A Tabletop Game of Fantastical Mischief
By Sean Patten

 GobbledyGook! is a game where fantastical, whimsical, maniacal creatures lurk in the dark corners of the world, waiting for a chance to cause mischief and mayhem!
These creatures prey on unsuspecting, pompous humans while avoiding the predations of  hunters and their unsavory hounds.  Will your creatures grow and prosper?

To play gobbledyGook!, you will need:

Start Each player should create a starting brood.  First, choose a Breed from the table below.  Then start with 5 CHARM points (used to buy creatures), and 3 TIN (used to buy upgrades).  Make sure you have models to represent your creatures!

Start a game by setting up your village to terrorize, or labyrinth for strangers to get lost in- whatever strikes your fancy!  Note that some scenarios have special rules for setup.  Then randomly put out the encounter blips, sprinkle some Pumpkins around the board, and have each player pick a starting spot evenly around the board.  If you can't find a round table to play on, have everyone start in a corner, or all in the middle!

When you're ready to start, have each player roll two dice- whoever has the highest roll goes first, and turns continue around the table in a clockwise order.  Each Brood may perform two actions with each of their creatures, in any order.  After the last Brood has taken their turn, the HUMANS get a turn of their own!  See the Ambush and Hunter encounter blips for details of what they do on the Humans turn.  After the Humans turn is complete, it's back to the first brood's turn, and so on.

Creatures in the world of gobbledyGook! come in all shapes, colors, and temperaments.  These are called BREEDS, and each breed has a unique TALENT.   Each player should choose a BREED to play that best matches their available models.
A TALENT is an upgrade that applies to ALL members of the band, for free!  It does not count towards your upgrade totals.

GOBLINS Rediculous Noxious, horrible creatures.
FAERIES Flighty Bittersweet, territorial spirits.
DWARFS Armored Grumpy, sturdy, vengeful folk.
LEPRAUCHANS Greedy Quaint, tricky  shysters.
VERMIN Sneaky Clever, relentless  pests.
REVELERS Noisy Japing, gaudy  performers.
GHOULS Voodoo Morbid, wicked  trick-or-treaters.
IMPS Tricky Gleeful, pesky devils.

Type  Dice  Notes Upgrades
Minion Gang Up- if your attack fails, your next attack may reroll 1 die.
Beast 2 Limit 3 per brood.  May not Loot, Shoot,  or Carry. 1
Leader 2 Limit 1 per brood. 
Heavy 3 Limit 1 per brood.  May not Hide.  (So no Looting or Pranks). 2
DICE: this is the number of dice you roll for everything, and the number of hits you have.   It is also the COST for the unit (in CHARM).
It is also the COST of any UPGRADE you buy for the unit (in TIN).  So minions pay 1 Tin per upgrade, Leaders pay 2 Tin, etc.

Upgrade  Limit Special Abilities
Armored 3 You may roll +1 die when Defending (passive).
Bomber 1 2 die ranged attack- high die hits anyone adjacent to the target. 
If you roll any sixes, you also blow yourself up in the process!
Choppy 3 +1 die when Meleeing.
Clever 3 +1 die when rolling for Escape or Rescue, or when Defending from ambushes (passive).
Flighty 1 May move in any direction including up (must end move on a level surface).
Greedy 1 +1 die when Looting.
Grippy 3 You may move on any surface, such as walls (must end move on a level surface).
Noisy 3 If hidden, may reroll any 1 die, friendly or enemy, within 2 sticks.  This reveals you!
Rediculous 3 Earn 1 BRAG if you are KOed!
Shooty 3 You may make ranged attacks! 
Sneaky 3 You may hide for free at the end of your turn.
Scry 1 As an action, may examine 1 blip within 1 stick without revealing it.
Steed 3 Your move is doubled!  You may not scrabble though.
Tricky 3 You may prank for free, once per turn.
Voodoo 1 +1 die when rolling for Revive.
LIMIT: Maximum number of times you can take that upgrade in your Brood.
WYSIWYG: Try to make your models display their Upgrades.  For example, models with Shooty should have a gun, or sling, or bow.  Models with Noisy should have some kind of musical instrument.  Use your imagination, and see what kind of crazy models you can come up with!

ENCOUNTERS       PUMPKINS: 1 action to pick up.  May be carried / dropped next to any KOed model.  Add +1 die per adjacent pumpkin when attempting to revive a KOed model!

