The madness continues! The Bulkheads are designed to cover a lot of real estate in the background and really give the impression of a giant dividing wall inside a Necromundan hive or Forge World complex. At ground level, you can see my Tech Rhino (along with several Tech Priest miniatures that also appear in the Miniatures section). On the left is some of Bulkhead 1- here you can see the sturdy looking buttresses topped with skulls (from key chains that I found in a novelty store).  Bulkhead 2 consists of another printer case that had a large opening in it. I filled the opening with a panel from the Robotech Factory model kit (thanks, John!) that has a massive door with "Gate 1" Molded into it, along with other appropriate details (unfortunately, this kit is now very hard to find, even in the original Japanese version). A balcony runs the upper length of Bulkhead 2, trimmed with some nice, gothic looking fencing made for 'N' scale model trains. The rows of short pipes that run along both sides are made from bits of an old keyboard interior. Each hole held the switch for a key, so I trimmed off entire rows of the holes and mounted them on for more gratuitous detail. Old keyboards are a great source of detail, by the way!


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