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 NECRONS M  A  H  Weapon  MELEE  Notes PTS
Necron 6 2 1 Stinger (oo S, SOT) OO +2 5
Sp. Necron 6 2 1 Gauss Flayer (OO FT Burn W AP) OO +2 7
Immortal 6 3 1 Paralyzer (OO * S, SOT).  +1C. OOO +3  Heavy.  Horror. 15
Scarab 6 F 1 0 Free Latch on.  OOO  Flies. Small. Infiltrator. 5
Betrayer 6 2 1 Basic/Sp/Hvy.  Cost 5/15/20 OO+1 Infiltrator. sp.
Jackal 8 2 0 Mob.  Small. Acid core. OO+2 Small. 7
NecronLord 10 F 3 5 2x  Paralyzer, Voltage Field, +1C/T OOOO+4 Heavy.  Flies. 30
Necrontyr 0 2 5 Voltage Field (OOO s Snap Fire only). OO+2 Psy-  2!  15
Guardian 0 3 3 2x Paralyzer, Gauss Flayer, Voltage Field OOO+3 BIG.  15
Hunter 2x8 2 8 TribeamO+1 S Burn,  3x 2" A, +O overlap OOOO+4 Scythe. BIG.  DAV. 30
Tomb Spider 12 C 2 8 Gauss Flayer (OO FT Burn W AP) OOOO+4
Repair. Climb.  
Decimator 10 2 12 2x Tribeam, 2x Paralyzer, Gauss Flayer, 3x Voltage field OOO+3 BIG.  DAV. 50
Dissector 14 F 2 18 Tribeam,  2x Gauss Cannon, 2x Voltage field . +1C/T. OOOOO+5
Repair.  BIG.  DAV.   Flies.  Horror. 50
SOT: Stuns on a tie. AP: Armor Piercing- +1 vs. targets with armor 2+.
HORROR: Once killed, place the model face down and on it's next turn, roll a red die:  0= Dead- remove from play.  1= Languishing: roll again next turn.  2= Makes a last attack, then dies.  3= Makes a last attack and is alive again, with 1 hit.
INFILTRATOR: You may place your model anywhere on the board on your first turn, but no closer than 3" to the nearest enemy.
ACID CORE:  If killed, sprays a 1"A Oo W attack  before expiring.
FREE LATCH ON: Attach to adjacent model for free.  Ranged attacks vs. the latcher will hit BOTH the latcher and the target!  Attacks against the target will be at +o.  The target's ranged and melee attacks are at -1 while latched on.  Any KB result on the latcher will dislodge them. Models that latch onto vehicles are treated as Boarded, except they take no stun.  Models latched onto light vehicles are treated as latched onto the rider, and if the rider ditches, the ditch roll applies to the latcher as well.
+1C: Take an additional Necron card when placed on the table.  +1C/T: Take 1 additional Necron card per turn as long as the model is on the table.
DAV: Takes damage as a vehicle would- for every 5 hits, draw a vehicle damage card and apply it as you would on a vehicle.
REPAIR: Instead of attacking, may remove two red dice of stuns, wounds or hits from self or any Necron within 12".
TRIBEAM: Place three 2"A templates, touching each other.  For each overlapping (additional)  template over target, add +O to the roll.   OO S Burn.