This massive chunk of scenery is more than just a nice backdrop for Necromunda or urban games. Ladders, balconies, and doorways make it a fully traversable piece of scenery. You can see some of Bulkhead 2 on the left, and the Stamper and a portion of the El in the foreground. This is the second piece of "scene-o-rama" I have built, where the reverse side details the interior (the first being the monstrous Necropolis). The basic shape is the top half of a printer case, but so much detail has been added it could have been anything. The vents at the top are parts from a fish tank filter. The cage around the ladder on the right is made of hair curler pieces.

An appallingly CLOSE closeup of the bulkhead door, thanks to the zoom on a friend's digital camera.  You can clearly see the Necromunda bulkhead inset into the piece, with the top clip cut off..  The ladder steps on the bulkhead have been shaved off, and a hatch of the Chimera kit added in it's place.  The balcony is made of a toy with some N scale train fencing added to form the spiked railing.  The support chains are attached to skull beads.  The ladder is made of HO train track, with parts from hair curlers forming the cage.  Just a couple decals really help the Gothic look.  If you add a bit of brown wash after putting the decals on, they blend in nicely.


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