other move penalties. SWAMPS- you may move across shallow rivers, lakes or swamps at half your normal move rate. However, any blips placed in the water will be revealed by anyone passing even within 3" of them. Before revealing it, move the blip to the position of the model that triggered it!
ADVERSE CONDITIONS: DON'T WANDER OFF... The jungle seems to deliberately attack models when they are alone. A model that is not adjacent to another model is a loner. If a "loner" makes an attack or picks up something, or if a model takes extra move, immediately roll once on the Hazard table below. The hazard is not persistant and has no area effect.
LOOT: You've found some valuable trinket on the decaying remains of an unfortunate soul. It's worth oo points of CAP.  For tougher games, LOOT will be accompanied by a rat swarm: M8, A0, H3, OOO, Swarm, Small.
TRAP: You are grabbed by the jaws of a Carniverous Plant! Roll your melee and consult the following chart. 0: You are eaten whole! Unless the plant is killed later on, your equipment cannot be recovered. 1-2: Still struggling with the plant, you can do nothing else this turn. Unless the plant is killed, roll again on your next turn. 3-4: You manage to break free, but the plant is still alive and dangerous. 5+: You have killed the plant! Engaging in combat: Carniverous plants have 2 armor and 3 hits. Any model that moves within 1" of the plant must roll on the chart above unless another model is already trapped (as 1-2 above), in which case roll your melee vs. the plant's armor. If you fire at a carniverous plant while someone is trapped inside, you must roll vs. both models (plant first). If you have a reroll, you may use it to try to lower the score against the trapped model. Carniverous plants will not attack vehicles. Remove the trap blip if the plant is killed.
AMBUSH: Runner selects one of the following: LIZARDMAN- M6, A1, H1, Melee OO, Shield (-o), Charge, Frenzy. --OR-- 2x SKINK: M8, A0, H1, Melee o, Shooting O W - Reload, Poison..
HAZARDS: All hazards have a 3" area, and are persistent.
1: Spore Mold. Roll o, ignores armor. Graze=Wound. (Closed vehicles may ignore)
2: Needle Spitter. Roll oo vs. armor. Poisonous: Tie=Wound.
3: Face Eater. Roll oo vs. armor. Incapacitating: Tie=Stunned (even multi-hit models).
4: Ripper Swarm. Roll oo vs. armor, 3 times in a row. Graze=Wound.
5: Lash Weeds. Rolls OO vs. melee. Graze=Wound.
6: Strangle Vines. Roll OO vs. melee. Graze=Stun. Kill=KO. Tie= trapped*. Win= escapes.
*Trapped models may not move and have -1 melee. They may attempt to escape on their next turn- check as normal. You may rescue an adjacent Trapped model by successfully beating the Strangle Vines in melee (takes an action).

DESERT WASTELAND- A barren plain of cracked earth, sandstorms, bleached bones and rusting debris.
SCENERY SET UP: Place rocky crags, clumps of cactus and rocks, twisted rusting metal, and giant skeletons on a flat tabletop.
ADVERSE CONDITIONS: SANDSTORM. Add +1 to Dust Devil hazard rolls. Visibility is reduced to 8" max range, and all models are treated as in darkness. At the end of each turn, roll oo vs. models that are not adjacent to cover or in a building or vehicle. Graze=Stun, Tie=KB (half the model's move in inches, random direction). Vehicles must roll once on the wipeout chart (see Vehicle Rules for details). For results that move the vehicle forward, move the vehicle BACKWARD instead.
LOOT: You manage to find some salvageable equipment. Worth oo points of CAP, but must be carried.
TRAP: Landslide. Place a Heavy Flamer template such that the round end covers both the blip and the model revealing it, and aim the pointy end at the nearest cliff, hill, or board edge. For each model under the template, roll OO vs. armor. Graze = Stun. Remove the trap blip after it goes off.
AMBUSH: Mutant attack! Move 8, Armor 1, 1 hit, melee: OO W, shooting: as autopistol.
HAZARDS: All hazards have a 3" area, and are persistent.
1: Dust Devil. Roll oo vs. Armor. Does 3" KB (random direction). Graze=Stunned. Kill=KOed.
2: Crumble Rock. Roll OOO+3: if > your move, you may not move any further this turn. Check to get out too!
3: Biohazard. Roll o, ignores armor, graze = Wound. (Vehicles may ignore).
4: Sand Gulper. Roll OOO vs. melee. Graze=Wound, Kill=Swallowed whole- lose the model and any carried items.
5: Corrosive Cloud. Roll o x armor: You must discard that many weapons, pieces of equipment, or grenades, as they have been eaten away.
6: Sink Hole. Roll OO and add your armor value. If the result is 5 or more, your model is sucked in, and may not move! Each turn afterwards that you spend in the hole, take 1 stun (vehicles ignore the damage but are permanently trapped). Adjacent models may try to pull a victim out by spending an action: Roll OO and add the victim's armor value- BIG models may reroll. If the roll is 3 or less, they pull you out. If a model is not pulled out before the end of the game, lose the model and any carried items.

