These are the original 6 survivor miniatures from the game.  Due to the soft plastic, I did not use spray primer or enamels to paint them (like I do for most of my miniatures).  I used Testors Acrylics, which work pretty well,  and Martha Stewart crafts paints, which come in a good variety of colors and are pretty cheap.  Washes were a bit tricky.  I left the bases their original color to make it easier to spot them when on a board covered with models.

I had a bunch of Heroclix figures lying around, so I picked a few to make into more survivor models.  The Heroclix bases are huge, so I remounted them on some wood discs I painted with black craft paint- quick and cheap.   Aside from some minor touchup and a dark brown wash, the models are pretty much stock.  They're a pretty good match for scale (although scale varies even from model to model).

More Heroclix models.  I figured they could be used for a SWAT team called in to try to contain the zombie outbreak...

And when the cops fail, we can send in the National Guard!  Just a bit of paint to help with variety here- two of these models are repeats.

Of course, I already had plenty of GW models that would work as Survivors.  Most of these are from Necromunda, with a couple Imperial Guard and Frateris Militia thrown in.

I've only just started to paint the hordes of zombies that come in the base set.  I'm planning to supplement with some Zombie Planet figures- cheap rubbery toys that you can buy out of gumball machines (or in bulk online if you prefer).  Since none of the Zombie Planet figures would work for runners, I went ahead and painted up all 16 that come in the box set.  The models are nicely detailed but pretty small, so I did a bit of a rush job on them.

I also slapped some paint on the Abomination model.  Not great, but it will get us by until I can give him more attention...