Creatures do things by performing ACTIONS.  A Creature can perform TWO actions each turn.  It may perform the same type of action TWICE if they wish!  For example, in one turn a creature could move two times.  Here are all the types of actions a creature can perform: HIDE!.
Hiding is an important survival skill for your creatures!  Hidden models may not be attacked until they are revealed in some way.  Your creatures are assumed to be hidden all the time, unless something REVEALS them.  If a creature is ever revealed, place a REVEAL marker next to them.  This makes them more noticeable to enemies!  They must spend an action to hide again.

You are REVEALED if:

Cover helps protect you from ranged attacks, and helps you stay hidden.  A model is in cover if any part of it cannot be seen by an enemy- if you are partially behind a wall, for example.

Your creatures earn BRAG or TIN by sneakily pulling pranks and tricks on victims, or noisily attacking them outright! CONTESTED ROLLS: All forms of mischief and mayhem are contested rolls.  This means the attacker and the defender both roll dice, and compare the results.   The type of combat determines how many dice are rolled (see below for details).  You can read more about how contested die rolls work by reading this page.

COMPARE THE ROLLS: To see who won, compare the dice rolls.  Don't add your rolls together- instead, notice what number was rolled on EACH of your dice.  Whoever has a die with the HIGHEST number on it wins.  In the case of a tie, compare the NEXT HIGHEST dice, and so on until the winner is determined (or it is a tie).  For example, an attacker that rolls 6 and 1 will beat a target that rolls 5 and 5, because the 6 is the highest roll.  An attacker with three dice that rolls 3, 2, 1 will beat a defender that rolls 3, 2 because the attacker's die that rolled 1 is still more than nothing (so having more dice is a big help).  Remember that Veterans get a reroll in all types of combat- this means they may reroll one die when involved in that type of combat.  

OVERKILL: If the winning roll consists of any dice that rolled HIGHER than the loser's HIGHEST die, then OVERKILL occurs.  You do one point of OVERKILL for each die that rolled higher than the opponent's highest die.

LOOT- quiet.
You may attempt to steal something valuable from a WANDERER or a HUNTER. Roll your dice vs. the target's dice.  If you LOSE, you will be revealed and the target will immediately make a melee attack on you!   The target is then still eligible for looting, mischief or mayhem.  If you WIN with overkill, earn one point of TIN (take the encounter blip).   If you won but got no overkill, earn one point of BRAG.  Once any Tin or Brag has been earned, a WANDERER will flee (remove them from the board), but a HUNTER will stay.  Hunters can only be looted once.

PRANK- quiet.
You're up to no good!  Describe some kind of prank your creature attempts against a WANDERER, HOUND or HUNTER within 1 stick.  Then, roll your dice vs. the target's dice.  If you tie or lose, your prank fails, but you are not revealed.  If you WIN, place a REVEAL marker on the victim.  All further LOOT or MAYHEM attempts on the target will be at +1 DIE!   PRANKS may not be attempted on a target that already has a reveal marker on it.

MAYHEM- noisy!


STUN:  While stunned, a model is at -1 DIE when defending (minimum 1 die).  A stunned model may do nothing until it recovers from being stunned by spending 1 action.   If stunned again while already stunned, they are STILL just stunned.  STUNS against Objects do 1 hit.
HIT: Models with multiple hits lose ONE DIE for each hit they have taken.  Place hit markers next to the model to keep track of hits on them.
KO: If a model has taken hits equal to or greater than their die value, the model is KOed- place the model face down and remove any reveal markers on the model.  They may do nothing unless revived.  All models are automatically revived when the game ends.  KOs against objects destroy them.

You may use MAYHEM to attack other broods as described above, with the following restrictions:

  • Depending on the scenario, most games end when all of the encounter blips have been resolved.  All creature models are automatically revived when the game ends.

    SETUP: Place 6 blips per player evenly around the board.  Broods can start at any corner.  Each player rolls 2 dice- highest roll goes first, then turns proceed clockwise around the table.
    NIGHT WATCHMEN:  If there are NO hunters or hounds on the board at the start of the Humans turn, have each player roll one die for every 2 models they have active on the board.  If anyone rolled Doubles, they must place a HUNTER at their board edge (in the case of multiple doubles, the highest roll must place)- otherwise, whoever rolled the highest must place a HOUND at their board edge.   Then run any Hunters or Hounds according to their rules.
    GAME ENDS: When there are no unresolved blips (that aren't Hunters or Hounds),  or all the broods have been KOed.