PRIMAEVAL WORLD- Turbulent worlds, still forming and changing. Wracked by storms, primitive atmospheres, and volcanic activity.
SCENERY SET UP: Place black, jagged, broken terrain such as rock spires, chasms, and lava plains. Intersperse with rivers or lakes of molten lava.
SPECIAL RULES: LAVA- if a model or vehicle lands in or attempts to move through lava, roll OOO vs. armor (graze= Wound). Models that have touched lava during any part of their move may either move or take an action, not both.
ADVERSE CONDITIONS: METEOR STORM. At the end of each turn, each player must roll a red die. They must place that many 2" Blast templates anywhere on the board such that each template completely covers at least one of their models. Then deviate each template D6 inches in a random direction (use deviation dice, a spinner, etc. to determine direction). Finally, treat each template as a Frag grenade. Models that are not under top cover may not hide from meteors!
LOOT: Precious metals and gemstones: worth ooo CAP.
TRAP: Glass Bomb. As Frag, but 3" area. Remove the trap blip after it goes off.
AMBUSH: Blob attack! Move 6, Armor 1, 6 hits, melee: OOO W. Area and Line effect weapons add +1 vs. Blobs.
HAZARDS: All hazards have a 3" area, and are persistent.
1-2: Jets of steam. 3" Blast area. Roll oo vs. armor. Graze = Stun.
3: Sulphuric Gas. Roll o, ignores armor. Graze = W.
4: Primordial Soup. Roll oo vs. armor. Tie = W.
5-6: Earthquake Fissure. Roll 1 red / 2" of move, (round down). If you roll a 2 or more, you jump to safety. Roll of a 1= Stunned.. Roll of zero: Fall into lava! (see Special Rules above).

ICY WASTES- Frozen wastelands, Ice Worlds, snow covered battlefields, continent-wide glaciers.
SCENERY SET UP: Place a mix of flat snowy plains and jagged icy cliffs. Clumps of snow capped evergreen trees or barren granite outcrops are suitable too.
SPECIAL RULES: FREEZING COLD- Any KOed models that have not been rescued by the end of the game will die of exposure! (does not apply to models KOed in the last turn of the game).
ADVERSE CONDITIONS: BLIZZARD. Treat the board as in darkness. No flying allowed. All movement is at 1/2 normal (round up).
LOOT: A Cache of food, or a warm shelter. Spend an action to take advantage: worth oo of LOY.
TRAP: Avalanche! Place a Heavy Flamer template such that the round end covers both the blip and the model revealing it, and aim the pointy end at the nearest crag, slope, or board edge. For each model under the template, roll OO vs. armor. Graze = Stun. Kill= KOed. Remove the trap blip after it goes off.
AMBUSH: This should be a model worth roughly 5 points, suitable for the environment or mission.
HAZARDS: All hazards have a 3" area, and are persistent.
1-2: Snow Drift. Roll OOO+3: if > your move, you may not move any further this turn. Check to get out too!
3-4: Thin Ice. Freezing cold water can cripple troops and vehicles. Roll O, ignore armor. Graze= stun, Kill = Kill.
5: Jagged Ice. Roll oo vs. Armor. Graze= wound.
6: Hidden Crevasse. Roll 1 red / 2" of move (round down). If you roll a 2 or more, you jump to safety. Roll of a 1= Stunned.. Roll of zero: Trapped in Crevasse (as KOed). Even multi-hit models and vehicles must take the stunned or KOed result (instead of taking hits).

NO MAN'S LAND- A barren, muddy maze of trenches, a secret base, or a well defended installation.
SCENERY SET UP: Place Barbed wire, trenches, barricades, tank traps, ruins, etc. Any buildings should be armored (see RC for details). Use all the BOGUS blips, and place blips along choke points such as gaps in defences, entrances to buildings, roads, etc.
SPECIAL RULES: BARBED WIRE- If a foot troop or light vehicle tries to move past, the wire rolls two whites in melee vs. the model. If they tie or lose, they must end their movement in front of the wire. If they win, take off 1" of movement and continue moving. If you want to try to clear a path through the wire, spend an action adjacent to it and roll your melee. If you get a 4 or higher (+P applies), you may make a 1" wide gap in the wire. Beasts may try to jump over the wire (see Vehicles for details on jumping). TANK TRAPS- Vehicles may not move over or past these obstacles. Vehicles may move over barbed wire (-1" movement). BUILDINGS- you must force entry into any buildings, even unoccupied ones. SMOKE-For an easier game, the board may be covered by smoke, providing cover to everyone on the board.
ADVERSE CONDITIONS: DOWNPOUR. Treat the board as in darkness. No flying allowed. All movement is at 1/2 normal (round up).
LOOT: You found an enemy Cache of weapons- choose either 2 Frag Grenades -OR- 1 point worth of Melee, Pistol, or Basic Weapons.
TRAP: You've set off a boobytrap! It has a 2" Blast area. Roll OO+P vs. armor. Graze = wound. Remove the trap blip after it goes off.
AMBUSH: This should be a model worth roughly 3 points, suitable for the type of enemy (the most common foot soldier is appropriate).
HAZARDS: All hazards have a 3" area, and are persistent.
1-2: Muck. Roll OOO+3: if > your move, you may not move any further this turn. Check to get out too!
3-4: Minefield. Roll a white die- if you roll anything, you have set off a mine! (As trap above).
5: Background Radiation. Roll o, ignores armor, graze = Wound. (Vehicles may ignore).
6: Chemical Agent. Roll O+1, armor counts, graze = Wound. (Vehicles may ignore).

