Print only one copy of these cards, unless you have a really big army.

Print one copy of these blips (or more if you need them).

Print two copies of these cards.  Note that some cards have bonuses depending on what chaos power you are representing (may only choose one per battle, and must have at least 1 troop of that type on the board).

Print two copies of these cards. WARNING: Necrons have been reported as a class IV threat to the Imperium- do not treat them lightly!!!

Eldar cards are still in development- none are currently available (sorry!).

Print one copy of these blips (or more if you need them).

To make a deck of cards, print out each of the following pages. Be sure to print multiple copies when instructed to do so- you want more of those cards to keep the deck ratios right. Once you have printed the pages out, buy a can of Spray Adhesive from your local art or crafts store, and mount the sheets onto some card, cardboard, or card stock that has a consistant look to it (so the cards are indestinguishable from the back). At this point, I highly recommend using a Paper Cutter to cut your cards out- Scissors are more work and not as consistant. Once finished, you can assemble your cards into a nice deck that will last for hundreds of games! Be sure not to lose or damage your cards, although you should have no trouble replacing them if need be (as long as you know which card you wish to replace).

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