This piece really demonstrates how quickly you can whip out nice scenery if you just start with something cool looking. I literally "built" and painted this piece in one evening. I purchased Mattel's "Dark World" board game exclusively for the plastic parts, including the raised board section used to make the Crypt above. I added the spikes and chains (toothpicks and jewelry chain), plus an archway from Warhammer Quest, A couple skulls for embellishment, two skull columns and two gargoyles (mail ordered from GW), a couple plastic chaos warriors from Battlemasters, and four of the epic plaguebearers as gargoyles. Unfortunately, I haven't seen a copy of "Dark World" in the stores, so it may be out of print already.

The crypt's best feature is it's paint job. I primed it with flat black spray paint, then drybrushed it grey. Then I added a few smudges of brown and green for weathering. Then I went over it all again with a warm grey (mix white, black, and dark brown to get a nice warm grey)- this really helps add depth to the stone color (rather than just a plain grey drybrush, which tends to look too blue). All the metal bits were painted dark brown, then washed with light brown and rust and finally drybrushed with steel and brass. I extended some of the rusty washes down into the stone below for more weathering. Then I did a light drybrush white on the edges to make them really stand out, especially the stairs.

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