Robert Calfee is a good friend, gamer, and model builder.  And just insane enough to tackle building a Thunderhawk of his own!!  Robert made his own templates after carefully measuring my Thunderhawk.  He also made some cool changes in the detailing, using different toy and model parts in many areas.  His Thunderhawk even has sound effects- he included the lights and sound system from the toy Millenium Falcon into his Thunderhawk!  And yes, it also holds a Rhino inside.  But most noteworthy, Robert was able to build his in just a couple months!  It's always easier the second time around...    Be sure to check out Robert's other contributions to our Space Marine campaign too- his Black Templars  and his Mentor Legion marines...
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SIDE Although adorned with racing stripes and supersized crosses, robert has kept his reds dark and his whites dirty, to good effect.   It's all about keeping it real...
BOTTOM The most impressive difference between our Thunderhawks is the detail on the underside.  Robert really bulked his out with big, chunky details!  Numerous cavalry bases, ExpSquad backpacks, Zoid parts, and Battlestar model kit parts adorn the bottom of this bird.
TOP You can see the cockpit is a different design on Robert's T Hawk.The front canards are reversed from mine, though he used the same parts.  The tail wing is noticeably different too.  In the center of the body, behind the cannon, are the four buttons that operate the sound and lights...
REAR Robert left the original cones on the back of the main engines, and his center engine is completely different!  I particularly like the trapezoidal exhaust ducts he used on the back of his wings.
UNDER All three landing gear legs are made from Exo-Squad toys.  The missile pods are from the old Whirlwind model.  The front of the main engines has been replaced with engines from the new Landspeeder model (I just cut mine down so they were rounded in front but didn't stick out so far).
FRONT You can  see the weapons, landing gear, and hoses silhouetted nicely in this shot.  The front landing ramp is simpler and chunkier than mine.

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