    SETUP:  Clear a road from one board end to the other.  Place a wagon or coach at one end of the road.  Place 3 blips per player evenly around the board, and keep the rest of the blips handy for the wagon.  Broods can start at any corner.
    THE WAGON:  Broods may attack the WAGON with ranged or melee.  The wagon defends with one die.  Any HITS on the wagon will earn 1 brag, and cause the wagon to drop a random BLIP, face UP, on the road behind it (this reveals the blip).  If it is a Hunter, place him on TOP of the wagon instead- he'll immediately shoot at whatever model attacked the wagon!
    HUMAN TURN:  At the end of each Human turn, the Wagon will move two sticks forward until it moves off the far board edge.  If it collides with any models, treat as a 3 die melee attack against the model, and if it survives, push it to the nearest road edge.  Any HUNTERS on board will stay on board and will fire, once per turn, at the nearest revealed target in line of sight.
    ADVANCED GAMES: For a more challenging game, start the wagon with a HUNTER on board at the beginning of the game!
    GAME ENDS: When the Wagon is off the board and there are no unresolved blips.

    SETUP:  Place all of the Hole, Food, and and Trap blips randomly around the board.  Place one CLANKER model per player in the middle of the board (see below).  Broods can start at any corner.
    CLANKERS:  The humans have made steam powered mechanoid Clankers to try to stop you!  Clankers can be any size, usually between 3 and 6 dice!  Clankers can be pranked, looted, or attacked just like Hunters. 
    Regardless of its size, clankers always roll 2 dice when defending against pranks.  You may prank a Clanker multiple times, up to it's remaining number of hits (as it takes damage, remove any excess reveal markers).
    Clankers roll their full dice (minus any damage) when defending against looting.  You may loot a Clanker as many times as it has hits!
    DAMAGING CLANKERS:  Instead of taking stun, a stunning hit will add 1 reveal marker to the clanker as if it had been successfully
      Because Clankers are so tough, if you damage them at all, you'll earn 1 Brag per remaining hit on the Clanker, instead of 1 brag per point of damage!
    HUMAN TURN:  Clankers don't see too well, so on their turn, they will move 1 stick in a RANDOM direction, and then shoot at the nearest revealed target.  If there are more than 1 revealed targets at the same range, it will SPLIT UP the attack dice between them, making multiple attacks that are less powerful.  If there are no revealed targets within maximum range, it will move an additional 1 stick in a random direction.  (To do random move, roll a D6, double it, and use a clock face for direction).
    GAME ENDS: When all the clankers have been disabled and all blips resolved.

    SETUP:  Place several leaf piles around the board, next to any building or tall scenery.  Rate the leaf piles in size from 2 to 5 dice.  Place two blips per player evenly around the board, and keep the rest handy.
    Roll from two to five dice, depending on their size.  Anyone may attempt to WRECK a leaf pile by using a MELEE attack or a PRANK attempt.  If they lose, draw a random blip from the remaining pile and reveal it on the spot!.  If they win, they'll earn one brag for every die the leaf pile rolled, and remove the leaf pile.

    When all the leaf piles have been wrecked and all the blips have been resolved.

    SETUP:  Place two signs per player evenly around the board- on the front of buildings or other distinct terrain feature.  Place 2 blips inside each building with a sign on it, plus two more blips out in the street.
      The goal is to steal as many signs as you can.  To steal a sign, make a LOOT roll next to the sign.  The sign rolls 2 dice.  If you fail, an alarm sounds- reveal ALL the blips inside that sign's building!  Signs must be carried like furniture (noisy), and are worth 1 TIN or 3 brag each (player's choice).
    entering a building will reveal ALL the blips at once!
    GAME ENDS: When all the signs have been stolen and all the blips have been resolved. 

    SETUP:  Place as many spooky trees on the board as you can get together!   Place one blip at the base of each tree.  All trees start out "asleep".    Fill out the rest of the board with scenery as you see fit, but don't place more than 6 blips per player.  When a blip is revealed, consult the chart below instead of using the normal rules for blips.

    TREES: Sleeping trees may not be attacked.  Awakened trees get 1 action and roll 2 dice in melee, or may make a 1 die ranged attack.  Trees ignore STUN.   Earn 1 Brag for each hit you do to a tree.

    AWAKEN: At the beginning of the TREE TURN, any sleeping trees that have models adjacent, or revealed models within 1 stick, must roll to see if they awaken.  Roll their dice- if any dice roll a 6, the tree awakens and attacks the nearest model!  Place a reveal marker next to the tree to show that it is awake.
    SLEEP: At the end of the TREE TURN, any awakened trees that do NOT have models within 1 stick of them must roll their remaining dice, and unless they roll any 6's, they will go back to sleep (remove the reveal marker to show they are asleep).
    ADVANCED GAMES: For a more challenging game, give the trees THREE dice!
    GAME ENDS: When there are no unresolved blips,  or all the broods have been KOed.

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