By Sean Patten

You can find rules and components for Sean Patten's home made cooperative Doctor Who adventure game here.  For our games, we use a mix of Character Building brand minifigures and Lego figures, many of them modified, weathered, or painted to look like different characters.  Here's a gallery of the figures we're using so far.  Look for more details to come later about acquiring and modifying your own figures!

All 11 doctors!  These are the lovely Character Building (CB) figures released in the UK.

Converted CB  and Lego figures- James McCrimmon, Sarah Jane, Brigadier Lethbridge Stewart, Rose Tyler, Mickey Smith, Captain Jack, Lady Christina

Standard CB and Lego figures- Rory, Rory, Amy, Canton Everett, Impossible Astronaut, Clara, Madame Vastra

CB and Megabloks figures for various minions- Worker, Ood, Scientist, UNIT soldier, Knight

CB and converted /repainted Dalek figures, including a converted Davros and Special Weapons Dalek

CB cybermen figures, Cybermats made from Lego scorpion figures

CB Sontarans

CB Weeping Angels

CB Silence and Handbot figures

CB Judoon (rare) and Lego "Slab" figures

Lego Scarecrow and Vashta Nerada conversions

Scratch Built Tesseract Antibodies made from beads and twist ties

Sample room tiles and toy Tardis

Sample Encounter Tokens, Item Cards, and Dice (modified dice from GRIND boardgame)

Sample Minion, Companion, Doctor, Event and Enemy cards- note the different color cardstock backs