ANCIENT TEMPLE- Dusty, ominous, winding passages of a Catacombs, Necropolis, or Chaos Temple.
SCENERY SET UP: Place Warhammer Quest tiles for underground games, or disturbing statues and temples for above ground games.
SPECIAL RULES: If underground, follow the standard rules as described in CATACOMBS section of RC. Be sure to check out the Giant Spiders! mission too.
ADVERSE CONDITIONS: EARTHQUAKE. Occasional shaking makes exploration even more perilous. At the end of the turn, each player must roll a white die - if you roll anything, you must select one model and roll once on the trap table for that model!
LOOT: Ancient idol or mysterious device: worth oo+1 CAP, but lose oo LOY if you accept the CAP.
TRAP: Roll a D6 on the following chart.
1-2: Crushing Walls. Roll oo vs. Armor. Graze=Stun. Place survivors on the far side of the blip. Once set off, the 3" it was in is now impassable!
3-4: Poison Arrows. Roll oo vs. Armor. Tie=Wound. Remove the trap blip after it goes off.
5-6: Giant Boulder. Boulder will roll straight towards you, and keeps rolling until it hits a wall or board edge- check for all models in it's path!. Roll 2 red dice, +2. If < your move, you may try to avoid being crushed by moving out of the way of the boulder using your normal move.  If you do not  get out of the boulder's path, you are crushed! If crushed, roll OO+1 vs. Armor, graze = Wound.
AMBUSH: This should be a model worth roughly 5 points, suitable for the environment or mission- for example, Necrons, Daemons, Giant Spiders, etc.
HAZARDS: All hazards have a 3" area, and are persistent.
1: Noxious Gas. Roll o, ignores Armor. Graze=Wound.
2: Spike Pit. Roll oo vs. Armor. Ends your move. Once set off, you may try to jump it- if you fail, treat as falling in.
3: Curse. Roll o. Add that total to any future Hazard, Trap, or Attack rolls made against that character!
4: Scything blades. You must roll OO vs. melee X times in a row. X= 5-(move divided by 2, round down).
5: Evil Eye. Roll o. On a 1, one of your weapons (random) goes off with you as the target. On a 2, one of your Grenades (random) goes off with you at the center!
6: Writhing Mass. (of snakes, spiders, bugs, slime, etc.) Roll OO vs. melee. Tie= Wound. If you have a burn weapon, you may fire it before the melee by spending an action- add the roll to your melee!

DAEMON WORLD-Terrains corrupted by the influences of Chaos
SCENERY SET UP:  Chaos scenery, charnel piles, etc.
SPECIAL RULES: SPIKES: melee OO to pass (does not take an action).  May not parry.  Tie= must stop move without passing the spikes.
ADVERSE CONDITIONS: THE FOG.  As darkness, plus any models killed by hazards or enemies turn into a zombie!  OPT: All enemies have HORROR ability.
LOOT: oo worth of CAP, plus Ambush by a chaos renegade: M6 A1 H1 OO melee oo W J shooting.
TRAP: Warp out!  Remove model from board.  They will reappear directly on the next Hazard blip revealed.
AMBUSH: Chaos Marine-  M6 A2 H1 OOOO melee oo K KB RAP shooting
HAZARDS: All hazards have a 3" area, and are persistent.
1: Poison cloud.  Roll o, ignores armor, kill = turn into a zombie!
2: Ensnared.  OOO vs. melee to get out.  If flying, losing this roll = model lost!
3: Poltergeist.  Moved 8" in a random direction, as KB.
4: Screaming faces.  Melee attack OOOO.
5: Freak out.  You must attack the nearest friendly model with your most effective attack- or, lose 1 purity seal instead.
6: Curse.  Any future attacks or hazards on that model will be at +1 (cumulative).

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