Here's a shot of the interior, where the REAL detail work can be seen! The diamond shaped reinforcers were, conveniently, already part of the printer case. I just added some track sections at the intersections. Jewelry chain hangs from crane arms in the center. A computer fan in the lower left corner has been embellished with a model tank drive sprocket and other details. Ladders were made with HO scale train track. The two circular vents in the center were made by adding wire mesh behind plastic artillery wheels, which were then attached to short sections of plastic pipe. Several bunches of electrical wire (conveniently attached to connectors when I ripped them out of an old computer) help enhance the tech look. The lattice pieces on the sides are Plastruct (available in train hobby stores). It seems like I could never fill all this space with detail- I can't begin to name every piece that went into this thing...

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In the closeup, you can really see the pipes on the lower section. These were mostly made with fish tank filter parts (thanks Eric!). I added crank wheels (various parts from tank kits), plastic skulls (from novelty rings), hatches and plastic shields, crank arms from a fantasy artillery piece (available through mail order), bands of rivets, spikes, aaaaagh! You get the idea.

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